Don’t be a Scrub Podcast Episode 14: Humanbomb

Hi everyone! Spider Muttons Productions © 2010 are back with our final pre-SS show.

We have a very special guest for this episode, and he’s someone we’ve wanted to interview for a very long time.

He’s been the best player in Sydney for a very long time, holding it down with his Vanilla Ryu and now, AE Yang. His clashes with Toxy over the years have been epic every single time, and we’re very lucky to have these two players, the Valle vs. Choi of Australia.

Of course, we’re talking about none other than Sydney’s Humanbomb! (AKA Johnny Cheng.)

We conducted this interview over Skype at Igor’s house in Geelong. We thought it went swimmingly, however Skype decided to %&* us up the arse, and a large part of the recording’s audio was FUBAR. That’s also why we had to delay releasing this episode. We’re going to release a partial audio file of the remaining usable audio, and we hope that this transcript will help make up for the audio.

I personally was pretty bummed about it all, and I know Igor put a ton of effort into the audio editing. Ah well.

We also recorded an intro that survived without any incident. And I hope you guys enjoy the interview!

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Don’t be a Scrub Podcast Episode 14: Humanbomb

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Don’t be a Scrub Podcast Episode 14: Humanbomb

Spidercarnage: Today, we are in, well, actually my bedroom.

Mutton: The fourth studio.

S: Yeah, the fourth studio.

My bedroom.

And we have a very special guest with us today.

A man we actually wanted to interview since the last Shadowloo Showdown. But with all the moving and everything else we just haven’t gotten around to it.

And it’s Mr. Humanbomb.


Humanbomb: Hi.

M: How you doing, Johnny.

H: Good.

S: So do you actually prefer Humanbomb, or do you prefer Johnny.

H: Uh doesn’t matter. Up to you.

M: So what do your friends call you.

H: Johnny.

S: The destroyer.

M: The destroyer, heh.

H: Heh, just Johnny.

M: I thought the people in Sydney call you sifu or something?

H: No, not really! I don’t teach people to play.

M: Ah, okay, okay. Fair enough.

1-      S: So when did you start playing fighting games?

H: Probably since Street Fighter  1?

S & M: Wow, since Street Fighter 1?

S: Ooh wow. So about 1987?

H: I dunno, because I just followed my brother  to [the] arcade in Hong Kong.

And I just take rounds from him.

Because in Hong Kong, you need to give second round. So you need to lose..

S: Oh, so you give mercy rounds.


See Australia used to be like that as well.

But in the early days, in the 90s. Basically if you destroy the opponent in the first round, you will always give them a mercy round and try to teach them something. And then basically in the third round you  just both play it out.

H: Yeah.

That’s when I started to play.

M: How old were you back then.

H: Probably eight or nine?

M: Eight or nine years old?

So you’re like 29 now right?

H: Yeah, 29.

M: So you’ve been playing for twenty years or more.

H: Yeah.

M: Holy shit.

H: Heheh.

M: So when was the first time that you could beat your brother.

H: Uhh. I think it was on PC engine. The first Street Fighter  1. Yeah, we just played around. Just doing fireball. Shoryuken.

S: Actually it’s surprising. Not too many people actually know what a PC engine is.

M: Yeah.

S: It’s a really old console.

H: Yep.

M: So when did you actually start to be able to play properly, doing combos, zone, that sorta thing.

Was it in Street Fighter II? Or in Street Fighter 1, you  were like already godlike.

H: I didn’t play much Street Fighter II. Maybe the Neo Geo games, like Fatal Fury?

Yeah that’s probably where I really started to do combos and stuff.

And after that it’s King of Fighters?

S: Yeah because you used to play King of Fighters. So can you tell us about your King of Fighters history?

H: I started around the first one, KOF ’94?

Then I used to, after school, I just go to Guide Zero(unsure) And play. Yeah.

S: So who was your team in KOF ’94.

H: Oh. I can used like every team already. Probably my main one is the Japan team.

S: So Benimaru, Kyo and…

H: Daimon.

S: Oh he’s cheap.

Daimon in ’98 is fucking cheap.

I’m sorry, he is.

H: Yeah, he’s always good.

M: What’s your favourite fighting game of all time.

H: I like Darkstalkers as well.

But I’m not good at that game.
I really play some…basic stuff only.

M: So when did you start playing in tournaments and that sort of thing. In Hong Kong was it? Or when you came to Australia.

H: I think my first tournament was in Chinatown?

M: Oh. In Sydney?

H: Yeah.

I think it was KOF ’94 or ’95. On Neo Geo console.

M: So how did you do, did you do well?

H: Yeah.

I win.

M: (Laughs.) Nice.

H: The prize is the machine, I think. The CD version of the…

S: AES, right.

H: Yeah.

M: Oh okay, interesting.

So your first tournament you won.

H: Yeah.

S: Goddamnit, why is it all the great players you know, whenever they go to their first tournament, like Justin Wong, he finishes either third or second?

My first tournament I came dead last.

It’s not fair. I suck.

2-      M: So where does the name Humanbomb come from?

H: Oh. I used to know a Japanese friend. He  used to study here. And we’re just really good friend. And one day he said Humanbomb in Japanese. And I think it sounds really cool. So from that point, I used the name Humanbomb.

S: Oh cool.

M: So in your first tournament you entered under Humanbomb already?

H: No no, no. Just Johnny.

Cos, they didn’t ask [for] any nicknames and stuff.

M: Oh I see.

3-      M: So why don’t you tell us a little bit about where you grew up, and when did you move to Australia, that sort of thing. Like, you’re from Hong Kong right?

H: Yeah, Hong Kong.

M: Born in Hong Kong?

H: Yeah, born in Hong Kong.

I came to Australia, around 13, 14 years old. I think 93, 94.

S: Right. I beat you to the punch, I moved to Australia in 92.

M: Do you go back to Hong Kong frequently? To see your family?

H: Not that much? But I’m planning to go back. Probably this year.

M: So when you go back do you like go back to the arcades and see what the scene is like and things like that?

H: Yeah. But not as much as in Australia though.

4-      M: So what do you think of the scene in Hong Kong? Is it really good, and how many players do they have? That sort of thing.

H: For Street Fighter? Or?

M: Yeah, all games.

H: The most popular one is still KOF.

S: Oh, really.

H: Yeah they love that game. I think one year ago, the top Hong Kong KOF player won a tournament in Taiwan, I think.

