Don’t be a Scrub Podcast Episode 12: Bosslogic

Hi guys! Spider Muttons Productions © 2010 are back with the latest episode of the DBAS Podcast.

Our guest this week is the world-famous graphic artist and my very good friend, Bosslogic! He’s one of the principal members (brothers) of the Shadowloo team, and his graphic skills have played a massive role in catapulting Shadowloo to where they are now.

He’s probably the most active graphic artist in the world out there right now when it comes to the Street Fighter scene, releasing wave after wave of gorgeous Street Fighter graphics that have hit the front pages of every community site out there like SRK and Iplaywinner. He’s  produced beautiful trailers and videos for Shadowloo as well as for illustrious tournaments like Revelations and CEO 2011.

He’s created graphics for top players and sites such as Tokido, Gamerbee, the DMG guys like Inthul and PR Rog, Choco Blanka, Cross Counter, Iplaywinner, the PeacefulJay stream, The Vesper Arcade, The Traveling Circus just to name a few.

Additionally, he’s found the time to be a top player in SSF4 in Melbourne! He plays a tenacious, standing-roundhousin’ Bison under the name of Just-S or Subject 64432B.

He’s always willing to help out the community, and has been especially helpful to me over the years.

If you’re interested in his services or just want to talk to him, you can visit his deviant art page at:

Email him at, or his twitter at!/Bosslogic

Or check out his site at

Also, check out his interview with DMG.

Big thanks to Dave/Kode for doing this interview with us! We go over a lot of topics like the Melbourne scene, yummymatches, Shadowloo Showdown, Bison, zombies and Nigella Lawson. Hope you enjoy the interview!

Don’t be a Scrub Podcast Episode 12: Bosslogic

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Don’t be a Scrub Podcast Episode 12: Bosslogic

Spidercarnage: Hello everyone, today we’re at the old Shadowloo headquarters. Today we have a very special  guest that we’ve been chasing for almost a fortnight? Three weeks now?

Muttonhead: It’s been longer than man. It’s been a month.

S: Yeah it’s been about a month. The man who’s constantly busy, but super well-known. And he’s not just an artist, he’s actually a really good Street Fighter player. And I am talking about Bosslogic. Welcome.

Bosslogic: Hey guys, how ya doing.

1-      M: How come I call you Dave, and your real name is Kode?

B: Because…the reason why people call me Dave instead of Kode is ‘cause when I was in school, the teacher couldn’t- for some reason pronounce Kode. So she gave the name David for the first day, and it’s just stuck.

M: Okay, okay. But isn’t it cool that you’re into digital stuff and code and video stuff and art-graphic design and your first name is Kode right? And since it starts with a K, that means you have to play Mortal Kombat?


I suck at Mortal Kombat.

M: (Laughs). Fine, fine.

B: All I was able to do in Mortal Kombat was jump in with light kick and sweep. That’s all I was [able to do].

S: Ah MK1 days,

B: We’ll see how the new one is. I might get into it if it’s actually good. [We’ll] see what happens.

2-       M: Where did you grow up, and where are you from, basically.

B: Well I was born in Syria, and we moved here at the age of 2. And grew up here in Melbourne.

M: So, I mean, what prompted your family to move here from Melbourne.

B: To move from Syria?

M: From Syria, yeah.

B: We had the opportunity to move to another country and we did. Thank god we did.

M: You’ve been here since you were two years old, so that’s why your English is so good.

B: …Yes. It’s alright. It’s probably fimbly to the Americans but yeah!

M: It’s less fimbly than mine but…have you guys always been here in Broadmeadows?

B: Nah. We’ve moved…Like the majority of our years has been in this area, Broadmeadows and stuff. But we have moved to Thomastown. And Preston. But the next location is back to Thomastown, so.

M: Ah okay. So you were in Preston before so…

B: We were like everywhere so.

M: So, I mean, too many Asians in Preston right? Yeah.

S: I don’t think there are any Asians in Preston. I think it’s more of a Greek area.

M: Really?

S: Well I used to live there in 2003.

M: Okay, okay.

B: I think there’s a lot of Arabic people in Preston.

S: Yes, there is that as well. Especially near the Preston Market.

B: Yeah. And Coburg.

M: Which are the Arabic areas  in Melbourne?

B: I got no clue. Majority is Preston and Coburg.

M: Preston and Coburg.

B: That’s what I think, yeah.

M: Okay, okay, cool. Alright, so…

3-      How did you get into fighting games?

B: Fighting games, I’ve been playing fighting games, not competitively, but just in general since…let’s see.

Since Street Fighter 2 days. But competitively I got into it in Street Fighter IV.

M: SF4. Same as Sol and Ali, right?

B: Yeah. It seemed like that’s where all the hype started. That’s where like when you beat someone it actually means something?

Back in the days when I used to play CvS2 and I beat someone…there was no feeling in it. It was like, empty.

S: Yeah, it was because nobody cared.

B: Yeah. Even though it was one of the sickest games, no one actually took it up.

M: In Melbourne, yeah.

But isn’t kind of funny when you think about how things happened in Melbourne? Like SFIV came out, you and Ali and Sol started playing SFIV, was created, blahblahblah TEC, Igor with his Deakin stuff…

You know. So many things happened that created the community that we have today.

B: Yeah. We gotta  thank Capcom and SFIV.

M: Yeah.

B: For this…

M: Yeah I mean if you guys had started playing like…I dunno. Board games, Call of Duty or something. There won’t be no, it’ll be like…

B: Um…

M: There’ll still be Gamerhold at least.

B: TEC is Gamerhold and they all do first-person shooters. So we would have something to do, but I wouldn’t have something to do, because I play fighters.

M: Yeah. So I mean, out of all your brothers here, you’re the main fighting game guy right? Ali’s more of a…used to be more of a Nintendo, racer kinda guy. FPS kinda guy.

B: Yeah. And Sol used to…he’ll probably still generally play first-person shooters.

CW Top 8 TEC Sol T (Ab) vs TEC Just-S (Di)

M: Yeah he’s a shooter guy.

B: He can do shooters, but he can do fighters. But I’m [mainly] a fighting game guy.

M: You’ve always been the fighting game guy with your brothers.

B: Yep.

M: So did you use to teach them SFII and CvS2, that kinda thing?

B: Not really. We used to just play for… you know how you play with your friends and stuff? And you beat them. And they try to beat you back.

But we had no knowledge of any fundamentals.

So when SFIV came out, we looked at frame data, we looked at combo videos.

And we decided to get better.

That’s when it became competition.

And now we barely play with our brothers!

M: (Laughs.) So once things start getting serious then you stop playing with your brothers?

B: Yeah! ‘Cause when your brother’s the competition, he doesn’t play you!

M: See, the funny thing is that we were talking to Dave just now, and they were saying; “How come you don’t get play Yael’s Sakura? You don’t get to play Sol’s Sakura?” And you were saying you never get to play your brother.

B: Well, Sol’s exact words are; he gets bored too easily.

M: So he doesn’t want to play you because…

B: He doesn’t want to play me because he gets…bored. But the thing is he doesn’t like to play anyone in sets as well?

M: Ah!

B: Which is completely reasonable. Because he [doesn’t want people] to read him too much.

M: But I mean you’re his brother, like if he’s playing someone in the house…

B:  I didn’t  say he wasn’t an ass (indecipherable)

M: Can’t you just sit there and look at him play, you’re gonna know how he plays anyway right?

B: Yeah. You can look at Sol play, but playing him is a completely different story.

M: How did he get so good man?

B: He’s in training mode like… Just yesterday, 3 o’clock in the morning all the way up to 6 o’clock in the morning just by himself in training mode.

M: Just by himself in training mode. Doesn’t he have a job now? He still does…

B: He still does it.

