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Standing normal cancelled into special moves+ new Ryu cMP cMP sMP DP technology

With BAM coming up I really haven’t had much time to practice at all, being mostly busy with BAM organizational stuff. With the limited time that I do have though, I’ve been working on fixing specific flaws in my Ryu … Continue reading

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Enjoying my break: labbing it up in Marvel

I have been really enjoying my complete lack of FGC responsibilities in the last two months- just chilling and taking it easy. Assembling furniture in my home and getting fat on ice cream and chips. Catching up on my reading; … Continue reading

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Whiff punishing

I was at Ali’s house a few weeks ago and got in quite a few games against Ali, Sol and Pyro. I had a couple of matches against Pyro that really made an impact on me. He was using a … Continue reading

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Labbing with Hakan and Taskmaster

Ever since I started playing in the arcades, I have been putting less and less time in training mode. On the plus side, I feel that my execution is now less training-room dependent, and I feel more comfortable sitting down … Continue reading

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My to do list

Time for another short list of things to do in training mode. 1- Learn how to DP crossup Psycho Crushers from Bison. 2- Learn to whiff punish the following moves: Akuma chk (-9 on block but big pushback) and fhk … Continue reading

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Training room progress and results

It’s been a productive week of SSF4 after not playing for a while. I still haven’t played that many people, and have mostly been spending a ton of time in training mode. I have been doing a basic tuneup of … Continue reading

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Important SSF4 safe jump and wakeup information+ To Do list

By noodalls from SRK at http://shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=232398&page=3 Post Ryu d+HK Normal speed – Ryu, Honda, Sakura, Dhalsim, Claw, Boxer, Fuerte, Juri, Hakan, Guy, Cody, Deejay,THawk, Dudley, Makoto 1 Frame faster – Ibuki 7 Frames faster – Adon*** 1 Frame slower – … Continue reading

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