He beat some really good players.

S: Because I thought that Hong Kong would have a Tekken scene as well.

Because Tekken seems to be really popular…

M: In South-east Asia.

S: Yeah, definitely.

M: Yeah so what’s the Tekken and Street Fighter scene like over in Hong Kong?

H: Street Fighter, maybe a hundred players?

M: Wow, that’s really good.

H: Top one…their mid-level is really good. And the top ones, maybe five or six. Around my level.

M: Around your level. So there’s like five or six Humanbombs in Hong Kong.

S: Heheheh.

M: Holy shit.

H: Heh.

I’m not sure about Tekken. Not too sure.

5-      S: How long have you been the best player in Sydney? And who was your predecessor?

M: Who was Humanbomb before Humanbomb?

H:…I didn’t know anyone!

M: When you realize that you were the best.

S: When he won the tournament.

H: In the KOF era.

M: So back in ’94 was it?

S: ’95.

H: ’94.

M: Wow, now it’s frickin’ 2011. Right?

H: Yeah.

M: So you’ve been the best for a very, very long time. Wow.

Bomb getting some love from Sydney- EVO Apac

6-      S: So why did you pick up Ryu in SSFIV?

H: I always use Ryu. Since SF II, Alpha II, EX.

I can use Ryu in all the series. Yeah so.

S: So anything in particular about him? Do you like his style or?

H: Just really easy. To do fireball, dragon punch. People just want to jump! I don’t know why.

M: Heheheh. In Australia, you know.

H: People just jump in, and- shoryuken! I win.


M: I see, I see.

7-      So what do you think of Ryu’s changes in AE?

H: I didn’t use him much in AE. He got nerfed; the air tatsu, the air cyclone kick.

Yeah. He can’t run away anymore. And the low medium kick.

Not as good, I think.

S: Yeah, definitely. Those were two of his nerfs. Actually I think Valle at the last tournament, UFGT7, he just said that Ryu’s low medium kick nerf?

Has basically made Ryu useless in AE.

Which was- I thought it was interesting of him saying that.

M: Do you think that the nerf is an unwarranted nerf for Ryu?

H: Mmm. I still think Ryu can win. I think good Ryu can still win. Yeah.

M: But you need godlike footsies, which is harder now right.

H: You have to be good at your basic stuff.


8-      S: So then you switched to Yang.

M: Was it because of the nerf to Ryu?

H: At the first two weeks I was using Yun?

…He’s really good.

M&S: Yeah. Heheh.

H: But after I try Yang. Yang is just…a lot more stuff to do.

S: I see. Do you think it’s more mixups, or do you think in general you just find him more fun?

H: Mixups. A lot of mixups. Front or back. And the super’s fun. Super is a bit OP. I think. Yang’s super.

S: Oh, okay. Do you think his super is better than Yun?

M: Compared to Genei Jin?

S: Yeah.

H: Yeah, the super, yeah. But the character, Yun’s still better.

M: But I mean what is it about Yang that you like more than Yun? Compared to Yun can you explain why you think of his mixups are better?

H: Maybe Yang is more like KOF characters!

S: Ahh.

M: Ahh.

H: Because of the Rekka, because of the slash.

You can slash once, wait. Or slash again. Or after slash you can do FADC, go in do low light kick or command throw. Yeah.

M: Yeah so I guess you like the horizontal ground pressure, kind of like Ryu I guess.

H: I just like to keep attacking?

M: So did you play any Third Strike at all? Why are you attracted to Yang and Yun, I suppose.

H: I played Third Strike for probably, first six months.

And I used Yun.

S: Ah. So there is a connection.

H: Yeah.

M: Yeah so the precedent is there. You played Yun in Third Strike. Very interesting.

9-      Who’s your favourite player? In fighting games?

H: Daigo! Heheh.

M: Heh. Yeah I mean, a lot of people know that your favourite player is Daigo. But why don’t you tell us why he is your favourite player?

H: Oh I know about Daigo before he got famous. Because before he got famous in US, my brother used to buy Japanese arcade magazines.

S & M: Ahhh.

M: Arcadia right?

H: No no no.

S: There are a couple.

H: Ah, Gamest. That’s the pre-Arcadia [magazine]. It was called Gamest, yeah.

And I saw Daigo winning Zero 3 tournaments.

M: Alpha 3.

S: Those were the days that Daigo dominated. And those were the days that most tournaments they were giving away Playstations? And he basically started selling Playstations because he kept on winning tournaments?

M: Yeah heheh. But yeah, continue your story.

H: Yeah, I think the main reason was because of Darkstalkers as well.

You heard, he got two hundred eighty something wins at the arcade. From  morning till night. And at the end he said, uh, one of the buttons doesn’t work.

M: Yeah! Heh.

H: That’s the famous Daigo story.

And after that he went to the US and kept on winning.

And everyone knows him.

M: So on side note, what’s your personal record for a win streak in the arcade?

H: Um, eighty something. I think.

M: Eighty something. Whoa. So I mean, you’ve actually met Daigo before EVO APAC when you went to Japan.

H: Ah yes.

M: So what was it like to meet your idol in person.

H: Yeah. I was excited!!

M: So what was the first thing you said to him.

H: I just said hi. We’re from Australia…yeah. I got to take a photo with him!

M: Heheheh. Nice.

Yeah I mean, was it partially because of Daigo that you started playing Ryu?

H: For SFIV, yeah. But before, I dunno which character to use.

M: So why didn’t you follow him to play Yun in AE? He’s playing Yun now.

H: Just don’t like Yun. Yun is just…simple but really strong.

M: I see.

S: Okay. That’s interesting.

H: But Yang is as good, but not as good…Still top character, for Yang.

10-   S: So speaking of that, what do you think are Yang’s bad matchups? Or does he have any?

H: Zangief!

I read Nemo, do you know Nemo? Famous Chun Li in Japan. He switched to Yang. I was reading his blog; and he said [it was] 2-8 matchup.

M: Heheh.

S: Wow.

M: So when you play Gief, are you gonna switch back to Ryu or just gonna tough it out with Yang?

H: Maybe Yun. I can still use Yun.

M: Oh. So Yun does better against Gief?

H: Yeah. Maybe 5-5.

S: Oh, okay.

So what really makes the Gief matchup so hard?

H: Nothing is safe.

S: Oh really.

M: Or is it because his new LP SPD.

H: Yeah, yeah.