M: That’s why he’s the number three, number two in Melbourne?

B: I got no idea what number he is. If I say what number he is, someone will get upset. Heh.

M: That is true, yes.

4-      Tell us how you got into graphic design.

B: Graphic design. Okay. I’ve always been a sketch artist. I do sketching, always drew on my notebooks, always drew on every textbook I had in the school.

So ultimately my friend did Photoshop and he introduced me to it. After he introduced me to it I just kept watching tutorials, getting better.

I didn’t want to study at school?

M: So how old were you at the time?

B: 16.

M: 16. So you started around 16 years old. Damn.

B:  Yep. And I just kept learning from textbooks, internet and stuff. But I got to thank my friend.

M: What’s your friend name?

B: We’re no longer friends anymore so I don’t want to mention his name.

M: Okay cool. That means you’ve had no formal training, you’re entirely self-taught.

B: Yes, yes I am.

M: That’s pretty cool man. You’ve been on the cover of magazines, been in magazines, and you’re entirely self-taught. Is that a common thing in this industry or?

B: To the good artists, the ones that I follow, they’re all self-taught as well. Because what they teach in school is all basic. Everything is…what you would learn on your own. But they like spoonfeed it to you. If you have the drive to learn on your own, you would be better at what you’re learning because you want to learn it.

School, they give you stuff, they give you modules, they give you stuff you don’t wanna learn. And they even give you the information- all the information about something that you don’t want to learn. And ultimately you don’t.

M: You don’t remember it.

B: You don’t remember it and you get bored of it. So I pick and choose what I want to learn.

M: So you specialise and become more creative as well.

Okay. So you’re like the Hendrix of the graphic artists.

B: I’m gonna say yes. (Laughs)

M: Okay, that was a bad analogy right.

B: He said it. Muttons said it.

S: What, you’re pointing at him, so that people can see it?

B: I’m pointing at you!

M: Well since you’re so good at Photoshop can you help remove some mosaics from some videos that I have?

Is it difficult? [Spidercarnage] tells me it’s difficult. Removing mosaics from videos.

B: Yes it is.

M: Aw man. What’s the point of learning Photoshop if you can’t do that…

S: Why don’t you just download the non-mosaic stuff?

B: Yeah, man.

M: Some of the stuff you can’t download without mosaics, man.

S: Yes, I know.

M: We’re of course talking about…you know like animated cartoons and…

S: Oh yes! Of course we are.

M: Of course we are…

5- But anyway tell us about your graphic design business and your future ambitions. Where do you wanna take this thing?

B: Well I started Bosslogic 3 years ago? The actual name Bosslogic.

And I just [worked as an] freelance artist, and just want to excel in my skill. Get to a level of the people that I’m looking [up] to. There’s Fatoe,  Pete Harrison. To get to that level, that’s my ultimate goal. I don’t really care about the money now, I don’t really care about magazines and stuff. I care about execution, that’s why I keep learning.

But the thing is, it’s always trial and error with my work. Whatever I make, there’ll be a flaw. And I notice it after I’m done.

And the thing is, I never remove it because I like to know what I did wrong. And I post it. And the next thing I do, I do it better.

M: So like every piece of your work is kind of like a picture of your progress in your…

B: It’s like a checkpoint basically. Yeah.

Every step is a foundation. I just step off that foundation every time.

M: So you told me you want to have your studio one day?

B: Yes, yes. Every graphic designer or artist wants to have a studio. And hopefully I’m going to the States next year.

M: Oh you’re going to the States next year? For how long?

B: I’m seeing if I can stay there six months.

M: Which part of the States?

B: California.

M: Oh! Oh man. Are you gonna go to Wednesday Night Fights every night?

S: Every Wednesday.

M: Every Wednesday, yeah.

B: Heh. He forgot when Wednesday Night Fights is…

M: Doh. Heh.

B: Yeah basically I wanna go there because my mentor’s there. This guy that i want to mentor me, called Fatoe.

I wanna see if I can…

M: Apprentice from him or something.

B: Be around his area of expertise, so I can learn from him.

And there’s a whole bunch of other graphic designers there that I wanna learn from. After I come back from there, then hopefully I can establish a studio.

M: So you’ll come back here and you’ll be like Justin Wong’s level in Street Fighter and beat the rest of us down.

B:…Maybe. But I’m more focused on the graphic design aspect.

M: Business before pleasure.

B: Yeah.

M: Okay cool.

6- You’ve talked a little bit about Bosslogic, but you’re also known as  Just-S, you’re known Subject 5467896.

So what’s Just-S and what’s Bosslogic, and what’s Subject.

B: Okay. Just-S was my first alias because he was my favourite character from Guilty Gear. Justice. And basically I like robots. That’s basically why I was Just-S.

But after BAM, I was so disappointed in my gameplay, I chose to drop that alias.

M: So now you’re known as Subject.

B: Subject 64432B.

M: What does that number stand for?

B: That’s- if you watch the latest trailer of Devil May Cry, that’s what’s his name’s…

M: Dante?

 B: Yeah. Dante’s…what’s it called? Like, patient number? Yeah. He’s in the Psych ward, yeah. That’s his patient number. So I like that, so.

M: Okay. And Bosslogic the name comes from?

B: Bosslogic is um, my business name. What it means is to think for yourself, to run your own shit. That’s the “logic”.

M: And the last time I talked to you a few months ago, you seemed to want to keep Just-S apart from Bosslogic. You didn’t want to merge the two?

B: Yeah. ‘Cause Just-S is your game alias and the other one is my business alias.

7- S: Why Bison?

B: Bison. Bison…

S: Because you main Bison, obviously.

B: Yeah. I like Bison as a character. Not [for] what he is in the game. Even if he was like…F tier. I would still pick him. Because I like the character. I picked him in CvS. I picked him in SFII. Basically if that character was in any game, I would pick him.

For god’s sakes in Tekken, Dragunov looks like Bison and I picked him!

S: So what specifically do you like about Bison, about the character?

B:  Basically, he looks like a undead general. I like that look. He looks fierce, powerful.

M: Because in your work you like post-apocalyptic stuff. So that’s why you like Bison.

B: Yeah, basically. I like evil.

M: So do you like chunky Bison from Alpha or do you like skinny Bison from ST?

B: My favourite Bison look would have to be the ripped clothes one from SF4.

S: What, battle damaged [Bison]?

B: Yeah, battle damaged SF4 [Bison]. And CvS2 Bison. And EX Vega-Bison. That guy was awesome.

M: And you also said you want to play Alex if he comes out on AE right?

B: Yep. The reason I want to pick Alex is because I play him in Third Strike. I picked him because it felt natural to me to pick him. Mostly because he has a headstomp.

M: Ahh okay! So why do you like headstomps so much.

B: Why do I like headstomps so much. It’s just awesome, you feel powerful stomping on someone’s head. I know it’s an unsafe move but still you get to stomp on someone’s head every now and then.

M: So I mean, you complain to me in SF4, why did they make the headstomp so crap compared to other games.

So would you give up like Ultra II and safe scissors just to have a good head stomp.

B: (Without hesitation.) Yes.

M: You would. (Laughs.)

B: I would.

Because if you look at my win ratio: 92% of my wins I’ve never used Ultra. If headstomp was say godlike in the game? He’ll be broken, and I’ll be happy.

M: Heh. Oh my god. And I’ll hate you even more. Because you stomp me the most. I can’t uppercut that shit.

So how come you always end up playing the same characters as Somniac? Who’s copying who?

B: I don’t know who’s copying who but I played Bison since CvS2 days. So who started him first, I don’t know.

M: Ohhh..

B: He might have had Alex before me, but I don’t know.

M: But I guess the good thing is that you’re both playing different characters in Marvel right.

