Was hella fun! Shoutouts to all my Melbourne buddies who invaded Sydney with me,

(More words to come after I get some time to sit down and reminisce.)

Edit: Kevin (Burnout) made some awesome variations of the photo below. (Lol I’m She-Hulk. Amazing.)

Check out more photos over at Sol’s Flickr account.

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3 Responses to OHNX-factor

  1. Somniac says:

    Where’s the write up!

    • muttonhead says:

      Busy transcribing shit!

      Well to be honest I send to be falling into this pattern for the last few majors I’ve been to:

      1: Go to major fully intending to do recap after.
      2: At major, enjoy myself immensely, record podcast.
      3: Spend weeks and weeks after working on said podcast.
      4: A month or two later in my brain when writing recap; hm what the fuck happened at the major again?

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