M: So he has a 2 frame reversal, basically.

H: Yeah, every slash is unsafe. So my game can only press stand heavy kick or palm. Or jump heavy punch.

M: I see, I see. That would make it a horrible match. Fair enough.

M: But just to go back, are there any other bad matchups for Yang that you wanna talk about?

H: Umm…

M: Gief.

H: Just Gief.

It’s the hardest.

S: Really? Hawk wouldn’t be in the same area?

H: Never tried T Hawk. No one plays T Hawk in Sydney.

S: Heheh. Oh okay. It’s just Gief.

M: Oh! Speaking of Gief, so how do you do against George in Sydney?

What is it about commentators and Gief?

H: Umm…maybe he beats me one in three of four?

S: Oh okay. That’s not bad.

M: So what about his style makes you so salty.

H: Oh…I dunno. He’s just random! (Laughs.)

M & S: (Laughs)

H: Once you think he won’t do that risky move, he will do it.

M: Ahh.

So he’s like the stubborn kid, you can’t teach him.

H: I can’t read him. (Laughs.)

M: Heh but don’t you think in order to be a good Gief, you have to have a bit of a random factor?

H: Yeah, yeah.

S: Yeah of course, you have to be a bit unpredictable, if not they can just zone you out at all times.

M: Well, what about shotos. Which shoto do you think does the best against the twins?

H: Hmm. Maybe Akuma. I think it’s 5-5.

Just because of teleport.

S: But can’t you option select the teleport?

H: Uhh…need to wait for console to test.

M: Ahh I see. A lot of these things will have to wait for console to test out.

Because it’s interesting that I was talking to Akira. And he was saying he was talking to the Japanese players and they were saying that Akuma was the worst shoto against the twins. And Ryu was the best against the twins. Which surprised me. Because I thought, similar to you Johnny, that Akuma was the best against the twins.

H: But you have to trust Akira. (Laughs.)

He got that Japanese information.

S: Yeah, inside knowledge. Heheh.

M: That’s true.

11-   So yeah, what was it like to play against Daigo at EVO APAC?

H: Umm. I didn’t perform as good as I [thought I would]. He just raped me. Pretty much.

M: Why did you go for Chun, instead of your normal Ryu?

H: Because in Sydney I always use Chun against Ryu? And I hardly lose…

M: I see.

H: That matchup.


M: Yeah, in my opinion it’s a hard matchup for Ryu. But he made it look quite easy.

H: Yeah.

But Daigo never lose to Chun. That’s what he said.


M: Yeah don’t you think those hard matchups for Ryu, like Bison or Chun Li, but it seems very easy for Daigo right? I dunno.

H: Maybe because of Tokyo players. They got top two Chun Li [players] in Japan. Nuki and Nemo.

M: Nuki and Nemo, yeah.

S: Mm, mm.

H: And he’s used to it.

M: You’re right, you’re right. Okay cool.

12-   So yeah, you just won OHN! Congratulations!

H: Thanks!

M: What was the event like?

H: This year we got a new venue. I think it’s better than the UTF one last year.

M: Oh okay. Like, what did you enjoy about the event, what was it like, what thoughts did you have about OHN9?

H: It was pretty good. I nearly lost one game!

S: Yeah to Goodpart right?

H: Yeah, Goodpart.

S: What happened there?

H: At the start, he chose Fei Long. And I went to mirror match him. I love mirror matches, always. I always love mirror matches.

But I lost.


M&S: (Laughs.)

H: But after I lost, I used Sakura.

M: Oh, okay. Why Sakura?

H: I’ve been playing Sakura before OHN, for the past week.


I thought I can beat him with Sakura.

But I found out it’s a really, really hard match.

S: Because Sakura’s normals can’t really deal with Fei Long’s normals.

H: And if I do fireball, he just EX chicken wing [through it].


S: Mm. And the recovery of her fireball’s pretty damn bad in Super.

H: Yeah, in Super it’s bad. In AE, it’s a bit better.

S: Yes. That was one of her buffs.

M: So are you playing Sakura in AE as well?

H: Yeah. I’m just using…

But Yang is my main.

But Sakura, I’ve been using her a lot.

M: I see, I see.

H: These couple of days, yeah.

M: So what do you like about her? Her damage?

H: Her loop!

M: Oh, the tatsu loop?

H: Yeah.

M: Sol loves it as well. You know, Sol in Melbourne?

H: Yeah.

M: He loves those long, Marvelesque combos.

S: Haha. With Sakura.

M: So you played Sakura in the grand finals? So what happened there. Against Genxa.

H: I know Genxa too well. We play a lot against each other.

M: So did you guys decide to use your secondaries or something like that? Doesn’t Genxa main Cammy in Super?

S: Yeah, that’s what I thought as well. But he was using Abel.

H: He used Abel and Cammy in Super.

M: Ohh, okay.

So because you’ve been playing Yang all this time, before OHN did you put in any time practicing up Ryu and Sakura up again?

H: Just mainly Sakura.

M: Oh, okay.

H: I was having so much fun. Because I read Uryo’s blog. A lot of info.

Once I…there’s new info for me to try?

I always keep playing that character.

M: Ohh.

But how do you read Uryo’s blog? Isn’t it in Japanese? Do you understand Japanese?

H: I got my coach. To translate for me.

M: Who’s your coach?

H: My brother. (Laughs.)

M & S: Ohhh!

H: Yeah.

M: Oh, so you call your father your coach?

H: My brother, my brother.

M: Your brother. Ohh.

Very interesting.

H: He mainly does research for me. And just passes the info onto me and then I execute.

M: That’s so cool. You got your brother who’s like your coach and scout all the Japanese information. That’s why you know Yun’s frame data right?

H: The frame data’s out already.

M: But it’s in Japanese right?

H: Yeah, but it’s not that hard.

Because it’s just crouch, stand.

It’s not that hard to read.

I can read it.

M: I see, I see.

13-   S: Describe your playstyle, and your strengths. And weaknesses.

M: Do you like to play aggressive, or are you a defensive player? Do you use your knowledge or your yomi, your adaptability, your reaction speed. What defines your playstyle. How do you like to play.

H: I think it’s aggressive. ‘Cos I come from KOF.

S: That’s true.

H: That game is just jump in.

And it’s one of my weaknesses as well. Jump in too much.

M: Ahh.

H: And the knowledge and the execution help me win the game.

M: I see.

S: I want to just ask, what’s your favourite KOF game?