B: Yeah…who’s his characters?

S: Wesker, Sentinel, Dormammu. (Mutton’s note: I think it’s Doom instead of Sentinel.)

B: And I’m none. I don’t play the game!

M: Who are you playing in Marvel?

B: When I was playing it I was playing Dante, Sentinel and Magneto. So just like the…average team.

M: But wait, you’ve mentioned Dante twice already, so does that mean that you’re a big fan of the Devil May Cry franchise?

B: Yes.

M: So what do you think of this reboot with the brunette Dante?

B: Well everyone said he looks like a lesbian. But he doesn’t look like a lesbian. He looks good, he looks good…

M: You think so?

B: It’s something different. That’s why people were upset.

M: I think the new DMC’s gonna lose a lot of fangirls.

B: Nah man. It’s punk-emo. It will actually gain fangirls!

M: You’re right.

S: Rabid anime fangirls.

M: So Twilight has affected even Devil May Cry?

B: No man, don’t mix that shit together. The hell?

S: It’s the other way around, I think.

B: Twilight’s awful. I’m just putting that out there.

S: I’m pretty sure that 99.9% of the Street Fighter community and fighting game community in general agrees with you on that statement.

B: I hope. I hope they agree they agree with me.

Except Muttons. Muttons doesn’t agree with my comment.

M: What do you mean I don’t agree with you. I hate Twilight as well.

B: Ah that’s a lie. You like Harry Potter?

M: No. I have not watched a single Harry Potter movie. I know you have.

B: Why you gotta lie on the mic. That’s under oath, man.

M: Under oath, I have not watched a Harry Potter movie. Even though I have searched…Okay nevermind.

8- So why don’t you tell us your thoughts on Marvel. You hate it, right?

B: Marvel in general?

M: Marvel 3. The game.

B: I don’t hate the game. I hate that I’m not good at the game. That’s the thing. I know you practice, you get better. But I like to put all my time and effort into SFIV.

M: So you feel that with your time constraints you only have time to concentrate on one game, and that game is Super SFIV.

B: Yeah. Basically, I got my work. And if I got only time for one game, or even two games. I would leave the second game for SFx Tekken, so.

M: But what if Bison was in Marvel 3. And he had a godlike headstomp. Full-screen invincibility.

B: It would still be the same thing. Because you can’t rely on one character in that game. Like Bison…

S: (Coughs). Sentinel.

M: Yes, I am guilty of that.

S: Think something got stuck in my throat…

B: That guy got nerfed…

M: Sentinel got nerfed, man. Have you ever seen a fighting game character lose like 25% of his health in a single nerf?

S: Yes, vanilla Sagat.

M: It wasn’t 25% dude!

B: What was it, three weeks?

M: Yeah!

B: Fastest nerf ever?

S: I don’t actually agree with the nerf. I think it’s stupid.

M: Yeah. What do you think of the nerf. Is it way too fast to be nerfing a character that much or?

B: Um, the character… I think… They shouldn’t have nerfed his health, they should have nerfed his damage. That’s what I think.

S: Yeah, basically. He still does ridiculous amounts of damage.

B: It’s like making Zangief…say Seth health. But leaving his SPD making it still the same damage and shit.

It just…you see it as pointless. If you nerf his power, instead of his health, that’s more reasonable.

M: And it keeps the concept of him as a tank, just like Sentinel is a big robot.

B: ‘Cause when you got a big character, visually, you expect him to have a lot of health. Now for a big character to have like…

S: Well you expect him to have a lot of power…but the only thing is, in my humble opinion, he did a little too much damage.

X-factor lvl 3 Sentinel was really the only issue. And I think the only other real issue that he had was the Hyper Armour.

But people already made at least 5 or 6 different strategies against that already. So I don’t even know if Sentinel was even going to be even relevant in2 or 3 months time.

B: What I think is that they should have removed the invincible assists. That’s the only issue I have.

M: So you don’t have an issue with Sentinel but you have an issue with Haggar and Tron’s assist.

B: Basically. ‘Cause when you’re rushing someone down, they’d get in. You have to change your strategy in case they have Haggar.

M: I know what you mean. As a Street Fighter player, it’s like you can block and then you can uppercut. You can call an uppercut.

B: You can play footsies and basically block string and keep them under pressure. In this game, it’s very easy to break pressure.

M: Maybe it’s just because we’re lousy at Marvel. And good Marvel players can bait those assists and punish.

B: Yeah that’s what I mean. That’s why I’m not sticking to the game. I’m speaking on behalf of anyone or anything. It’s like if you can excel at the game, get to the whole next level, congratulations.

9- S: So who’s your favourite Marvel character.

B: Onslaught would have to be my favourite Marvel character.

S: Why’s that.

B: ‘Cause he’s bad-ass man. He kills everyone.

S: This is true.

M: And he also proved that Charles Xavier has had a fetish for Jean Grey all this time. That sick old…

S: That’s been well-known since 1974! He openly admitted in a monologue that he has had the hots for Jean forever.

M: Yeah I guess you’re right. But isn’t it kinda sick that this old balding guy, he goes into this house and grabs this prepubescent girl from her home and trains her up. And all this time he’s had the hots for her.

S: Well not in the ‘70s man. That was natural.

B: Well when you build up the story with that…

S: I’m serious. Back in the ‘70s, people used to get married 16, 17, 18.

To older men. With power. And success.

M: Okay.

B: Wasn’t it like back in the past like kings used to marry young…

M: Prima Nocte. Prima Nocte.

From LivingwithJohnChoi!

That’s written on John Choi’s stick, yo.

S: (Laughs.)

M: You know what Prima Nocte is? It’s like, isn’t it from Braveheart? Like you’re the king so you get first rights to the bride on the wedding night or something like that. So John Choi wrote it on his stick. How cool is that.

B: That’s pretty bad-ass.

M: The Korean Inferno.

But yeah, so Onslaught’s your favourite character. So do you see him in a movie?

B: If Hollywood puts him in a movie, I think they’d ruin him. You can’t…you look at the character, how he is…

For god’s sakes look what they did to Magneto in the movie. Sucks.

I don’t any of the characters are good. In the X-Men movies. Except Cyclops. I liked Cyclops.

S: Yes, Cyclops actually looked decent.

M: Is that ‘cause he’s enough of a jerk and is stuffy enough to be like the real Cyclops?

B: He looks exactly like Cyclops.

S: Actually the real Cyclops is more of a square. Who always follows the rules.

B: Yeah, he was a goody two shoes.

M: But now he’s a douche. Because he cheated [on Jean] with Emma Frost…

S: Now he’s a douche. But traditionally speaking, for forty years he was a fucking square. Pretty much.

B: Why’d they kill him off in the movie?

M: So that Wolverine…

S: Different director.

B: Yeah. How stupid.

M: I always hated Cyclops.

9- So you’ve been on a French magazine cover right? So you wanna tell us about that?

B: French graphic design magazine.

It’s Computer Arts magazine, the French edition. They approached me, think it was the last year or something? Can’t remember exactly when it was. And they said they liked my piece.

M: Which piece was that?

B: It’s called Kandy Floss? And they wanted to publish it on the cover. And I was happy to do so.

Even though no one English would read it, it still had a 1.3 million fanbase.

M: Awesome. You mean, as in readership.

B: Yeah. In France.

M: Holy shit man. That’s more than Cosmo…in Australia.

S: Really?

M: I dunno man.  I buy Cosmo. Yeah.

Anyway, and you also got a two page spread in Advance Photoshop magazine? And that’s in English so we can read it right?

B: Yes it is.

M: When is it coming out?

B: It actually came out in the UK already. And it should be released in Australia next month. I’m going to get my exclusive copy in the mail, so I can scan it for myself.

M: Does it mention your Street Fighter stuff at all or is it just your other stuff?

