Playstation 4 Save Video Function is awesome + Drills, drills, drills

Had Kris Staltare over at my place last night and we played some sets. It’s so easy to just hit the “share” button on the stick and save the video straight to the PS4 without having to connect a device like an Avermedia LGP to the console!

I should save every set I ever play on my Playstation so that I can easily review my progress anytime I want. Should have done this from day 1!

I have so much I need to improve on.

I actually find, now that I’m spending significant time on SFV, that this game is hard.

Not hard in the way SFIV was mechanically – in fact I find combo execution is taking up much less time in my training mode routine. I mean more of the specific drills I’m finding myself running in SFV – drills that I’m finding absolutely essential.

Drills like:

  1. Setting the dummy to do random recovery with a wakeup 3f jab and practice meatying all the different timings. (This includes meaty situations off combos and V-reversals.) I really struggle with this, especially with the difference between backrise/quickrise – my conversion into successful hit or recognition between the two is probably below 30% success rate.
  2. Hit confirming into super from anything. I firmly believe getting a 100% success rate on your hit confirms into super with Ryu is key to any success with the character. Setting the dummy to random block and doing cmk/cmp hado into super, stand MP link into super, cmk into super (harder) but sometimes because of the range is still necessary, stand mk/stand lk V trigger hit confirms into super, stand jab crouch jab DP into super…I try to practice this every time I hit training mode. So far I’m seeing significant progress in my normal into hado into super but raw cmk into super remains a work in progress.
  3. Dash up cLK cLP DP into super. This is essential to maintain a low threat from a dash or meaty. I recognised a fimble thing I was doing against Kris on his wake up. Dash up cMK hado. This is really bad because from that close the fireball is punishable. Not to mention you get zero oki after the fireball is blocked. You can tell I’m greedy to land super when I do that – but I should be doing cLK cLP instead for a proper low hit confirm/oki. The next step is to add stand/crouch hit confirms on top of that to do LK tatsu on stand hit for better oki ala Tokido.
  4. Practicing defense against meaty throw/normals with jump OS or delayed tech. This has helped a lot.
  5. Standing/crouching hit confirms. This is a particular deficiency of mine. Because SFIV Ryu rarely needed to confirm high/low. BnBs like cLK cLP cHP Tatsu force stand or cMP cMP cHK ignored crouching status. But in this game it matters a shit ton for Ryu. Confirming that standing hit and doing a tatsu instead of a fireball or EX fireball not only gets you way better damage and corner carry, it also saves you meter. Which is essential for that Super kill in the final round. I am experimenting with drills, but for now I make the dummy dash twice and jump up – landing into a crouch or a stand. I hit them when they land with stand MP stand MP/cMP stand LK/cLK cLP and try to hit confirm into Tatsu on stand and EX Tatsu/fireball on crouch. This leads me to my next drill…
  6. Always input OS parry in every combo/blockstring I do. Even with the above stand/crouch hit confirm drill I do, I try to input OS parry on everything. It adds a bit more mechanical difficulty which further impairs my hit confirming but I figure it’s worth to thoroughly ensconce it into my muscle memory.
  7. Can you think of any other drills I can add?

So when I say SFV is hard, I mean it’s harder than SFIV in different ways. Or perhaps just different – requiring the specific drills from above until I get used to the difference. Things like the layered wakeup timings or the specific hit confirms in this game.

Take cLK cLP DP for example. In SFIV you could link the DP after the cLP which made it significantly easier! In SFV you have to cancel the DP straight from the second light normal – which makes it much harder for me. It will come with practice though.

And I love practice.



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4 Responses to Playstation 4 Save Video Function is awesome + Drills, drills, drills

  1. Waterfall says:

    Get it on PC and mod your SFV Ryu!

  2. Waterfalling says:

    Play SF4 on PS4 4-ever. Haha.

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