H: Hmm. Maybe ’98.


’98. Yeah. I like ’98.

S: The other thing is, do you think you can take Mago in KOF XI?

H: I hate XI! (Laughs.)

S: Ohh.

H: I can’t play XI. I didn’t play much XI. I probably stopped around ’02.

I was hardcore (SF?) after all.

S: Speaking of that, are you looking forward to playing the new KOF?

H: …Not really. I don’t really play much other games other than SFIV.

S: Ah. So you’ve basically fully converted to Street Fighter.

H: Yeah. I’m too lazy to learn [another game.]

S: Ah, fair enough.

14-   M: It’s interesting that you transferred your aggressive KOF style over to SF. But what did you first think of SFIV when you first saw it? Did you think it was too slow or too turtley?

H: I just thought that it was just like, similar to ST. Super Turbo.

It just relies on the basics.

M: So did you it find it hard to adjust to a different style, or because you’ve been playing FG for so long it’s easy for you to adjust to it.

H: Yeah. Just throwing fireballs. And people just jump in!


M: So what’s the secret of throwing fireballs with Ryu? I get jumped in all day. How do you mindfuck your opponent into not jumping?

H: You need to fake. You throw a fireball, you wait.

M: Yeah. So you wait for him to do something before you throw one?

H: No, if he doesn’t do anything you can fireball again.

So um…make people jump. Fireballs are about making people jump.

M: I think Daigo sets a bad example. Watching him play, he throws so many dangerous fireballs and people don’t jump over his risky fireballs because of I guess the Umehara factor or something.

And if you try to fireball like him you get killed so fast.

H: I think the Japanese, they don’t like to jump.

They want to play the safest game.

Safety first.

M: So that’s why he can get away with his super aggressive fireball style.

S: Well one of the things I notice; the Americans play a lot more aggressive style. They like to jump in more.

Japanese are more defensive, they want to be as safe as possible.

M: But even with the difference in styles, when he came down to Australia, he still uppercutted the shit out of us.

S: Yeah, because he can execute.

15-   So speaking of Ryu, when you went to EVO, did you play Valle or Choi?

H: Oh no, I didn’t.

M: Oh man, I would have so many things to ask.

H: I played Ryan Hart.

M: Oh okay, so how did you go against him.

H: I lost moneymatch thrice. Ryu mirror, I lost 3-2 thrice.

M: So what do you think of Ryan Hart’s style? I see him having a lot of success against some players like Daigo, but losing badly to other players. What do you think of his playstyle. What makes him strong.

H: Um.. I think he doesn’t know enough matchups. Because maybe in UK he’s the best one. He doesn’t have enough experience against other matchups and stuff.

M: What about yourself. What are you trying to work on yourself, what do you want to improve. What are your goals in working hard in SFIV.

H: I need to play better players.

That’s why the Japanese players are so good.

Because they have a lot of competitition.

H: Yeah in the arcade. The gods just play each other. If this trick work, the next day it probably doesn’t work anymore.

In Australia I can go for the same trick. And no one thinks about how to counter it, and how to beat it.

But the Japanese really study the game.

16-   M: So, I mean are you gonna go overseas for any more training? I mean you just went to Taiwan right?

H: I didn’t go to Taiwan actually. It’s actually Gamerbee coming to Hong Kong.

Johnny and Bruce

M: Oh Gamerbee came to Hong Kong. Sorry, my bad.

So did you happen to be there coincidentally and he just happened to be there?

H: I was asking him when he was going and I adjusted my trip to Hong Kong.


M: So how well does he remember you? I remember on his blog he was calling you Humansux because of the Robsux thing.

H: Yeah, but I call him Gamerfree.

M & S: (Laughs.)

S: Nice.

M: You did pretty well against him in your set right? How did you approach your match with him?

H: Even before I play him in Shadowloo? I was watching Daigo and him, their matches. There’s like fifty of them. So I kind of understand how Adon is like.

And I moneymatch him at Shadowloo as well. And I lost…

S: Yeah, and Akuma mirror as well?

H: Yeah, Akuma mirror just for fun. But the only one, we used our mains? And I lost, 2-3. Again.

(Laughs.) Always 2-3.

M: How do you play the Adon vs. Ryu match. What tips do you have for the match.

H: When Adon uses the air Jaguar?

M: Yeah, yeah.

H: You can do low medium kick to go under.

M: Does that still work in Arcade Edition?

H: Yeah.

M: Okay. So every time you see air Jaguar just do low forward.

H: Yeah. Or saving attack.

M: But doesn’t Jaguar kick break armour, the air or ground…

H: Only the ground one.

S: Only the ground one breaks armour.

M: Okay. And how do you deal with standing roundhouse?

H: Block.

Because it’s two hits?

Just block it.

Block is the best choice sometimes in SFIV.


I think people don’t block enough in Australia.


M: What’s your game plan against him. Do you want to push him back, zone him out, put him in the corner, or do you want to rush him down? What is the game plan against Adon?

H: Um…I’ll just rush him down. We play really aggressive.

M: So you have to be aggressive and set the tempo, you cannot let him set the pace.

H: Yeah, and maybe he doesn’t know Yang enough.

M: Oh…right, right. I forgot…

S: He was playing Yang against him, not Ryu.

M: Yeah, yeah sorry about that I keep asking Ryu questions heh.

H: Because he said, there are no twins in Taiwan.

S: Really? That’s interesting.

Gamerbee vs Bomb

M: That’s interesting. Speaking of which, do you think the Japanese twins at EVO, do you think they’re gonna body everyone?

H: Uh, yes. (Laughs.)

M & S: (Laughs.)

S: They’re gonna blow us all up at Shadowloo Showdown as well.

H: Yeah, Daigo’s Yun is good.

M: And Kindevu plays Yun as well.

H: I heard Kindevu is not doing good lately. He’s been using too many characters.

M: Oh okay. Yeah the twins are gonna body everyone.

But yeah, do you think that will change when console AE comes out? Will people learn how to deal with the twins?

Or do you think the twins are just that damn good?

H: I think in Japan people already kind of know how to play against the twins.

But the twins is still good.

Strong character is still strong character. Yeah.

M: What do you think about the balance in AE? Do you prefer the more balanced game in Super?

H: I like AE. (Laughs.)

S: To tell you the truth…

H: Well…

S: Go on.

H: I think it’s more attack-[based] in AE.

S: Mm.