B: I did give them my Street Fighter stuff but for some reason they never put them there.

S: I wonder why.

Not that it’s bad or anything, it’s just that it’s Street Fighter.

B: Yeah, it’s Street Fighter.

S: For kids. Not for artists, please.

M: So do you encounter that a lot? Like your clients go, show me some of your portfolio then you’re like, hmm. You don’t really want to look into my Street Fighter folio or whatever.

B: No, because you can never tell. I don’t show my Tron stuff. Because the Tron [stuff] I made it really clear that they’re only remixes of original art. And I give props to the original artists.

Which a lot of people in the community did not understand that at all.

M: We’ll get to that!

B: But my hyper-real art…because they look like portraits. Touched-up portraits. That’s still classified as manipulation…to the client.


It still works.

M: Ah I see what you mean.

Well since we’ve got the time, why don’t you explain to our viewers what is the difference between a manipulation and a remix?

S: Listeners, listeners.

M: Listeners.

S: They’re not viewers.

B: They’re viewing the sound.

M: Yeah. Well, they view the article man.

B: Basically remixing, what I did with the Tron stuff is I just got the highlights of the body parts and made them glow, basically Tron pieces. Which didn’t really take me long. But because it was around the time that Tron was out, everyone got hyped about it.

But the thing is with hyper-real [art], I take maybe six different images or maybe seven different images and manipulate them together to bring out a character. And I basically stitch them together.

M: So you have to alter lighting, you have make them all…

B: The lighting, the hands, I probably sometimes have to take a hand from another person and put it on that one. The hair from another person, put it on that one. The face from another person, put it on another one.

M: So what is the hardest…tell me something unexpectedly difficult that you have to do with the hyper-real stuff. Like maybe, doing belly-buttons is really difficult…

B: No, no that’s not really hard. The hardest thing is actually getting all the right resource to make that character.

It’s not really that easy to find…

M: Like, the right stock.

B: Yeah. It’s really hard to get the right positioning, the right facial expression. Yeah. You have to envision the character, what he’ll look real. And not disappoint what would look real to people.

M: Do you think it would be interesting if you release like you know, this is the stock, the guy before you turn him into Guile or something.

B: Go look at my Deadpool latest work. And you’ll see what I made Deadpool with.

And you can tell how much work I put into it.

End result!

10- S:You’re a big movie buff. Why don’t you give us Bosslogic’s top 5 movies of all time.

B: You guys had ten didn’t you. Yeah but ten is too much! (Laughs)

I can’t think of ten anyway.

S: Initially we agreed actually, he had ten originally. And then I thought ten’s a little too much. And most people if they usually have a top, it would be top five.

B: I can’t think of any off the top of my head. ‘Cause as a movie buff, it’s really hard to pick. But top movies I like? Is Matrix 1. Constantine. 28 Weeks Later. Which one is the, is it Dawn of the Dead? The one in the mall?

S: Ah yes. Dawn of the Dead.

The new one or the original ‘70s one?

B: I like the original one but I’m more a fan of the new one because it reminded me of Dead Rising. It looked really good.

Also, Diary of the Dead as well.

I’m a big zombie [fan.]

M: So you have three zombie movies in there. Awesome.

B: I’ve watched nearly every zombie movie. Big fan of zombie movies.

M: Yeah, I love zombie movies as well.

S: Did you like the Australian…


S: ….Zombie film? Oh come on, it was great! They chained four shotguns together! Four shotguns!

B: That’s the only thing that was probably different.

S: It was a great film. It was so cheesy as well.

When she slices the zombie’s head in the hardware shop, there’s an Australian flag in the background.

B: Actually one of my all-time favourite zombie movies is actually Shaun of the Dead.

M: Yeah, I love that movie.

B: It mixed humour and zombies?

S: Ah see, I hated that film.

So bored.

B: Really?

S: I don’t know why.

Everyone loved that movie but I just…

B: Do you not like British humour?

S: No I love British humour. I don’t know why, that film just bored me to tears.

Hell I fell asleep halfway through it.

It’s just me. It’s just me on this one.

B: Yeah, it’s probably just you.

S: Did you ever watch the late night SBS zombie fest though? There was a couple of films where they had like the dancing zombies, zombies the musical…

B: Umm…

This was like really bizarre…shit.

That and also, I’m assuming you’ve seen Guitar Wolf?

B: No I haven’t seen it.

S: Oh dude. That’s one of the best Japanese horror zombie films ever. They fight off zombies with like guitars and shit.

M: Are you serious?

B: Was it high-production?

S: No! It was low-budget quality, come on man!

M: Bring it to Deakin.

S: Yeah, I’ll bring it to Deakin. I got it on DVD somewhere.

M: I watched Zombie Strippers. That was shitty.

S: Oh yeah, that was pretty bad.

M: Oh you watched it too?

S: I got it somewhere, yeah.

M: That means you must really like that TV show right?

B: The Walking Dead?

That was really good.

S: It’s actually a comic book series.

B: Is it? Was it first?

S: Yeah. Comic book series first. There was 9 volumes that you could get.

B: Nice. ‘Cause I watched it, it’s actually like watching a zombie movie. A long, long zombie movie.

M: With a lot more character development.

S: And the comics are actually a bit more brutal as well.

I won’t spoil it for anyone.

M: So wait a minute. So what about your top 5 worst movies?

B: Oh my god. Let’s see. There’s Katt Williams Internet Dating. I truly recommend it to anyone that hates…likes watching bad movies.

M: Katt Williams? That’s the character’s name?

B: Yeah. If you’ve seen him, he’s that standup comedian.

Watch that movie, and you will hate yourself forever.

And the second movie…I reckon…have you guys seen the Room?

M: Yes I have. I watched in the cinema.

B: How horrible was it?

M: I thought it had an interesting premise…

B:…You’re an idiot.

S: (Laughs) Done!

M: I thought it was interesting, the setup and everything and then halfway through it just fucking screwed everything…

B: How can you say…Oh my god I don’t even know how to reply.

Have you seen it?

S: No, thank god.

B: Watch the movie, and you will look at him…you won’t look at him the same anymore.

That movie had no plot.

It did not have a plot.

M: Kind of yeah.

B: This movie right, when he first released it…

M: Oh wait wait…

B: Wait one second. When he first released it had shit-ass ratings. It was like 3.2 or less. That’s when it was drama.

Then what his team did, is to change the movie to black comedy. Later on, six months later the movie got boosted to 6.5 because it was funny.

S: Oh I see. It’s so bad it’s good in other words.

There’s only a couple of films that are so bad that they’re good. That one doesn’t sound like it.

B: It’s not good. It’s not good at all.

M: I think Street Fighter the Animated movie…nono sorry Street Fighter counts as that.

S: Street Fighter the Animated movie is so bad, it’s good.

B: Yeah, it’s enjoyable. Same as Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat part 1. If you remember the last scene where he’s fighting Shang Tsung and he gets his ass kicked. And he finally kills Shang Tsung. And he goes Flawless Victory.

Even though he got his ass kicked. (Laughs.)

M: Yes that is awesome. And I wasn’t…I had it wrong. I was thinking of the Box.

B: Oh the Box…wasn’t that bad.

S: I haven’t seen that yet.

M: Yeah, that’s why I was thinking…I was screwed up.

S: That’s the one with Ryan Reynolds, buried six feet under? Not that one?

B: No, that’s the one with Cameron Diaz. The Box.

M: Wasn’t that interesting, and then it became crappy halfway through?

B: It’s the guy that played Cyclops as well.

M: Yeah, yeah, speaking of Cyclops.

S: Ahh, right right. Optic blast.

B: Yeah. The Room…you watched the Room?

M: I’ve also watched the Room. Yeah okay it sucks. I confused myself…

But three more movies to go!

