Daichi Dissects!




Man this one was tough to get done before Buttonsmash. But I slogged away at it all night and day and now it’s done, so I can breathe easy and look forward to the weekend, and enjoy the tournament.

I definitely could’ve used more AE practice this week, but it’s alright. Also, listening to the video again, the first background track I used sounds to me a bit like porn music. Oh well :P

This episode is a bit of a special one, departing from the usual format to be more of an analysis show, Daichi breaking down and talking about the mental composition, the games/playstyles of certain Marvel players in Australia. This one was actually his idea, I guess stemming from his love of theory fighter and technical discussion, which I’ve always enjoyed with him.

Daichi would’ve made an interesting Don’t be a Scrub interview, I think picking his brain about the intricacies of Marvel would’ve yielded many interesting insights. But for now, I hope people enjoy and find the episode of Daichi Dissects interesting.

Now! Who to shoot in Queensland…hmm….


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Buttonsmash this weekend! And two new episodes of Community

Buttonsmash is a few days away. http://www.button-smash.com/

Man time has really flown by. The plan was to get into training room monster mode and be ready with Zero Doom Ammy in time for the major. Instead, I grew so frustrated with Zero that two weeks ago I decided to drop him for Magneto. Now I definitely do not have time to get ready for BS- MagDoom will take me maybe six months to get down?

I tried guys, I really did. I guess I just can’t get over the fact that I…




I know he’s the best character in the game, and his power would’ve gotten me more wins. But I couldn’t stand his fiddliness, holding down that button crap, shoot your buster and run awaaayy! ‘Till your buster recharges and do it all over again. I hate his movement, all command dashes, not flexible and not giving the sense of “increased skill=increased movement speed” that Magneto flight and plink dashing gives you. It was almost like…forcing me to player lock Kobe in NBA 2k14. Almost.

I feel like getting good at Zero would’ve made me a good Zero player but not necessarily increasing my Marvel ability in general. Whereas playing Magneto from the start instead of messing around with Street Fighter characters like She-Hulk and Taskmaster would’ve taught me Marvel fundamentals and skills. All this wasted time!

But yeah. The difficulty and frustration I felt when learning him plus my barely suppressed hatred of the character finally came to boil.

So I also dropped out of Marvel at Buttonsmash, choosing to focus on AE the last few weeks instead, getting long practice sets with Mike the TV and Somniac (lost 50-2!). So far I don’t regret my decision, because learning Magneto is fun!

First of all, I actually like the character, and playing him feels hard, but he feels fast and rewarding. Learning little details like plinking HM~L for his tridash overhead L from Daichi and practising them over and over and his combos + plinkdashing feels fun and refreshing for me. I know Mag Doom Ammy is low on damage, and a hard team to master, but it feels like I will benefit greatly from that team and maybe become an actual Marvel player for once.

Is my Ryu ready? As you can tell from my beating from Xavier (Somniac) it’s probably not that strong anyway. Oh well. I’ll try my best, and in any case I look forward to seeing everybody again in Queensland and having a ton of fun. Watching Hari attach “HAM” to everything and everyone lol, watching Jfizz and Yousseff crack me up, hanging around with my good buddies from Melbourne and enjoying all the balut jokes. This is gonna be a great weekend!

P.S. I’ll also be shooting a few episodes of Community: The Australian FGC with some interstaters over there. As you might expect, most of my spare time has been used on shooting/editing these videos, which sort of explains my slow Marvel progress.

Recently released two episodes featuring Dan “DisasterFX” Richards:



and Michael “Cactus” Ashmore aka the Golden Child!



Hope you guys like it!

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Community: The Australian FGC E01 + Assorted 2014 thoughts

Sorry for not posting much this year, I’ve been quite busy. I was out of the country for about a month, and when I got back I was putting the gear together to do my latest project- Community: The Australian FGC.


I created this series because of the people around me, in this community that I love.  Generally in Fighting Game Community (FGC) media you see the top players get most of the camera time, but in my eyes, a community is not simply made up of top players.

A community consists of so many different kinds of people. Intellectuals, staunch regulars, streamers, tournament organisers, anime lovers, commentators, retro game enthusiasts and those dudes that go 0-2 and keep coming back(me). Everybody is an equally important part of our community, without these guys there wouldn’t be a community for the top players to be the faces of.

I originally had the idea to do some 5-10 player profiles as pre-BAM media, but I thought it would be a great way to shine some spotlight on these less heralded guys, and to also let the greater public know about all the different personalities and figures we have in our local FGC.

