Shadowloo Showdown 2012 highlights video: We Are Shadowloo…

I remember noticing the camera crew of Nathan Swan constantly filming and recording stuff throughout the entire weekend. At the time I thought it was just another gaming web site group coming to do an feature on the event. But normally those guys don’t stick around for the entirety of the three days, so finally my curiosity overcame me and I went over to those guys to ask them who they were.

So they told me a little bit about themselves, and they explained to me that they had come down as a favour to the Ali brothers to do full HD recordings of the entire event. Every hype moment, every tiny pop-off.

I was really impressed and excited- I know Dave aka Bosslogic has always wanted full HD footage so that he can make even better and hype trailers and videos for Shadowloo Showdown. In the past he would have to rely on stream footage of the crowd reaction, popoffs etc. But now he would have tons and tons of HD footage to work with! So that was sick.

They told me that the footage was gonna be used for an extended piece after Shadowloo Showdown, and I assumed it would be a recap video of sorts. Awesome, I thought to myself. I can’t wait!

Quite a few months have passed after SS2012, but the result of Nathan Swan’s camera crew and Dave aka Bosslogic’s labours have finally come to fruition:

Good shit guys. Is there an extended cut, or a longer video incoming?

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