B: There’s a whole heap of bad ones. Titanic 2. Have you watched that one?

M: There’s a Titanic 2??

B: It’s literally a 8 dollar budget.

M: Did Leonardo die again? ‘Cause I would watch that. (Laughs.)

S: Starship Troopers.

M: Starship Troopers 3, I think I watched it recently.

S: Nah, all Starship Troopers…

B: I like Starship Troopers 1. It was alright.

M: Yeah, but how come they didn’t have a love scene with Denise Richards.

Worst decision ever.

S: Yeah. Just a cock tease the entire film.

"...I wonder how much more of this movie they can take"

M: Yeah exactly man! I put in 2 hours into the movie and didn’t get rewarded? Goddamn it…

S: That’s why you have the internet. You always get instant reward on the internet!

M: That is true.

B: Any Crow movie besides part 1 sucked…

M: But you’re cheating man. You’re using sequels. Like Titanic 2 is obviously gonna suck, right?

B: That’s not cheating!

S: Yeah, considering the first one was what, 130 million to make? And made something like ridiculous [at the box office.]

M: And the Crow one is like a classic, so obviously the sequels will be like…shit. So you’re cheating man. You can’t use sequels now in your top 5.

B: The girl from Legally Blond. What’s her name?

M: Reese Witherspoon?

B: She has a new movie out. With Owen Wilson.

S: Yeah, yeah. It’s like a romantic comedy.

B: Oh my god. I watched it. Where’s the laughter? Where do you laugh here? It’s like you can’t…

S: You don’t. You cut yourself and you bleed. And you pray for a quick death.

B: That is actually a new [level] of horrible movie.

S: Why would you even watch that? It’s Reese Witherspoon and Owen Wilson. Are you a sucker for punishment?

B: I like Owen Wilson! But not in that movie. Even though he acts the same in every movie

S: Yes, he is basically a one-dimensional character. Same as Will Farrell, same as a bunch of other…

B: I like Will Ferrell, though.

S: I don’t mind Will Ferrell, it’s just you know what you’re in for. Dopey retard.

M: Do you like Steve Carell?

B: Yeah.

M: Do you like…okay Adam Sandler basically sucks now right?

B: Who?

M: Adam Sandler.

B: Not really. He’s got a new movie that looks alright. I haven’t seen it yet. But Jennifer Aniston sucks.

S: Yeah, yeah.

B: She’s so boring.

S: Actually that film outsold Justin Bieber’s film first week in the States?

M: What? There’s a Justin Bieber movie?

B: Yeah man.

M: Oh my god.

B: It’s inspirational. You should go see it!

S: In 3D!

M: Did you know that he won the NBA all-star…

S: Yes. He won the all-star MVP.

M: The world is a horrible place.

B: It is a horrible place.

Thanks Scottie…but it wasn’t enough…

-Insert sound of me throwing up on myself-

11- M: So you’re well-known around the world for your Street Fighter graphic work. I know you you’ve done work for the Cross Counter site. Choco Blanka’s site. Tokido’s site. Gamerbee’s site. T-Shirts for Inthul and PR Balrog… What other stuff have you done? That no one knows about?

B: I’ve done stuff for Gootecks. I’ve also done like…you guys picked up your copy of the special edition Ryu DVD?

I did the artwork for that and the chapter selects for that. So yeah, pick up your copy.

M: Mm mm I have. I paid for it man. So what other things have you done?

B: What else have I done. Basically if no one knows yet, I’ve done all the Shadowloo graphics. Basically I’ve done a lot for Iplaywinner.

M: A lot of banners for Iplaywinner right?

B: Yeah. There’s like heaps of top [players/sites I’ve helped]. I can’t really… I don’t even know what they are. Because it’s been a year of me doing stuff.

M: So since you’ve done the artwork for Gooteck’s Ryu DVD, will there be any more collaborations in the future?

B: With Gootecks? Pretty sure there will be.

M: With Gootecks and Mike Ross.

Will you be doing the cover art for Mike Ross’ autobiography?

B: If he has one.

M:…Can I write it? (Laughs.)

B: Ask him!

M: I’ll have a chapter called “Goth Girls”. Yeah!

S: He said: Goth Girls.

M: Yes.

                12- You and the TEC guys have put together a hell of a tournament last year in Shadowloo Showdown in your first try. So what’s Bosslogic’s 5 easy steps to setting up your own international tournament?

B: There’s no easy steps.

M: There’s no easy steps!

B: There’s no easy steps.

M: So there are only a thousand difficult steps!

B: Just don’t go through the same mistakes we did last year in doing it.

What was it, two weeks?

S: Naw, it was more than that. A month.

B: It was a month in advance. We had to plan this whole event in a month in advance. It was hell, money was lost.

M: There were no Red Bull girls.

B: There were no chicks. Australia doesn’t have chicks in that.

S: Oh there was one. Constantly beats Mutton. In the Ryu mirror. 2D.

M: Oh.

B: Oh yeah! Sorry 2D.

M: Yeah. The second best Ryu in Melbourne.

S: Who’s the best? Oh, her brother.

M: Her brother!

S: Vietcong?

M: Vietcong, yeah. Vietcong is the best Ryu in Melbourne.

B: Basically, once again sorry 2D. When I say there’s no chicks, I’m not talking about players. I’m talking about actual girls that come to the event and promote it.

M: Give some advice for setting up an tournament.

B: Okay. Plan what you’re gonna do. Have your contact ready. Do it at least six months in advance. Pick a proper venue.

M: What’s the first thing you gotta do?

B: First thing you gotta do is do it six months in advance. At least. Know who you’re gonna bring. Know…what’s in.

If you’re gonna bring international players down, know who’s popular.

To bring down.

Third, actually be friends with the people that you’re bringing down. Don’t harass them to bring them down.

S: Speaking about that, how did you actually go about establishing your international contacts? Especially with the Japanese players?

B: I’ve always been friends with Inaba. He runs Godsgarden. And I’ve been friends with Gama. Who runs NSB (Nagoya Street Battle).

And Sol is friends with most of the top players in Japan. So it’s easy to get into contact with them all.

And speaking with Inaba and Gama, they’re kind of management?

And they’ll manage them and talk to them. And their communication in English with me…is like awesome. It’s like better than my English in text form.

Yeah, basically talking to them, since the other guys; Tokido, Mago and Gamerbee had such a good time here, it actually gives a positive sense to everyone else in Japan.

That’s why so much are coming to Australia this year.

S: So did you message them on Xbox Live or you just…

B: No no. All through personal email.

The first time I actually called Inaba, this was last year.

‘Cause his English was so good in text form, I thought his English would be good in spoken form.

The thing is…it wasn’t.

It was the most…harsh. Cruel time I’ve had on the phone.

S: You’ll find that most non-English speaking people whose English isn’t their first language. Is that they’ll have really, really good solid grammar and written skills?

Because that’s what they learn in primary school and high school. But when it comes to their actual verbal communication?

That’s where they lack, because they don’t actually teach those things in high school. How to enunciate and pronounce words correctly? Rather, they just focus on grammar.

So the idea is basically if you ever need to go overseas and you need to communicate with someone?

You can write it down and they can understand it. You don’t actually have to speak with them at all.

So that’s most likely why.

B: Yeah, that’s probably it. Tokido was the exception. You could speak to him in English. It’s broken, but he’s getting better.

M: So what about the other guests? Is Choco’s English or Kindevu’s English any good?

B: I’m not sure. I haven’t spoken to them. But apparently people have spoken to them, and apparently like they can talk- they can communicate properly.

S: Didn’t you meet Choco Blanka?

M: Yeah I did. But I didn’t speak English with her. She had a translator, Tetra who’s a really good translator.