BAM6 (May 10-11th) page: https://www.facebook.com/events/683528228336404/?fref=ts

So I grabbed Mike and shot the first episode at CCH with my new gear (AV gear is bloody expensive!) Somehow despite this being the first time I’ve laid hands on a camera- I think the shoot turned out decently okay. I still have a lot to work on for the next few episodes; composition, focus issues, colour correction, video flow and more.

I wanted Mike as my first guest because though Mike isn’t a top player per se, but he contributes a lot to the community being a commentator and he has very interesting things to say being a game academic and having experienced other competitive gaming scenes like Starcraft. I suppose I was still stuck in DBAS mode and the interview went a bit long, but I think that’s fine with Mike being great on camera and having plenty of insights to share.


This actually turned out to be way more work than expected. Luckily I had guys like Yongde from Singapore, Anya who helped me with the graphics, Chad from DC, Igor helped me with editing, even Zan offered some colour correction advice. So while I think it could be much better, and I still have a long way to go, I owe a lot to all my friends who’ve helped me. Thank all of you so much.

Buttonsmash and Zero

So this series is going to keep me busy for a while, and I still have to make time to get good with Zero before Buttonsmash on the 15th and 16th of March! (My guess is that my Zero will not be anywhere near ready by then).


To be honest with you, I’m finding Zero to be a very boring and frustrating character. He’s so fiddly, and you have to hold the buttons and I can’t plink dash anymore so it feels like movement is restricted and more reliant on command dashes…

I think I would have so much more fun learning Magneto with his plink dash and flight movement and the freedom to hit whatever buttons you like, be it stand jab or straight up grab.

But I’ve made my decision, and I think the Zero version of my team, Zero Doom Ammy should be stronger than Magneto Doom Ammy because of the sheer damage factor, and well, Zero being Zero.

I have to say I appreciate Zero players a lot more now. When I watch Flocker and see the things that he does or his intelligent mix-ups, I can understand and admire that now. But I still find watching Zero something of a chore, and I find myself itching to click on Spencer or Doom matches instead. Ah well. My heart is someplace else, but maybe one day I’ll warm up to and fully embrace the Zup Zup.

CouchWarriors and CCH

I actually resigned from the CouchWarriors board last year, worn out by friction and politics in the scene. I had some time off to recover, and realised what a dumbass I was being. Continue reading

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My goals in tournament

Xavier (Somniac) says I lack the ability to adapt my strategy on the fly versus different opponents and seem to always try the same goals against every opponent.

This is true.

My goals in-match would go something like this.

Goal number 1: Be John Fucking Choi.

Goal number 2: Be John Fucking Choi.

Goal number 3: Be John Fu… ohshithejumped

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Don’t be a Scrub Podcast Episode 27: SS2k13 special- Clockw0rk

XXDSHi guys,  Spider Muttons Productions © 2010 is back with our Shadowloo Showdown 2013 special. Our guest this episode is one of the most biggest names in Marvel and my personal Doom idol- Broken Tier’s Daniel Maniago aka Clockwork!

Clockw0rk is famous in the community for playing his Doom Strider team in MVC2 for more than ten years, the man is basically synonymous with the character Strider at this point! He’s been a big fan favourite in SoCal for a long time now with his exciting, improvisational style and for just being a cool dude in general.

They say that you should never meet your heroes, but Clock didn’t disappoint me at all- turning out to be a super chill, upfront dude. You could see how much he loves thinking about Marvel, theory fighter and optimisation in the earnest way he talks about the game, and well- I’m definitely glad I finally got to meet the guy.

It was a good year for Shadowloo Showdown, we got to see Abegen’s She-Hulk tear it up in the Marvel top 8, and see one of Australia’s favourite players take the SFIV crown- the Murdaface Tokido.

The Murdaface gets rewarded...with a sharp instrument?

The Murdaface gets rewarded…with a sharp instrument?

We grab Clock to talk about: his experience in Australia and at Shadowloo Showdown, a ton of Marvel and Strider theory fighter, working in the game industry, his MVC2 history, famous moneymatches, and a whole lot more.

You can find Clock at https://twitter.com/mvcClockw0rk or his Broken Tier profile.

