rekka beats paper from sonichurricane

I’m Muttonhead, a Street Fighter 4 player from Melbourne, Australia.

I am a scrub.

My PSN/Xbox Live tag is: muttonhead01

I main Ryu and Hakan. I also play Marvel 3, and I play Doom, Spencer, Ammy.

This blog is my attempt to detail the long journey from being an SF4 scrub, to hopefully one day being able to hold my own in tournaments. Along the way, I’ll chronicle the incredible Melbourne fighting game scene, and I hope my bumbles and miscues will amuse some of you!

I also work for Couchwarriors, Shadowloo and Ozhadou and have a whole bunch of other community responsibilities for the Melbourne FG scene that I shall not go into detail here!

You can pm me on Ozhadou and Shoryuken.com, my tag on both sites is Mutton. (If you know me in real life, you can also call me Buttons.)

I’m…a scrub?

Or you can email me at beingascrub@gmail.com or follow me on twitter @muttonhead01.

Note: I’ve received some questions about the terminology I use.

Jab – Light Punch

Strong- Medium Punch

Fierce- Hard Punch

Short -Light Kick

Forward- Medium Kick

Roundhouse -Hard Kick

Me and my good buddy Igor/Spidercarnage also run the Don’t be a Scrub Podcast as Spider Muttons Productions © 2010, a Melbourne-centric podcast where we interview community leaders, as well as local and international top players.

4 Responses to About

  1. STORMS says:

    I am one of the admins as well as the owner of http://www.TestYourMight.com and I wanted to express our interest of being a part of your Network. We’re a relatively new MK site, but the people behind the scenes are not. We attend the tournaments and do whatever is in our power to help get other to the tournament. Here is a tournament feedback thread to show how dedicated we truly are to competitive MK.

    That is just from one tournament, as we also have members attending WCW, Winter Brawl, ECT3, etc. I am aware, by the looks of it, that you guys do not just add just anyone to your network, it has to be earned and I greatly respect that. Us writing this to you is simply us expressing our interest and that we will be continuing to earn the tournament and competitive respect from the community not only by what we do, but our dedication to the cause.

    It would also be an honor to be the first MK-dedicated site on your network.

    Some of our other affiliates are SDTEKKEN.com/MarkMan23 as well as LevelUp-Series.com/Alex Valle

    Thank you for your time,
    ~ STORMS/Scott


    • muttonhead says:

      Hey Storms, it’s cool what you guys are doing for the MK scene. In regards to the SRK Network, I’m not in charge of that, the guys over at SRK are. Guys like Keits, Kineda etc. I got on the Network by applying when they held their Round 1 applications for the Network. You’re probably best off talking to them directly, as I don’t know when Round 2 of Network applications will start. Hope that helps!

  2. Anonymous says:

    you guys gonna be @ EVO 2k12??!!

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