But how did you get those three guests down to Shadowloo the first time? Tokido, Mago and Gamerbee.

B: First person we got confirmed was Gamerbee. Gamerbee, ‘cos Sol was friends with him, got his yes from him.

He basically told him about the event, what was going on, and how many people were going, and how many people are going. And how he can help us out with it. And we’re trying to expand to the Asia-Pacific, in total. After we got the yes from him, we started talking to Mago and Tokido.

The thing is, Mago and Tokido, we only got a yes from Mago.

M: Ohh. So Mago was the first to confirm out of Mago and Tokido. That is interesting. Considering the fact that before Shadowloo Showdown he had only went out overseas for SF4 for the Canada Cup right?

B: Yeah. So we got him confirmed, and after we got him confirmed, Tokido was having problems coming. Because he had work commitments. That’s why you saw Tokido leave a day early. Yeah, so.

There was almost a chance of him not coming. But we got so excited for the event that he did actually make it. And thank god he did.

M: Yeah!

Tell me truth. Shadowloo is really TTC (The Traveling Circus) right?

B: Heheh. Arguably, no.

M: Arguably no. (Laughs.) Okay, no more needs to be said.

13- You recently created an initiative for aid towards the victims of the Japanese earthquake. So tell me a bit about that.

B: What, the artwork?

M: Yeah, yeah. That you did for…

B: I did it…just to pay [my] respects to them for what happened.

The tragedy that happened in Japan. All the families that have lost loved ones and houses. And the billions of dollars lost. I wanted to…because I got a fanbase, a huge fanbase on deviantart. So I made a piece that depicts what happened. And put a link to the Red Cross under it.

M: Ohh.

B: I also sent it to the Red Cross to use it as well.

M: So did the Red Cross reply?

B: Yes, they did, they did. They thanked me for my work. And they actually got funding from my deviant page.

M: Who was the first person that you messaged in Japan? To make sure they were safe. Was it Maria Ozawa?

B: I sent an email to Inaba.

M: Oh, because he knows everybody.

Do you see a resemblance? -cough-

12- S: Speaking of Japan, who are some of your favourite Street Fighter players?

B: In Japan?

S: Oh in general.

B: It would just have to be, just generally the top players. Mago. Tokido. Daigo, even though he’s all hyped and they all love him already, and already got the hugest fan base- Daigo’s up there too.

‘Cause of his whole logic in the game. How he sees the game, what he does when he loses…

All of them have the mentality of winners. That’s why I like them.

M: What about players that aren’t so famous. Like underrated players that you like a lot.

B: Well, Kuma’s on of my top ones. Because he plays Bison!

M: Heh, fair enough.

B: He’s like…if I wanted to meet someone, he would be it.

But he picked his secondary- Guile. Which is my most [hated character]!

S: The bane of your existence.

B: It’s like hey, we’re Bisons, we hate Guiles. But our secondary is Guile, so.

M: What the hell…

B: Because when someone counterpicks him with Guile, he knows Guile as well.

M: Oh so he doesn’t play Guile against the [other] Guiles, he just continues to play his Bison against Guile.

B: Its really really hard for a Japanese Bison to beat a Japanese Guile.

M: See I got it wrong. I thought you meant that when he sees Guile, he switches to Guile as well. So I was thinking’ why would you switch from Bison v. Guile to the most boring mirror match [ever]!

B: No no, he doesn’t play [Guile mirrormatches.]

M: Ah yeah okay. Fair enough.

                14- Rank the five best standing roundhouses in the game. You got Akuma, Chun Li, Bison, Adon, Sagat, Balrog…

B: Well, Bison’s first…

M: (Laughs.) So Bison has the best heavy kick.

CW Top 8 HeavyWeapons (Sa) vs Just-S (Di)

B: He does have the best heavy kick. It should be two hits, but yeah.

M: Heh, alright.

S: Just so that he gets that armour-breaking effect as well.

B: It should be a little faster as well.

M: So it should be like two frames. Right?

B: Yeah.

M: You can’t safe jump, and it should juggle as well.

B: And it should be cancellable as well.

M: Ahh. So you heavy kick, FADC Ultra.

And then you say, suck it Sagat.

B: Sagat has to be second. Has to be second.

Then I think Chun Li? I’ll say Chun Li.

I’m not sure of the other two. Who else has a good one?

M: Akuma…Adon…

B: Oh yeah, Akuma.

Most annoying roundhouse. Why does he get two?

S: Hmm.

M: Why does he get two? That’s what she sai-

B: That’s what…he gets two? That’s what she…that doesn’t make sense.

S: Naw.

B: And the last one. Who would be the last one.

S: Well Adon’s pretty good.

B: Oh yeah Adon. I hate Adon. I won’t even mention him because I hate him.

S: Why is that?

B: Basically, I just can’t see his grab. I still can’t see it. The grab animation.

S: Yes, his grab animation is quite fast and odd.

B: Because of Australia’s dice rolling…yes I said it. Dice rolling.

I know when an uppercut’s coming. Cancel uppercut. Cancel uppercut. Cancel uppercut. Cancel throw. I don’t even know.

S: Shoutouts to Carnage.

B: Yeah!

M: Tell us a bit more about that. You’ve complained quite a few times to me about this dice-rolling style in Melbourne. So is it the trademark style of Melbourne?

B: Yeah, yeah. Melbourne for the win.

That’s how it is.

We roll dice all day.

S: Yeah, we’re all a bunch of gamblers.

M: So is that why we hold tournaments in a frickin’ casino?

B: Yeah, basically!

M: It’s amazing how… that’s why when I see Carnage play these days…he’s like…

He used to use Balrog, but doesn’t Balrog not have an uppercut?

B: Yeah, basically.

M: So how did he use to play Balrog back in the day? How do you throw the dice with Balrog?

B: He doesn’t need it. He’s got machine gun jabs.

S: 2.5 frame jab.

M: (Laughs.) 2.5 frame jab! Exactly.

S: It’s lightning fast man.

15- M: So you hate playing against Adon. So what other characters do you hate playing against?

B: (Without hesitation) Cammy.

M: Why Cammy?

B: I really hate characters that can spam something…

M: Are you talking about your own character man!!!

S: (Laughs.)

B: Hey listen, Bison versus Bison is 7:3.

S: Indeed.

M: …Indeed.

So you’re like- my shit is all safe on block. I hate that anyone else has it too. Screw Adon…screw Cammy…Is that how it is?

B: Basically you know how… you have to adapt to him, but characters with heaps of pressure I hate.

But you have to adapt to them ‘cause then…

S: Cammy, Adon…

B: Cammy’s probably my most hated. Out of all them.

M: So not Guile. It’s Cammy, your most hated matchup.

B: Guile’s character based, because of my character. But close second to Cammy is Zangief.

Especially if it’s a random Zangief.

S: So when you say random, what aspect of random do you mean?

Do you mean that he’ll randomly attack, or randomly do a jab or?

B: No no, randomly, he’ll lariat basically. You can punish that now…well not now. You can just generally punish it.

But if you got a Zangief that knows how to play, and doesn’t miss his links, but still is random, it’s a very hard Zangief to beat.

M: You get hit twice you lose, basically.

S: He’s like a brick wall coming towards you.

B: And ‘cause I’m not a fireball character I don’t have projectiles…

M: You do man! Standing heavy kick.

B: It’s not a projectile man!

M: Yeah it is!

S: Sometimes it feels like a projectile.

M: It’s like; man. It’s faster than my fireball.

S: (Laughs.)

Actually it is faster than your fireball.

M: Yes. Yes it is.

Screw you man. Screw your standing roundhouse.

But uh…

                16- So you bought your own printer recently? So I’m assuming we can look forward to some truly sick shirt designs at this year’s Shadowloo Showdown?