Big thanks to Tom aka NefeliousG for some in-depth MVC2 questions, Chad from Dusty Cartridge and Sol for their photos, Bosslogic for another sweet banner, and the Shadowloo crew for letting us use the studio at Shadowlogic for this interview and of course, for another great Shadowloo Showdown! (Be sure to check out Ali’s excellent SS2k13 recap or the SS2k13 stream archives.)

As always, you guys can click on the link below to listen to the podcast, or read the full text transcript if you choose. Hope you guys enjoy the interview! (And the Broken Tier Danger Room stream that should be live now.)

Don’t be a Scrub Podcast Episode 27: SS2k13 special- Clockw0rk

For Direct Download, right click this link above and “save as”

1377058_568092016572467_1668786383_n - Copy

Don’t be a Scrub Podcast Episode 27: Clockw0rk

Question index (click to jump to section):

1- How did you get the name Clockw0rk?
2- Do you think you have ten more years of Strider Doom in you?
3- So last night I was having this conversation with you and you were talking about how you had an epiphany with Strider right? You wanted to optimise Strider’s ground game. Did you have a similar sort of thing in MVC2?
4- It really sounds like you’re trying to replicate the lockdown that you had in Marvel 2…the other thing that you told me that you got out of this tournament is watching RF’s Vergil right? And how he would use hidden missiles and how he has a different style of Vergil to American Vergil.
5- UMVC3 patch?
6- Many Street Fighter players say that Marvel 3 is a random-ass game. What do you say to them?
7- Who would you say are the three toughest guys you’ve faced in your long career? You’ve always said that Combofiend was your demon, but now that he’s Capcomfiend do you think you’ll ever get the chance to slay that demon?
8- Tom aka NefeliousG from Queensland asks: There was a general consensus that Strider Doom was theoretically above the top 4 in Marvel 2 but just held back by human execution needed to pull off the perfect lockdown. Do you agree with this or?
9- In EVO 2010 you had one of your best performances at a major for Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Do you feel that you could have taken the tournament or were Justin and Sanford still untouchable?
10- Marvel 2 was Queensland’s game and Tom again asks: They all learned how to pushblock Hyper Sentinel Force from MVC2: Advanced Tactics Volume 1. So they’re asking…when is the sequel due?
11- How did it feel to lose to Honzo Gonzo at Aftershock?
12- For a washed-up veteran you seem to be doing pretty well. Can you tell us your side of the Dark Prince saga?
13- You mentioned the moneymatch against Neo. Quite a number of people consider that to be one of the farewell moneymatches of Marvel 2. Would you consider running it back- in MVC2 or MVC3?
14- Will the Greater Force ever return to Marvel?
15- What is the most bizarre you’ve heard about Australia before you came here and is it true?
16- What about the Australian FGC?
17- How do you stay up-to-date with the evolving ecosystem that’s Marvel 3. Do you watch international streams? Do you watch Japanese streams?
18- So which players really stood out to you in Australia?
19- Any thoughts on Shadowloo Showdown in general? That Marvel top 8, that She-Hulk man!
20- So, speaking of hot cosplayers, so you are the lockdown king right? So what is the Clockw0rk ouroboros strategy…when it comes to women?
21- Another weird question from Tom: What is harder to get in on, Duc’s Spiral Sent, or Chris G’s Morri Doom?
22- So we’ve talked about this before- something that you enjoy really much in this game is people who can articulate, you know, Marvel and the theory behind it. And one of your heroes in that aspect even though you don’t want him to know about it is Viscant, right?
23- S: So speaking of Viscant, how has being on Team Broken Tier helped you as a player?
24- Do you ever see yourself ceasing to play fighting games?
25- You’ve just talked about your Superbot stuff. But after your experience in the game industry, what else have you learned from the industry and do you see yourself returned to it?
26- Sanchez describes doing “the Clockw0rk” as raising the crowd’s hopes and dreams up to the highest level…and dashing everybody’s dreams cruelly with one bone-headed mistake. Fair statement?
27- Any shoutouts?

Muttons: Hi guys it’s Igor and Muttons, we’re back for our Shadowloo Showdown 2013 interview, and with us we have the legendary Doom/Strider player Daniel Maniago aka CLOCKW0RK!

How are you doing today sir?

Clockw0rk: Doing all right, how about you?

M: Aw, tired as shit man heh.

C: Good shit heh. Yeah, me too.

M: Back at work, you know- back at the grind.

How’s the last few days been in Melbourne?

C: It’s been a lot of fun man. Actually specifically the last day of tournament we went out, we went out eating and drinking and it was pretty funny- your drinks are kind of really super expensive here.