The only thing is I think AE is basically the third edition of SFIV. It’s basically the Third Strike of the series. You know what I mean?

M: So it’s more of an in-close game, not so much fireballs and dragon punch.

S: No what I mean is that they’re not going to change things and what we get is what we’re stuck with. And we’re just going to have to put up with the twins the same way we had to put with Chun in Third Strike. There are ways to beat them, and you’re just going to have to get around them.

M: Do you like the way Ono said that this game is purposely a little imbalanced, or do you like the more; everyone’s kind of good in Super.

S: Not everyone’s good in Super!

H: (Laughs.)

M: Okay, that’s true. But there’s a relatively big top or high tier in Super. And in AE…I don’t know.

S: Yeah in AE basically there are the two or three really strong characters are then there’s the middle tier where everyone sorts of jump around, and the bottom tier.

M: Yeah, so which one do you like best? Do you think imbalance makes the game interesting.

H: I like fighting twins as well. I normally win as well. Heh.

‘Cos I use the twins, and I know their weaknesses as well.

M: So what are their weaknesses. How do you beat them?

H: You need to anti-air. You can’t let them or dive kick, or you’re gonna lose for sure.

If you let them keep dive kicking.

M: So you have to just anti-air them.

S: This is why I think Dee Jay might do well against them. Because he can anti-air them and has multiple different tools to deal with dive kick pressure.

M: Sounds so simple. Just anti-air them.

S: It’s not so simple, it’s one (indecipherable), I think also DeeJay could potentially have the tools to keep him out.

17-   M: So, why do you always pick Blue Ryu?

H: Oh, I just like blue. Blue Ryu looks better.

M: Ah I see. Now you’ve been playing Yang on the arcade all this time, but once it comes out on console what’s gonna be your Yang colour?

H: I dunno what’s the choices yet. I will have to see.

Maybe green? If there’s a green Yang.

I always like green. Heh.

M: So back in Super Turbo what colour Ryu did you use?

H: Light Blue, heavy punch.

S: Hyper fighting Ryu!

M: Ah, very interesting.

18-   Let’s switch tack  a bit. Let’s talk a bit about BAM.

You remember the epic five on five where…

H: Haha.

M: Sol took out four of the five Sydney guys and the whole Melbourne was chanting OCV! OCV! And then you frickin’ came back and OCVed the entire Melbourne team.

So what was going through your mind when you were doing that.

How did you keep your composure to keep your momentum?

H: After the fourth [Sydney] guy lost, I told them; they’re Team Useless. (Laughs.)

M & S: (Laughs.)

H: But if I play to my best, I think I can OCV.

M: So you never thought of the negative, you just sat down thinking…

H: Yeah. I just need to win.

M: Did you think of one match at a time, or did you…

H: Yeah, one match at a time.

M: Actually Somniac was telling me that he noticed in that set you were really aggressive. And that you knew that everybody would have the mentality that you were the last guy left, so they would try to attack you and take you out.

Instead, you sort of turned that around on them, and attacked them.

Is that what you were trying to do, or you just did it subconsciously?

H: That’s just my style. I always attack, put people in the corner. That’s always…

I mean in SFIV, it’s always good…once the opponent is in the corner?

It’s very hard for them.

M: Mm okay. In that case, I mean, are your favourite Ryu players more like guys like Valle and Poongko, rather say more defensive Ryu players like Daigo, and Choi?

Is that who you go for?

H: Umm. I don’t think I play like Daigo. I like watching him play though.

M: Okay, okay. Fair enough.

19-   S: So how did you feel about Daigo being down in Sydney while the rest of Australia was down in Melbourne for Shadowloo Showdown?

M: (Laughs.)

H: I didn’t believe the guy that told me.

S: (Laughs.)

H: I said it’s bullshit! (Laughs.)

And then later when I got to Melbourne, they said it’s really Daigo.

He’s coming to Sydney for a holiday with his family.

M: So what did you think, what the hell is this? Some troll or?

H: I was sad. (Laughs.)

M: (Laughs.) Ahhh. So I mean, why do you think he came back to Sydney for a holiday, like…

S: He wanted to challenge Humanbomb!

M: (Laughs.) But you weren’t there, you were in Melbourne. Heh.

H: Yeah. I think Daigo likes Australia.

M: Oh why do you say so?

H: Umm…

M: The women?

H: When he was here at APAC?

M: Yeah.

H: He really liked it. The weather, maybe the only one hour time difference to Japan. Yeah.

S: Yeah, it’s actually a short trip as well. Like four, five hours or something?

M: Mmm. Not too sure. I know to Singapore is like seven hours or something?

S: Is it? I thought it was less.

20-   S: What other hobbies do you have? Besides SF.

H: Pretty much SF and mahjong.

M: I mean, back to our previous conversation, you said that you were previously a big sports gambler before you started becoming more serious about SF. So what teams would you bet on, what sport do you follow?

H: I follow soccer, and basketball. The NBA.

M: Ah. So being asian, are you a Man Utd fan?

H: Ah no. I hate Man U.

M: You hate Man U?

S: (Laughs.)

H: I like Arsenal.

M: Ahh.

H: But they’re failing now. (Laughs.)

M: Yeah, yeah. So were you happy watching the Champions League final?

H: Yeah. I was…I woke up at 5 am.

And watched… Man Utd lose.

And the next day I win OHN.

M: Ohhhh!!!!!!!

S: Hahaha. What a motivation.

H: (Laughs.)

M: What a awesome weekend [for you.] Heheh.

H: Yeah!

M: Oh man. So who do you follow in basketball?

H: I don’t have a team. I just…

M: Oh you just bet on the games.

H: But I like to watch sport.

M: So what’s your biggest win and your biggest loss in sports betting?

H: In one bet? Or one day?

S: (Laughs.)

M: Both!

Why not.

H: In one day, I think…maybe ten thousand?

M: …Holy shit.

S: Dollars or?

H: Australian dollars.

S: Dayum.

M: What were you betting on, and can I get in on it??

H: I think it’s NBA. I just did multi-bet.

S: Ohh okay.

M: And made ten thousand dollars. So what about your biggest loss.

H: I dunno, maybe two thousand in one bet.

M: Damn.

S: That’s pretty hardcore.

H: But no more!

M: I was about to ask you what your win/loss ration is compared to SF, but looks like from what you just said, it’s pretty damn good as well!

S: Who do you like, the Heat or the Mavs in the finals?