B: Yes. The shirt printer comes in on the 20th of next month. So we’ll start dishing out some Shadowloo designs. They’re Bosslogic, you know. It’s Bosslogic’s line. But they’ll be Street Fighter related.

M: Can I get my name on it with like… (makes obscene gesture).


M: (Laughs).

S: Are we gonna be doing custom orders?

B: Like custom designs?

S: You know what I mean. If somebody wants something specific, would you…

B: Yeah, yeah I can do that.

S: At a low, low price?

B: At a low price.

M: But for real, can I get a custom shirt? Can I get a picture of Mike Ross with the guitar, or Tokido doing the Murder Face…


B: You can get whatever you want.

M: Oh awesome man.

B: But we’ll be releasing like general lines. Like every four months. Or every 3-4 months, something like that.

17- M: This is a really important question.

What do you have to say to the haters of your artwork?

B: Love you!

S: It’s fight fire with fire. Why not.

B: I don’t really see them as haters or anything. Like they can hate on my work all they want. It’s like…not like I’m gonna stop designing, stop trying to get better.

But I appreciate them looking at my work. And looking it with such detail that they hate it. It’s all good.

M: (Laughs.) I get what you’re saying.

But why don’t you talk a bit about…some of them say, oh photoshop’s not real art.

What is art?

B: Some people say manipulation’s not art. Some people say this is not art. They classify art as just drawing. In general, art is basically anything.

Anything you do that is art to you is art.

In some places, a whiteboard with a dot in the middle, just a dot, is art.

What that dot tells you, what that dot means to you, if it says something to you, if it says something to me, that’s what art is.

M: Art is basically to create meaning right?

B: It’s a visual message, that’s what art is.

M: Yeah. So it doesn’t matter if you do it with a crayon, with your paintbrush or with a mouse. It’s still art.

B: People cut off their hands and splatter their blood on the walls. That’s art to them. And by all means, do what you want. Whatever you feel art is, do it.

But to sit there and to say, this is not art. Drawing is art. Is…not only ignorant, it’s stupid.

S: So would you say that our podcast is art?

B: Yes it is.

M: That’s taking it too far. That’s taking it too far! (Laughs.)

B: No no, if you take it as an artform, it’s art.

If you collect computers, if you collect computers…

S: Let’s not go there. I just threw out seven. And I have eight or nine to go.

B: I’m just saying. Whatever you classify as art, is art.

S: Yeah.

B: Because art is not chained to what…it’s not chained to anything.

S: Exactly. It’s not chained to a dictionary definition.

B: Yes.

M: It’s not chained to any single method…Yeah. Art can be audio as well as visual right?

B: God’s sakes, cooking’s an art.

M: Yeah man. Nigella Lawson. Yo.

S: I’m wonder if there’s a Street Fighter player out there that knows how to cook.

M: There is. Air.

Air’s a chef, man.

S: Oh really?

M: He’s a Japanese chef.

S: Ooh. Awesome.

Maybe we can moneymatch him for food.

M: (Laughs.) If I beat you, you make me dinner.

S: A delicious meal.

M: That would be godlike.

Pyros already in training...Shadowloo Flickr

Maybe that’s what happened at Final Round. Mike Ross is like; I’ll moneymatch you for food. And he’s like…

B: What can you call it? A yummymatch?

S: A yummymatch! Yeah! (Laughs.)

M: That would be awesome. That means that no one will want to match me. (Because I can’t cook.)

Yummymatch FT10?

                18- So any advice for budding graphic artists?

B: Don’t let haters get to you.

Do what you do. If you love art you will keep excelling at it. If you’re only doing it just to get popular, if you’re only just to show off, you can make a picture and get shut down by what anyone says. Then you’re not doing it for the art.

M: So don’t do it for the fame, do it for wanting to get better.

B: Do it for the one person that would like your work. That’s it. Even if that person’s standing in the mirror.

S: Does that mean we will never end our podcast series?

M:…Oh my god…

S: Until your hands completely die from typing!

M:……Oh my god…

I need to get rich and I’ll just hire a typist.

S: You need a monkey. On a typewriter.

M: I need a monkey. How much is a monkey?

B: 300 dollars or something?

M: So cheap man?

S: Let’s not go there.

B: We’re talking about monkey trades now.

S: You need mojo. I’m gonna horribly cripple so you get a helper monkey.

M: I would like to have a monkey. So you know when I play Mago at Shadowloo Showdown…I’m like, monkey press the start button! Oh DQ. Yo Mago. (Laughs.)

B: Is that the odd part or the odd part is you bringing a monkey to Shadowloo Showdown?

M: What’s wrong with a monkey, man?

B: Nothing. It’s completely normal in Melbourne. We all have monkeys.

M: Yeah. Don’t you have one already? His name is Hamada. (Laughs.)

B: Insert picture here.

M: Yes, I need a picture of him.

                19- So Igor told me when he first saw, he said and I quote; “This can’t be an Australian site. It looks too good.”

So what do you have to say about that?

B: Thank you Igor!

That’s basically what Shadowloo had to do. Just like, we had to stand out…

M: From other sites.

B: In a way to actually boost ourselves. Because there was  already scenes and there were already websites. So basically I used my graphic skills to excel.

S: The other thing was initially because it wasn’t I just thought it was an American site.

‘Cause most domain names registrations with .com usually are in America.

B: Yes, that’s true. Because I couldn’t get the .au because you have an ABN in Australia to get an .au. And I couldn’t get it.

S: There are ways around it though. Let’s not go there.

B: I had to do a million things…

S: If you work for a certain…government organisation that has two class B subnets, yes.

But let’s not go there.

M: Hint hint. Igor’s phone number is…

B: It was wait a couple days and not do the registration or just do .com right now.

S: Well .com works alright actually. I think .com is actually a lot more universal and it’s a lot easier to get to as well.

                20- What do you think of the current scene in Melbourne?

B: It uppercuts a lot.

A whole lot.

I know what you’re talking about. I just wanted to put it out there that they uppercut a lot.

S: Oh, of course.

B: But in general, Melbourne has grown a lot.

Like, you’ve been here since the start. You saw…

S: Not really. I completely skipped on Vanilla.

B: Really? Oh yeah. ‘Cos there was no Dee Jay.

M: It just feels like forever, right?

B: Have you been here since the start?

S: He was, yeah.

M: I…

B: It was such a small-knit group. It wasn’t that much…when we used to go to Box Hill we used to be maybe sometimes 12 people?

Now we’re getting on average, 30-32 entrants and stuff. And our highest is like 60 something.

M: And we have them twice a week, two tournaments a week.

B: And all these new young guns coming out. Because of Shadowloo, because of Ozhadou. It’s grown a lot. And I’m happy for it.

M: Yeah and props has to be given to people like you guys, man. The work that you’ve put in the community…

B: Andy. You know, EXC355UM. You guys for the podcast. Ozhadou.

M: Guys like Chris who set up CCH. Guys like…

B: Chris. If I’m forgetting anyone, please tell me because I don’t want to get shot.

M: Galactic Circus Chris.

S: Yeah, Galactic Circus Chris.

B: Galactic Circus Chris. Toxy. For starting Box Hill.

M: The bubble tea shop next to Box Hill arcade.

B: Yes.

S: Haha, yeah.

M: Even though Gamerbee thinks our bubble tea is mediocre.

S: Come on man. You can’t really compete with Taiwan.

B: Yeah, man.

M: That is true, yeah.

I mean we need to feed him something to make up for that.

B: Like what do we got. Besides meat pie, man.

S: How about sausage rolls.


S: Yeah, undefined processed meat.

That’s basically what a sausage roll is!

B: What does Australia have?

M: Don’t we got beef?

S: Yeah, we got really good beef.