So luckily everyone was just buying me drinks the whole night. I finally felt like how a beautiful woman feels like at a bar, you know?

M & Spidercarnage: (Laughs.)

C: I got to experience that! Yeah, yeah.

M: Did Cactus buy you his uh…what was his favourite drink again?

C: I think he likes scotch and coke or something like that. I think that’s the first thing he got was some scotch and coke. But yeah, people were buying me whatever the whole night. I was pretty…shit-faced by the end of it.

M: Heh nice, nice.

S: That’s what we like to hear.

Cactus showing that Australian hospitality!

Cactus showing that Australian hospitality!

C: (Laughs.) Yeah it was kind of a wild night. But I had a lot of fun the last few days.

M: Nice. Let’s get into it…

1- S: How did you get the name Clockw0rk?

C: Aw man. You know what…everyone always asks this question! And to be honest I don’t really have a good answer, there’s not really no epic story or anything really. I remember the very, very, very first time I played any kind of online game with my crap 56k connection was I went to heat.net and I signed up with Clockw0rk with like a 1 in it because I think regular clockwork was taken and…I  was on my crap 56k connection so I didn’t really play or keep on with it and I just ended up using that as my AOL screen name.

But in another dimension I am still known by my old screen name before Clockw0rk on AOL which was…

You see I have a really bad fingernail biting habit so my name was Fingernayle…

M & S: (Laughs.)

C: So luckily my name changed! Or else…yeah.

S: Or we could be calling you nail.

C: Yeah heh. Could’ve been Nail. Could’ve been Finger… FN.

S: (Laughs.)

C: But yeah, luckily I changed my name for something a little bit, a little bit less corny. Continue reading

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Phil & Muttons vs Bosslogic: Bison vs Ryu Kumite!+ SS2k13 stuff

Argh so busy!

As I’m sure you guys know, SS is next week and I have a crap ton of stuff to do. As a result I haven’t really had much time to practice or update here in the last month or so.

Check out the sweet poster/graphics Dave has been making for SS.

SSposterSStitanI liked the poster so much I put it up in my office, right next to my “old man staring at a twenty year old’s ass” poster than I had to cover partially with a Simpson’s poster. (Don’tgetfireddon’tgetfired.)

ssposterinofficeOne of the things I’ve been busy with is updating the SS2k13 Special Guests page.

But you know what, you don’t have to read that, just watch the trailer!

And finally, last Saturday I had the chance to just sit down and play, and managed to record a set with Dave and Phil.

Since me and Phil both have long struggled against Bison, we thought we would have a mini-kumite against Dave’s Bison to see how our approaches differ against Bison, and to see what we are doing wrong and what we can improve in.

Going in my main goal was to not let Dave focus thru my fireballs as much as he does usually, and to not get hit by EX scissors. I think I didn’t have to be so scared of his EX scissors range though. I could’ve walked a bit closer and thrown fireballs a bit because the actual effective range of EX scissors to pass through fireballs is maybe just over half screen only. Especially if I throw mostly jab fireballs which allows me to block in time, as he has to wait to the fireball to be quite close to him before he can scissors through. Also my anti-air was a bit suspect, as usual. Need more far standing roundhouse on some of those jump-ins and I shouldn’t be letting anything from the air touch my Ryu.

But! I had another epic choke again. I was actually on set point, on the verge of finally beating Dave in a set the first time in four years. And I did a “Muttons” yet again throwing it all away zzz. So close and yet so far…

Edit: Also, my SS2k13 article for Dusty Cartridge is up.

dcss2k13Like a fucking idiot I messed up the online rego deadline and didn’t get it up in time zzz. But please criticise/comment, let me know what I did wrong and what I can improve on.

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OHN11 Flashback: A funny story- my match with Afterdeath

MG_6033Shadowloo Showdown 2013 is just under a month away! Man, this year has gone past so fast. It seems like it was only yesterday that I was in Sydney for OHN and balls-deep in the organisational slog of BAM5.

To be honest for SS this year I haven’t been overly hype for some reason, but it’s probably because of my increasingly myopic focus in the games that I play. I watch a lot less FGC stuff now, and even when I watch a stream archive I tend to fast forward to the players I’m interested in- which basically are only the players that play the same characters as I do :P

Hence my running joke with Somniac of never watching a stream- unless a Ryu player cracks top 8 :P

Anyway after Sunday’s US qualifiers I am now decidedly HYPE because of CLOCKW0RK!!! (Fanboi alert.)

