Hakan ddt setups

It's time...to oil up

I’ve picked up Hakan as my new main in SSF4. Unfortunately he doesn’t seem that good. Unreliable anti-airs without Ultras, a lack of a hit-confirmable knockdown combo like Gief does, he has no crossup and no good GTFO me move. Without oil, his command grab has less range than a normal throw!

He is regardless still awesome. Lathering oil all over your man chest and squeezing opponents out of your grip like a soap bar just feels like what I was meant to do.

So imagine how happy I was when UltraDavid posted this new technology:

The science of this is that in SSF4, when you wake up in two positions; face up feet toward, and face down feet away, there is 1 frame of standing.

Cammy players already know this, and exploit this to land meaty hooligan throws.

And since Hakan’s 360k grab whiffs on crouching, but grabs standing, jumping and backdashing opponents, with this technical knowledge you can set up uncrouchable DDT setups!

There is a multitude of setups being posted on the SRK Hakan threads, but the five that I use most often are:

-FP 360, whiff a forward mk, immediately rh 360k

-Oiled forward rh, whiff a forward mk, immediately rh 360k

-crh, dash towards, rh 360k

-slide+ followup, whiff standing fp, rh 360k, edit: slide+followup, whiff forward mp, rh 360k might work a bit better

-ex 360 spd, forward rh, lk 360k

Note: these can all be avoided by any invincible reversal, in which case you can do the setup but not 360k, and bait.

This combined with the Hakan Dash Normal Cancels that has discovered, makes me think there might be some tier potential for the character after all.

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