M: Yeah let’s feed him a steak man.

So if anyone wants to contact you about getting you to work for them, doing some art for them. How should they contact you.

B: Link here.

You would show them the link, right?

M: No but tell them verbally how to contact you.

B: You can contact me from my website which has my email on it. Which is My email’s there. Also Muttons here will put up my link. (M’s note: Links are at the top of the article.)

M: I definitely will.

                21- S: One last question that I really want to ask is; how did Shadowloo all start?

And around what year as well?

B: It was last year. It’s only been a year. It’s only a year old. It was its birthday like a month and half ago.

M: Is it only a year old? Man it feels like 3 years already.

S: Feels about two, three years.

B: Naw it’s only a year.

The way it started was that- we had a lack of Australian news.  Like Ozhadou was doing great for the community. Showing events and what’s coming up and stuff.

But there was never- like never advertised too much…results. Like as in, here’s the results and…we didn’t want to always put our images there. It kept looking like we spammed the site.

That’s what it looked like.

So we basically go, hey let’s make a website.

That would show the news of all Australian stuff like centered around Australia. Or we could also put the news of international stuff. From there it blew up really.

I was talking to Pyro when we first started, it’s like; we should start a website. Just for Melbourne. Melbourne has nothing.

Ozhadou’s basically Sydney stuff. But we’re all there visiting and stuff.

That’s what ultimately sparked it. ‘Cause Melbourne didn’t really have anything?

So we made it happen.

The thing is though, at the start they thought like…certain people thought we were challenging Ozhadou?

So we decided not to have a forum. We stopped our forum.

So basically our forum now links to Gamerhold. So if you want to go to Gamerhold and post up some stuff. Check out some other stuff. Even Couchwarriors is now at Gamerhold.

So we ultimately never had a forum.

Just to show that we are news-related…

S: News oriented website.

B: Everyone was happy after that point. From then on it just grew.

S: You guys have certainly achieved a lot in a year.

B: Yeah. Thanks to the community.

And everyone loves the site, they’re happy with it.

M: Yeah. And it’s really cool that…most of the teams that you have out there. They’re basically good friends, friends who make up teams. And they can fight, and just split and the whole site just goes down.

But you guys are brothers man. Even if you fight all day, you gotta stay together!

S: (Laughs).

B: Heheh. The team is me, Sol, Ali.

M: And the brother from another mother, Pyro,

B: Brother from another…Pyro.

I should have said Pyro first, he’s gonna get salty now.

PYRO, Sol, Ali.

S: And yourself.

M: Yeah! You’re brothers man. The only thing that can break you…is a woman.

B: We don’t have…am I allowed to say it?

S: (Laughs.)

B: Everyone knows what I’m about to say. About Muttons.


M: Oh no. Do not say it!

B: I’m not gonna say it! But everyone knows what I’m saying.

M: Yeah that is true. Everyone knows…

How much of a wussy I am.

                22- Any last thoughts, shoutouts?

B: Man I gotta shout out like everyone.

M: Mmm. Go ahead.

B: I forgot to shout out one person on the  DMG interview. And it’s like people were like; oh my god. You missed me.

S: Hey you missed us as well!

B: Oh my god! See, see what I (indecipherable)

I didn’t actually miss you guys. I said it. I said; if I missed anyone I apologise.

S: Ahhh….

B: You guys are those guys!

M: Cover your ass with your disclaimer.

B: I can thank you guys now. Thank you first.


Thank you…Igor.

Thank you….Muttons.

M: Thank you.

B: For this interview that I’m probably gonna get blasted for. Like, in an hour after it goes up.

M: It’s alright. See you deter the haters by the sheer length of it… They’re like; this is too long. I can’t read the whole damn thing. And they can’t be bothered to scroll down to comment on the bottom.

S: Yeah.

M: See, that’s how we scare away the haters man. By length of text.

B: I’d like to thank, firstly you guys. Secondly, all the Shadowloo guys. EXC. Sol. Pyro. Without them, we…there would be no Shadowloo.

Thank…Ozhadou. For starting basically the fight scene.

Without them there would have been no foundation.

Couch Warriors!

Without them there wouldn’t have been a fight scene in Melbourne. If it wasn’t for them

M: Mmm. Couchwarriors yeah. We owe them.

B: Loki, Zan. Bata. And all the crew. Thank you.

And SAT as well.

Thank you for keeping the Melbourne scene alive.


Thank you Andy for everything. You know, Box Hill tournaments were run by you the majority of times. And you did it well. And we miss you on the scene. You haven’t been there for a while.

Toxy. You’re like the most ultimate player. That I’ve ever seen. Keep ripping me in tournaments.

Major shoutouts and props. Without you, there’ll actually not be a competitive scene…As I know, he started Box Hill. Keep doing what you do man. And start playing Street Fighter IV.

You’re spending too much time in Marvel.

Also, like to shoutout all the big players. Naruga. Carnage. Heavy Weapons. Somniac. Wei. Akira.

And everyone else. That I’m missing. I can’t name them all. ‘Cause.

Nickerz. Cactus. My very good friend Exis.

CW Rnd 6 || Exis (Bl) v TEC Justice (Bi)

Oh yeah shoutouts to New Zealand! What’s up guys.

Singaporefighter, Inaba, Gama, Godsgarden, NSB.

Tokido, Mago, Gamerbee. Everyone in Japan and everyone in Japan that’s coming over to Australia.

And shoutouts to everyone that’s coming to support Shadowloo Showdown. We will need all the help we can get.

We’ll guarantee…Muttons guarantees that you’re gonna have a good time. That’s a Muttons guarantee.

M: I’m working now man. I have to take…

B: A Muttons guarantee is worth five Bosslogic guarantees.

S: And two in the bush.

B: Shoutouts to SRK, Eventhubs and Iplaywinner for always featuring our stuff. And helping us grow for this last year.

Personal thanks to Kineda for helping me out with a lot of things. Shoutouts to TTC for everything…they know what they’ve done. They’ve helped me out a lot. They also helping us…they’re sending their players down for Shadowloo Showdown.

John Nelson at Team Tournament Legacy. Give him a shoutout. I’m also working with him on a few things at the moment.

M: Gootecks…Mike Ross.

B: Oh yeah, Gootecks of course Gootecks…

M: The Korean guys.

B: Gootecks, it’s been fun helping you out. And looking forward to future projects. Mike Ross, I haven’t talked to you…

M: You haven’t talked to him?

B: No he doesn’t talk. I have only been speaking with Gootecks.

M: Really?

S: I think Gootecks is predominantly the one that runs the website.

M: So when you ask to speak to [Mike Ross], Gootecks just takes his voice modifier and goes, “This is Mike Ross…”

He doesn’t exist! He’s just…

B: There is no such thing as Mike Ross.

S: Yeah. He’s just a figment of our imagination.

B: He’s like green screened into our…screens.

M: He’s the real Avatar.

B: Haha. Yeah, shoutouts to Mike Ross and Gootecks.

Also, Broken Tier. Shoutouts to Paul. For our future projects and…congratulations on your line as well. It’s blowing up.

Also, Focus Attack. Good to see your product line is excelling. And looking forward to see what else you bring out.


The fuck you looking at...Shadowloo Flickr

How can I forget Bugsimus. Australia’s own Team Snooky. I’m gonna call him Snooky.

That’s it. Snookums.

M: Yeah. We should call him Snookums from now on.

B: Yeah we’ll call him Snookums.

And that’s it…?

S: Gonna wrap it up?

B: Wait a second. If I forget anyone. Anyone! Please…follow me on my Twitter.

M: (Laughs.)

B: And I will thank you there! Yeah it’s Bosslogic on Twitter.

S: Thank you very much

M: Thank you very much Dave.

B: Thank you.

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