The original Doom/Ammy player himself. Well, he plays Doom/Vergil now but who cares it’s still CLACKKWERKKK.

This seems like a recurring apology, but I haven’t been updating this space as much this year for sure, I didn’t even write a long-winded OHN or BAM recap like I usually do.

So! While I’m not going to write a full OHN recap, to make up for it, I thought I would post a funny story.

(Disclaimer: This is not meant as any disrespect to George aka Afterdeath, who I fully respect as a person, Final Fantasy enthusiast, and top player, the latter of which I am most decidedly NOT.)

Anyway, the story is less about the match, and more about the funniness. I can’t even remember most of the specifics of the match anyway.

So. We started out playing, and right away I get a hit with my Spencer. See, a lot of teams give my team trouble, specifically teams that sport assists such as Plasma Beam or Akuma Tatsu assist which beat out my Cold Star assist clean and leave my Spencer stranded on an island. Now George’s main assist for his Wesker, Vergil, Strider team was Vajira, and while that is a really deadly assist, particularly against my Doom, it also allows me to call my Amaterasu assist without any fear of it getting beat out, which allows me to quickly get into my comfort zone and set up my offense.

Also, for some strange reason, George decided to start Vergil against me, instead of point Wesker, which I really struggle against because of Wesker’s great ground normals. And while I don’t claim to be especially good against Vergil, I at least am decently familiar with the match thanks to my OHN training buddies Toxy and Daichi.

Now before the match I was sort of going through strategy in my head. Hmm Vergil…have to snap him in…then what about Strider? I was kind of undecided on what to do.

But then the match started and I saw Vergil up first- my mind lit up in burning blood red letters when I got the hit: “Oh I hit VERGIL?!?! Oh boy… I HAVE TO KILL THAT MOTHERFUCKER.” And I went into my muscle memory Spencer TOD combos and any semblance of match strategy or thoughts of snapback went out the window.

I would hit his Vergil, kill him, and then in comes Wesker- and as most of Melbourne knows, I have an irrational hatred of Wesker, even though he’s not top tier in UMVC3 anymore. So whenever I hit Wesker, the same bloodlust would burn through my brain and yeah well…I simply forgot about snapping in Strider!

Remember the Wesker glory days? I know I do. From Just Marvel Things.

Anyone remember the Wesker glory days? I know I do. From Just Marvel Things.

Most of the matches went the same way, (I can’t remember the score it was either 3-1 or 3-0), I would hit Vergil, kill him, hit Wesker, kill him, Strider would come in and go HAM with level 3 X-factor and Ouroborous, and I would blockblockblock, lose a couple of characters and invariably X-factor fraud-guard-cancel it out for the victory. I remember in the neutral game I wasn’t doing anything too fancy, I would make him block Cold Star and do basic stuff such as low L, dash up and low L again and it seemed to hit him a lot. Maybe he was expecting more advanced mix-ups, like the sort you might get from an actual top player perhaps??

After I won I shook George’s hand, and he looked pretty down. I felt kinda sorry for him because I imagine being in his position as a top player in Sydney, it must suck to lose to a scrub like me and Spencer even came over to him with a consoling shoulder pat. Suddenly, I felt some pressure on my shoulder, so I turned around and…

It seems that during my match with George, Stef was actually playing Tom on stage. (As told to me later by my good buddy Andrew aka Vitriol). So everyone was watching that match intently, it was super tense and super hype, and nobody really noticed I was playing on the side setups.

I think towards the end of Stef’s match, Andrew noticed me playing and said to everyone “Hey guys…I think Muttons is actually a few games up on Afterdeath!”

Everyone must’ve done a double take but because Stef was playing Tom and it was the crucial last match, they quickly diverted their attention back to the stage. And after Stef had clutched it out they all got really hype as you would expect, banding around Stef to give him some love. And then Andrew noticed again: “Hey guys, I think Muttons… is actually on the verge of winning?!?”

Everyone quickly crowded around behind me (I was totally oblivious to what was happening because of the headphones I had on, which probably was a major reason I did relatively well at OHN, especially for my standards) and when I got on set point, everyone started to get hype and cheer and get noisy… but then everybody hilariously started shushing each other up: “Shhhh…Shhhh…Shut up, shut up, everybody shut up!”