H: I think the Heat are gonna win.

S: I think so as well.

M: Mm.

S: The Mavs might have peaked too early.

M: But what made you decide not to…to stop your betting if you were doing so well?

H: It’s too crazy. (Laughs.)

One day you can so well!

The next day you can lose…So yeah.

M: So mahjong is more safe.

H: Mahjong is more fun. I play with friends. The problem is, you need four people.

M: Oh yeah, yeah. When you’re working and all that, it’s hard.

H: So, I play only on Saturday.

M: I see, I see.

H: I think Mahjong, is a bit like Street Fighter.

M: Oh why is it like that. Can you explain a bit?

H: Umm…because with the different hands and different games?

Some hands you win more?

And we play the Japanese rules. They calculate every two rounds. So after eight games, who’s the winner , then who’s going to win money.

When you’re playing, if you lose? You need to take more risk.

M: Mmm.

H: It’s like calculating risk and return.

M: I see what you mean.

H: Once you chuck your tiles, you can set up mindgames and traps. So the other guy thinks, oh! This one is maybe safe. But probably it’s a trap to…

Chuck the losing tile.

M: This is actually damn interesting.

H: So there’s some mindgames and stuff. That’s why Daigo plays as well.

He wanted to be a pro.

M: Yeah, yeah. A professional Mahjong player right? So why’d he give it up?

H: I asked him at APAC. He said it takes too long.

M: Heheh.

H: To determine the winner.

M: Ahh.

H: Not just one game. I dunno what’s the rule for Japanese tournies…

M: So does that mean…the biggest thing about being a top Street Fighter player is not the execution game, or your reflexes, but your mental game? That’s most important.

H: Yeah. You need mindgames. To win games.

M: Okay. That’s probably why a lot of top players in the US like Mike Watson and Viscant are pretty big on gambling or poker as well.

S: Oh definitely, yeah.

21-   M: Alright. When I first saw your pictures on Ozhadou way back in 2007, I remember you were sitting in this room in front of this console and funny shirt on. But nowadays I see you like at events with wearing pink polo shirts, sunglasses…Heheh.

S: You look very sharp.

H: (Laughs.)

M: So what has motivated this fashion makeover?

S: Yeah.

M: Who has done this to you?

H: Oh, I’m always like this! (Laughs.)

M: Hehehe. So the sharper you wear, the sharper your SF game is. Is that how it is?

S: There’s a correlation. I dress like a hobo. And I play like it as well.

M: Hey same here. Yeah.

H: I’m not sure about that!

But I need sleep before tournaments. I need my rest, yeah.

M: So what’s your tournament preparation like? You sleep, do you drink, do you eat?

H: I don’t eat much when I’m playing in tournament.

Just drink water…and concentrate. Heh.

S: Yeah Daigo said the same thing. He doesn’t like to eat a lot during tournaments.

M: Yeah, but when you lose, do you go crazy with the food?

What do you do when you lose?

H: Nothing. (Laughs.) If I lose, then I lose!

M: To get rid of the salt that fills your…

H: I don’t have much salt…unless I lose to someone worse than me.

S & M: Ahhhh.

H: If I lose to Japanese, there’s no salt. I’m probably learning a lot. Because they know more, and they probably have better competition. If I lose to someone bad, then I get salty. (Laughs.)

22-   S: So which one of the guests are you looking forward to playing at Shadowloo Showdown? But there’s quite a number of them coming down?

H: Um. Everyone? (Laughs.)

S: So are you gonna moneymatch them?

H: If possible.

S: Are you gonna use Yang or Ryu?

H: Yang for sure. My Ryu’s retired.

M: Ohh! So who do you think holds the title of the best Ryu now?

Who is it now…Slidenafl?

Who do you think is the best Ryu in Australia. Left standing.

H: In AE or Super?

Because in AE I don’t know.

S: Let’s say Super.

H: Slide..Slide…

M: Vietcong!

H: Yeah, Vietcong. I played him yesterday.

S: Oh okay. Viagra for the win!

M: Why Viagra?

S: Because slidenafil is the primary compound used in Viagra.

M: Oh okay, I did not know that.

H: I think it’s pretty good.

S: Viagra or Slidenafl?

H: (Laughs.) I think he’s only 14?

M: People keep saying that he’s fifteen, but he was fifteen when he joined the scene so he must be eighteen by now!

S: Yeah, he’s forever been at fifteen!

H: He’s got potential.

M: So who of the guests do you really want to play? Like Sako…Let’s say if you only could moneymatch like five of them.

H: Maybe Sako.

Tokido! Because last time I didn’t play Tokido.

S: Oh okay.

H: He left early.

And maybe Daigo…but I’m scared of Yun! (Laughs.)

Yun will make me sad.

Let’s see, who else.


M: Poongko.

H: I want to try his new Seth.

Maybe Itabashi.

S: Zangief.

M: So you want to play your 2-8 matchup.

H: The hardest matchup. I want to see…

And he’s probably top three Zangief in Japan.

S: He’s definitely in top three, easily.

H: Yeah, so I want to try [his Gief].

M: So who do you call as your potential top three best placers at SS?

H: Daigo.

M: Daigo number one. That’s what you think.

H: Daigo…maybe Mago? Because of Fei Long? Last one I dunno.

M: I always feel that we underestimate Gamerbee. Like last year I thought Mago would win as well.

S: I thought Mago would win as well.

M: But Gamerbee beat him! And Tokido.

H: The problem in AE is a lot of nerfs to Adon. And Gamerbee is scared of the twins.

M: Ohh, yeah you’re right.

H: His MSN stated that he’s gonna get raped by the twins.

S: (Laughs.)

M: So after SS, did you keep in contact of any of the guests? I guess you  talk to Gamerbee on MSN.

H: Just Gamerbee, pretty much.

M: Oh, because you guys can talk in Chinese.

H: No we talk in English. But I got his MSN. Yeah.

M: Okay cool.

23-   S: So what do you think about Marvel vs. Capcom 3?

H: Um, someone told me to say; “Fuck Marvel.”


M & S: (Laughs.)

M: So who is that? Can you divulge the identity of?

H: I can’t. (Laughs.)

I only played three hours of Marvel. But I don’t really like it.

S: Okay.

But see that’s kind of interesting, because coming from the fast-paced KOF, you’d think Marvel would be right up your alley.

H: Maybe I’m just lazy. Because I don’t have as much time as before to play.

