Blood for Oil

Excellent post by UltraDavid from SRK! Every Hakan player should take a look:

“Lately I’ve begun to get more comfortable with doing an oil even when I know I’ll get hit (people are calling this “blood for oil” heh). One situation where this good is where your opponent throws a fireball from far away. Against some characters you can do ex oil through the fb and not worry about getting punished, but in general an alert opponent can punish your ex oil. So how to get any benefit out of that situation? Blood for oil. To maximize the oil you trade for that blood, it’s useful to know how much time you get from your various oils, ie, if you know your oil will be interrupted, which strength of oil should you pick?

From the first post in this thread, we can see this:

—–Lk oil startup: 20 frames (everyone knows that 1 frame = 1/60 of a second, right? ok)
———-Minimum: 3 sec
———-Midway (36f): 4 sec
———-Just before full (46f): 5 sec
———-Full (52f): 6 sec
—–Mk oil startup: 20f
———-Minimum: 4 sec
———-Midway (44f): 5 sec
———-Just before full (60f): 7 sec
———-Full (72f): 9 sec
—–Rh oil startup: 20f
———-Minimum: 5 sec
———-Midway (47f): 8 sec
———-Just before full (63f): 10 sec
———-Full (86f): 12 sec
—–Ex oil startup: 20f
———-Minimum: 6 sec
———-Midway (47f): 9 sec
———-Just before full (70f): 12 sec
———-Full (86): 15 sec

So we can see that if you think you’ll only get the minimum oil, hk oil is best (and oh by the way, it builds the most meter too!). And if there’s not enough time to finish any of your oils before the projectile reaches you, let’s say 50 frames, you can see that you’re still better off doing hk oil; with lk oil you get 5 seconds, but with hk you get 8 seconds!

In fact, say you have a full second, ie 60 frames, to oil up in before the projectile reaches you. If you do lk oil, you’ll recover in time to block and have oil for 6 seconds. If you do hk oil, you’ll get hit, but you’ll have 9 seconds of oil time, a 50% increase. That’s pretty significant!

I think there are some situations where blood for oil makes a lot of sense. If you’re up against a projectile character who can keep you out well, you really need oil to scare them. Trading blood for oil could be really useful here because it can actually be your safest way to oil. If they can punish your ex oil through their projectile, then ex oil is basically still a blood for oil trade where you take MORE damage and lose MORE oil time (since the time when you’re getting comboed, are knocked down, and wake up is lost oiled time).

Keep in mind also that when oiled, you take 90% of a single move damage you’d otherwise take, so that sonic boom will deal 45 damage instead of 50.”

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