This is because of my famous tendency to crack under pressure, especially when there is a large crowd behind me actually cheering FOR me. I usually feel immense pressure to win, and historically I’ve always played much worse and gone on to lose pathetically.

So I found it pretty hilarious that totally unbeknownst to me, there had been this big crowd of Melbourne dudes behind me all this time, all excited about the potential upset but trying their best not to make a sound and shushing each other because they didn’t want me to fimble! LOL.

So as I turned around after shaking George’s hand I got this huge shock and kind of jumped up in my chair in surprise as everyone was behind me! And they grabbed me and happily rocked me around for a little bit.

I think no one was more surprised by the result than me, but I did find the story that Andrew told me pretty damn funny.

I later went on to lose to Tom in losers’ finals of our pool (he had put me in losers’ in the first round) and I had another classic choke, I had him down to one character with a good chance at match point, I had Doom and Ammy and enough meter stocked, and all I needed to do was hit A1+A2, just two buttons at the same time. And then I mishit it, getting a Cold Star call instead, and Tom came in swinging, getting that happy birthday as I facepalmed in abject misery.

Actually in that match, I had a crowd around me too, and they actually threw me off this time! They were all yelling really loudly at me to do Veil of Mist super, but because I couldn’t make out what they were saying because of the headphones, I was actually expending some mental energy wondering just what the F they were actually saying, probably to my detriment.

Ah well. OHN was still great fun, and at least I got a good funny story out of it. GGs George and everybody I played at OHN, and I hope to see everybody down for SS!

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What has the FGC done for me?

file_190077_0_Community_8-bitA few weeks ago Kenji gave me a call. He wanted to interview me for some content for his school documentary about the Melbourne FGC. Kenji went through some of the potential questions he had with me; how did you get into the community, what word would you use to describe the Melbourne FGC, what are some of your contributions to the community and so on.

I found myself being quite excited about the whole thing, and it was only later on after the whole interview that I realised why. In the middle of our conversation we had run across the topic of “what have I got out of the community, or what has the community done for me?” and I started talking about all the stories I could tell, such as Bosslogic (Dave) actually helping me land my current job, and more, and I found myself being very passionate about the topic. I realised I’ve had some of these stories in my head for a while, and have probably just been waiting for somebody to ask me the right questions.

The next SBR came along and Kenji sat me down in front of a camera and microphone and fired away. I talked about who introduced to the community, and how people like Xavier, Dave, Ali, Baz, and even THK really took the time to talk to me and to sort of lay out the big picture of the community. I also mentioned hearing about this mystical figure called “Humanbomb” around this time. The interview chugged along, and the question of what the community has done for me never even came up.

Kenji finished off by asking me to describe the community with one word. Previously off camera the word that I had used was “Salt” (I think I had just been eliminated from a tournament) but this time I said “Love”. I wanted to explain how everything in the community was driven by people’s passions and “love for the game” as well as selfless individuals such as Loki, Bugs, Chris Ho etc.

But what came out of my mouth must’ve been this torrent of unbearable cheesiness because Kenji and the camera guy had these faces: half smile, half grimace. Then Kenji’s recorder ran out of space, so they had to do another take.

Perhaps chickening out of fear of another blast of cheesiness I found myself giving a lame answer instead. Continue reading

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Grindin’ Sets: Daichi, Flexi, Gab, Shadowfox, Albert

Getting back in the groove of things after being quite busy last few weeks. Trying to incorporate a lot of specific things into my game, such as using Veil of Mist to land the instant jL into dfH qcfS with Amaterasu. I figure if I get a hit on a full life character, I can do a disc combo which gets me about 400k, S them down, weapon switch to glaive and do Veil of Mist and go for the instant overhead which I can reach 600k with one meter, and that will kill a million-health character. Obviously I would like to kill the character without having to reset, but them’s the breaks with non X-factor solo Amaterasu.

Recorded a bunch of sets (Click the jump to see them all):

Albert wanted to get in a set with me after labbing it up and receiving some great advice from Baxter. I think we both still have a lot to work on, my lack of practice the last week or so really shows.

Managed to record a set against the world famous Japanese execution master Daichi Akahoshi!

In all seriousness Daichi has helped me so much in UMVC3, and he usually bodies the crap out of me, even if he hasn’t been playing much Marvel at all these last few months. You can see the level of disrespect being shown on his incoming mixups as he fakes crossup, then goes to the other side, then actually allows me to completely land before ground grabbing me. And I sit there like an idiot and take it.