M: Oh why is that. Work?

H: Yeah, working yeah.

M: What are you working at?

H: I work in a locum Agency.

M: What’s that, sorry?

H: It’s an agency between hospital and doctors.

M: Ahh very interesting.

Does anyone at work know that you’re the best Street Fighter in Sydney?

H: I know the guys before…before I worked there. From gaming!

M: Ahh…so did you kinda get your job from Street Fighter, is that how it happened. Like you got your job cause you made friends or connections from Street Fighter?

H: Yeah, kind of.

M: Well my job was something similar as well!

H: But my plan is to leave Australia soon.

M: Oh, so you’re going back to Hong Kong for good?

H: Yeah, but the problem is…

Because I told everyone I was going to leave!

But I need to sell the place? My family’s place.

M: Yeah.

S: Yeah because we heard rumours that you were thinking of leaving. And we weren’t actually sure what the deal was.

H: Yeah. So after the house is sold, I will leave. Still not yet.

S: Oh.

M: Oh okay. Well we’re definitely be sad to see you go, but is there a date set or anything?

H: Probably this year.

M: This year?

S: Oh. This year? That’s quite soon. That’s a bit sad.

M: But I guess on the plus side, you’re probably level up in Hong Kong right?

H: In Hong Kong…it’s okay. I think I’m maybe top 3?

S: Wow. Top 3 in Hong Kong?

H: Maybe.

But Hong Kong players are too sensitive!

S: Oh. Heheh.

H: Let’s not say who’s better! (Laughs.)

M: (Laughs.)

S: So about the Hong Kong community, do they have rivalries over there? Like we have the Melbourne Sydney rivalry, does Hong Kong have their rivalries?

H: Yeah, there’s a lot of drama in Hong Kong as well. Yeah.

‘Cause the latest drama is… (Laughs.)

They’re gonna do Hong Kong vs Singapore, online?

S: Mm-hm.

H: The last one I went, the top players didn’t join. So this time Singapore requests, they want to play the top 6.

Because the top six…ah anyway. A lot of drama! (Laughs.)

M: Speaking of drama, what are your thoughts on the Sydney/Melbourne rivalry. Do you enjoy it? Do you think it’s good for the scene to have a rivalry?

H: I think there’s too much talk.

Not enough…

S: Action?

M: Not enough practice?

H: Not enough practice! Now everyone just talks online!

S: Yeah that’s true.

H: I…don’t really care. Heh.

M: So speaking of practice, how much do you practice?

H: I only play after work.

M: So you come back at seven…

H: Six. And I play one credit…(Laughs.)

S: (Laughs).

M: And then how many hours is that!

H: Probably one or two. At least forty wins.

And I leave for dinner.

Normally it’s like this.

M: And obviously Saturday is Mahjong night, and then do you do anything on Sunday?

H: Sunday I do nothing. Just rest at home.

24-   S: So how come sometimes you play on BKsama’s account on Xbox Live?

H: Because I don’t have Xbox account.

S: Ah so you basically just use his.

H: I use his when someone wants to play me.

M: So do you prefer to play on Xbox, or you prefer to play at the arcade?

H: Well if I play on Xbox? I probably only…can’t play at my fullest strength.

Probably only 70%.

M: Ohh okay.

S: Very interesting.

H: Yeah…cause…I don’t know. Maybe it’s the chair. The distance. Or maybe just don’t play enough [console.]

M: Mmm. So you’re pretty similar to HeavyWeapons who also seems to power up when he sits down in front of an arcade cabinet.

H: Yeah. Because I’ve always played in the arcade since young.

S: See I used to be like that, I always played in the arcade. Then after a very long break, now I actually prefer to play a lot on console.

I just feel that arcade is different, I suppose.

M: So what about the arcades in Sydney. What’s happening with the scene in Sydney.

S: Yeah! What’s happening with GGs and…

M: Timeout.

H: Timezone.

M: Timezone, sorry.

H: I think since AE was released, not much people come out to play. Because in Sydney, most people live really far [from the arcades].

The reason I go is because I live five minutes. From the arcade.

S: Oh right.

H: I live in the city, yeah.

And I think most people are just waiting for console.

S: Yeah. So, what’s happening with GoodGames? With the console setups, and are they going to hold Marvel events?

H: I think they’re looking for a new place.

S: A new venue. Mmm.

M: I mean, what would you like to see from the Sydney scene in the future. I mean, you’re going soon. But what would you like to see in the future. Would you like to see new blood or…

(Internet dies)

S: Okay, back.

M: Sorry about that.

H: What happened? My computer exploded.

S: Oh, your computer exploded? Heheh.

That’s alright.

So, where were we?

M: We were just asking about the future of the Sydney scene.

S: So what would you like to see in the future of the Sydney scene?

H: I think they’re already starting to find a place.

Saw it on the forum today. There’s a post, saying that venue that OHN was at, [they’re] gonna try to hold console sessions there.

S: Oh okay.

M: Oh the Arcade Edition launch right?

H: Yeah, yeah that’s the one.

M: Awesome.

S: Hm. That sounds pretty good.

M: And there’s also like the retirement of people like…the original guys of OHN?

H: Ziggy and…

M: So who’s stepping up to replace them?

H: Spencer…and Gamogo.

S: Gamogo.

Or Freemogo.

H: That’s what I call him. Heh.

M: Heh. So who’s gonna be your successor?

Who do you anoint as the future Humanbomb?

H: Have you seen OHN? The videos?

M: Yes I have seen some…

H: There’s a Fei Long called Furyblitz.

M: Oh, so you like him?

H: I might teach him.

S: Ohhh okay. So you are gonna be sifu.

H: (Laughs.)

M: Nice. Speaking of Akuma, where do you get your Akuma practice?

H: Akuma? Don’t have any. Heh.

The best is Gamogo, but we only got him. We got no one else using Akuma.

S: So how do you beat Toxy down so easily then?

M: Not easily, it’s always close…

S: No, no I’m just kidding.

But if you don’t have anybody to play Akuma against, or practice against Akuma, where did you get the all the Akuma experience and matchup knowledge?

H: Just watch videos.

There’s a video of Daigo vs. Tokido.

S: Oh, the one hundred matches?

H: The five hours one.

M: Did you watch all the matches?

S: Wow.

H: Sometimes after you watch, you can’t remember that much? You just need to watch slowly.

