Should I…moneymatch Daigo?

As many Australian SF players are aware of, Daigo Umehara is coming down to Sydney for the Evo APAC qualifiers to try to win a ticket to Evolution. Link:

As I main Ryu, it would a dream fulfilled to get to play the premier Ryu in the world once in my lifetime.

My dilemma is however, as I did not even attend the Melbourne EVO APAC qualifiers, my only chance to play Daigo would be to join the masses of people moneymatching him at Sydney.

Obviously I would get to spectate an awesome tournament, play casuals, and see the Sydney FG scene, but is it really worth it to buy a plane ticket just to MM Daigo?

Edit: After the best bison in Melb, Somniac, told me that a return flight to Sydney is around 60 bucks, I think this is an opportunity I can’t pass up. I can tell my grandkids I got triple perfected by arguably the best Street Fighter player in the world!

after Daigo plays Guile at an capcom event vs Justin Wong. Lol.

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