Best believe I looked over with a death glare whenever he snagged me like that, and he would just snigger gleefully under his cap. Lol, GGs Daichi.

Continue reading

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Honzo Gonzo tech- Using Cold Star to get double Doom supers & Veil of Mist to Spencer DHC

Honzo’s been putting up some great Doom Ammy tech, and I’ve been tinkering with my team, trying out different variants and trying to incorporate Spencer where I can:

Very useful stuff! Thanks Honzo.

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Here Comes a New Challenger- full version!

I’ve been posting updates on this documentary as Corey has been updating it, but now we finally have the full version up on YouTube.

It’s really interesting to finally watch the full version, and two things really stick out to me:

1) This is like entering a time machine, and seeing everything the way things were just over a year ago, and to kind of realise how just much has changed in the scene since then. NOSTALGIA! All the familiar faces…the post-EVO CW events…SS2013…really cool to see.
2) I am reminded just how tough it is to get into these games and how hard and long it takes to actually get good at them. I remember it took me so long to even get to a competent level with my characters, and it really is not for everyone. You really have to be extremely committed, and I empathise with Jake- it definitely does not feel like fun at times, and much more like work, a tedious grind. Things like dealing with constant losing, feeling of plateauing and not feeling any sense of improvement- these things can be really daunting for new players. But the end result I like to believe is definitely worth it- it’s just a really long and arduous journey.

Good shit Corey! And I kinda wish Jake would make a return to the scene. If he was able to take his time with it, and perhaps not try to artificially accelerate his development within a documentary time frame, he might find a balance in between improving and having fun, and stick around for longer without burning out.

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Blocking the unblockable tech from Ilitirit

One of my pet peeves with the Cammy and Ibuki match is their bloody unblockables. Not only am I unable to DP Cammy’s Cannon Strikes on my wakeup, she can go for the unblockable every time she gets a back throw and I have no choice but to eat the full combo every time.

This juicy video from Ilitirit changes all that, using qcf and qcb to bypass all that character centerline switching crap that makes the unblockable magic happen. I have been practicing it this afternoon against the Cammy unblockable and the timing is very practical. Yes! Now to test it out against the Ibuki against Ryu unblockable. Suddenly the Cammy matchup doesn’t seem so bleak. Perhaps Daigo already knew this tech and that’s why Xiaohai didn’t go for the unblockable a lot in their Topanga set? Hm.

Also, juicy anti-Deejay tech from Air:

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Don’t be a Scrub Podcast Episode 26: SEAM2013 Recap with Somniac

seam2013logoHi guys, we’re doing a special recap of Southeast Asia Major 2013, where so many of our Aussie boys went down and did really well, we even had 3 guys in the top 8 for Marvel! Our guest this episode is Team DB’s Somniac, aka Xavier Nardella. He always has a lot of stories to tell after his travels overseas and I thought it would be interesting if we grabbed him to talk to us about his time in Singapore.

550246_285490771570273_994143449_nMy co-host this is none other than the Korean superstar, Kevin Kim aka Burnout!

In this episode we talk about a lot of things: SEAM2013, the Singapore FGC, the Singapore arcades and Tough Cookie, KTV girls, “four floors of whores”, transvestites, Sentosa, alcohol and food in Singapore, Sammyboy, Singapore fighting game mentality and culture, top Singaporean players, Geylang, Little India, “one size fits all” clothing, Singaporean female players, taxi-drivers, Singaporean hospitality, the difference between our scenes and a lot more.

I decided to make this episode an audio-only episode because I figured that with this episode being a time-relevant episode with SEAM2013 just past and EVO coming right up, the two or three weeks it would take me to transcribe a two hour episode would render its contents irrelevant. So apologies for no transcript, but at least I got it out quickly!

You can find Kevin on twitter @burnoutfighter and his YouTube page at http://www.youtube.com/user/TheBurnoutFighter

And you can find Xavier on twitter @DB_Somniac and on Facebook.

Hope you guys enjoy this episode!


Xavier and Karipaku at SEAM2013

Don’t be a Scrub Podcast Episode 26: SEAM2013 Recap with Somniac

For Direct Download, right click this link above and “save as”

Also, be sure to check out Ali’s excellent recap article on SEAM2013 over at the Shadowlogic site.

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Grindin’ sets: Phil aka Def-P & David aka DnA FT10s Shadowlogic 29 June 2013

More sets!

First David hit me up for a fun FT10 set in Marvel vs his Firebrand team. It was a fun set and I think I am not playing the Firebrand matchup properly. Once David gets his Skrull up to par, his team should be sick though.

Then Phil bodied me in the Ryu mirror 10-4.

Damnit, I did much much worse than in our previous set. My anti-air was abysmal in this set, he was jumping in for free and I was eating jump-ins for no good reason. That was probably the main reason he went up on a 8 game win streak on me. Towards the end I started getting my anti-air back a bit, so that plus my footsies allowed me to get a couple of games in at the end.

But for the majority of the set, my anti-air was just shocking and my play suffered big time as a result. Not happy at all to see a regression rather than an improvement.

After I did my interview with Xavier aka Somniac I had a long UMVC3 set with him until 5 AM! I wish I had recorded that set, for in that set a lot of my bad habits kept happening over and over again. (Whiffing S in the air after being reset or dropped combos, no air grabs, keep trying to contest Dormammu air dash S and getting smacked over and over and over.) I think the score was 70-80 to 20 something.

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Grindin’ sets: Darkace and Phil aka Def-P Shadowlogic 24th June 2013

More sets!

I have been specifically practicing how to focus dash through Chun’s Hazanshu on reaction as the last time I played Darkace I noticed he liked to Hazanshu at point blank range a lot. He would even do them a lot on wake up and hit me! Which really frustrated me a lot. So we played a set at the HQ during SEAM2013 weekend, and I got to see if I had made any progress in the Chun match.

I’m not happy. Not only did I fail to focus through a single Hazanshu on reaction, I also still am not consistent with the spacing in the Chun Li match. You can see there’s a certain far range that you can walk back and outpoke her standing mp with my cmk, I have to stick to that range and not get caught in no-man’s land all the time. Also, I failed to DP crossup light kicks and that command crossup. I noticed two dominant bad traits I have from my sets at HQ today. The first I can see from the Darkace set: inability to adapt to opponent’s patterns.

Darkace has a lot of patterns that I should be punishing extremely, extremely hard, instead of letting him get away with it constantly. Things like: he always, always Hazanshus after a low forward. I should just immediately focus after the low focus and punish him with a focus through, cmp cmp cmk tatsu. Weirdly enough, I was punishing some of his patterns: after an anti-air DP where he recovers to far for me to me to successfully meaty, he usually goes for a backdash. And I caught it with a ume-tatsu multiple times. I clearly can recognise and punish some patterns, why can’t I do it for all his patterns and habits?!? Bah.

After that I played Pyro and he was trolling me with Ryu. But somehow the set wasn’t recorded :( I must not have pressed the red button on the LGP, damnit. Oh well, at least I recorded the set after that against another prime Melbourne Ryu, my good buddy Phil aka Def-P aka God of Men amongst Asian Women.

So my second bad dominant trait can by summed up by Genki’s description of my game: “I think your fundamentals are actually strong, but you always choke at the end.”

And this is true. I give in to temptation and throw that last fireball which lets people jump in for the win. There was one round that I was particularly disgusted with myself when instead of being patient I tried to ume-tatsu through a fireball and Phil just DPed it for the KO. Very uncharacteristic of me to do that in the clutch, but it’s just another example of me making bad decisions when the game is on the line.

Another bad trend I notice is that I am not spending my meter when I have Ultra to kill!! Why am I doing FADC combos in the corner that do big damage but do not kill when I can just EX Tatsu in Ultra for the win instead?? Arghhhhh.

I also am still not DPing crossups in the neutral game, and my tech game was really bad in this set. I have to watch the whole thing again, but from memory I recall not being very happy with my footsie game. I think I let him whiff a lot of low forwards unpunished.

Phil, what do you think?

P.S. We ran off quickly after the last game to watch Stef vs. Wong. Overall our boys did really well in Marvel, it was awesome to watch and cheer for them live at HQ. Big thanks to Bugs, Chris Ho and Burnout for organising it. Farpenoodle had the most awesome stream layout, Zhi was funny as hell, and the tournament was hype-ass. Kudos to Yongde aka Cameraman and the whole Tough Cookie staff.

And lastly to all our boys who went over there- good shit guys!!!

BONUS SECTION: Commentary by Jeff and Kilok

I thought, who better to ask about the Chun vs. Ryu match other than my two sifu: Jeff aka Renzuo aka Basemaster aka God Chun Li of Melbourne and Kilok aka the Warrior aka Best Ryu in Bluehouse.


Continue reading

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