25-   M: So do you think that watching videos is an essential part of levelling up your game or do you think that it’s better to learn by yourself?

H: Always have to watch top player’s videos.

Because you can see what you can punish, what you can do.

S: And what they do in specific situations and what not.

M: So did you watch the Air Ryu DVD? Or you know everything already from there?

H: Oh yeah I watched it, only a few days ago.

M: What do you think of it, do you think it’s good that people are putting out these sort of guides to the characters?

H: Yeah, I think Air did a good job. I met him at EVO last time.

M: Oh. So what was he like?

H: He can speak Cantonese.

S: Ah okay. So he speak Cantonese, Japanese and English.

H: Yeah.

S: That’s pretty impressive.

M: Yeah. Damn. Speaking Japanese is an important tool to have in the fighting game community!

H: (Laughs.) Yeah.

‘Cause all the good info is on their BBS.

S: Mm. Yeah, it’s on their forum.

H: It’s like their forum, yeah.

M: So you spend there than on SRK?

H: I never read SRK.

M: Oh, interesting.

Do you follow the American scene at all?

H: I watch the streams once in a while. I was watching Toxy the other day!

M: Oh, so what was it like? Watching one of our Australian players on, you know, next to the Wednesday Nights Fights people.

H: Good, it’s always good to watch top, good players.

S: Yeah, he was using the Hitbox as well. Which was pretty interesting.

H: I saw him beat Tatsu!

M: Yeah, so what do you think about that?

H: It’s really good. But I don’t know much about Marvel so!

S: Yeah yeah (Laughs.)

M: Speaking about Marvel, and sorry we keep talking about him, but what do you think Daigo’s smack talk video to the US?

H: (Laughs.)

I got a bet with Ace. That Daigo is gonna make top 8 at EVO.

M: You’re betting against or for?

H: For. I’m a Daigo fan, so.

M: Oh. And Ace is betting against Daigo.

H: Yeah! (Laughs.)

M: So what do you think Spider? You think he’s gonna make top 8?

S: …Don’t get me started.

M: (Laughs.)

S: The Marvel thing with Daigo…I don’t know. Look, I guess we’ll get our first real impression of the whole thing at LA Revelations.

M: Is he entering Marvel there?

S: I don’t know. I’m hoping so.

M: Ohh. Okay.

S: Because next week we’ll finally see what he can do in Marvel. Because Marvel’s a different beast to Street Fighter. Street Fighter you can sit there, you can turtle, you can zone.

Marvel you can do that, it’s just…especially in Marvel 3 you can do that a lot more, but yeah.

When it comes to Marvel it’s a completely different mindset to playing the game.

But the thing is though, he did do really well in Darkstalkers. So he does have you know, other…how can I say…a little bit more obscure fighting game experience. And Darkstalkers, I don’t know if you watched UFGT7 but if you watched Floe and some of the other guys play Darkstalkers at a high level, it’s very Marvel-ish.

M: Okay. Fair enough.

Speaking about that…okay. I guess we can’t really talk about it, but can we talk about it?

Have you tried Mortal Kombat?

S: Yeah, Mortal Kombat 9. Why can’t we talk about it?

M: Because it’s…

S: Just because it’s banned in Australia…

M: Hypothetically have you played Mortal Kombat?

H: Don’t have the game so…

S: There you go.

M: Ahh, okay.

What do you think of MK9, have you watched footage of it? Do you like what you see?

H: Yeah, I saw it on the stream. I want to try it.

S: So we can moneymatch you at Shadowloo Showdown at MK9.

The only game I can possibly win.

H: (Laughs.)

26-   M: Who’s your favourite AV idol?

H: Huh? AV?

M: Yeah, yeah.

H: Uh. Rio. Heh

M: Mio?

H: Rio. You know?

M: Uh, spell it? Sorry.

H: R- I- O.

M: R- I- O. Oh!

Visit Rio’s site!

S: I don’t know. My idol knowledge is pretty bad. Your’re gonna have to update me on that one Mutton.

M: So who’s the biggest AV fanatic in Sydney?

H: Probably Yang.

M: So who’s his favourite?

H: Uh, dunno!

He used to collect the videos. Just download it, and don’t watch it.

S: (Laughs.)

M: Then what’s the point!

H: I dunno!

S: For trading.

M: So he collects it like trading cards or something?

S: No no it’s for trading. If you go to a big LAN or something, whoever has the rarest porn gets the best access to whatever stuff he wants to get.

M: Ahh! I see.

H: (Laughs.)

S: It’s the old computer code man. If I have rare pornography which you want, then you give me access to your stuff. It’s a bartering system.

M: Ohhh.

S: Yeah. That’s why Hentai and rare asian porn is usually…quite…fetches a high price. Or am I saying just too much stuff?

M: No it’s good stuff! I wish I knew about this type of thing. So I can start collecting from a young age.

S: There’s a reason we have a file server.

M: Okay we need to find a last question for you. We’re actually almost done already.

27-   Shoutouts and rantouts?

H: Sorry?

M: Do you have any shoutouts or anything you wanna say?

H:  Like Team ABM? (Laughs.) Do you know my team?

M: What does ABM stand for?

H: All About Money.

M: All…About Money. (Laughs.) So who’s in ABM?

H: Ace. Um, KG. Monmi. And Kodi.

M: So who started the team?

H: I think KG. ‘Cos we were betting before…

That’s why only the people who bet can join the team.

M: Ohh…

H: Because it’s about money!

M: Are we gonna see a Team ABM vs. Melbourne, or Team ABM vs. Queensland, that sort of thing?

H: Yeah.

S: Or Team ABM vs Team Hori.

M: Are you guys gonna enter the team tournament as Team ABM?

H: For Street Fighter?

M: Yeah, yeah.

H: I got another team.

M: Ahh interesting. You’re a free agent.

H: I was gonna team with Hong Kong players! But at the end they got three people to come.

M: Ah so three people are coming from Hong Kong?

S: Ah! Awesome.

H: Like Gameouttt, Followupursf and one more.

S: Ah that’s very cool.

M: But if you’re not teaming with them, you’re probably gonna be teaming with people from Sydney I guess.

H: One from Sydney, one from Melbourne.

M: Oh! Damn. Can you divulge or…is it a secret.

H: Not really a secret. It’s Henry. He uses Yun. And me I use Yang. And Melbourne…Sagat.

M: …Akira?

H: Yeah! (Laughs.)

S & M: Ohhh!!!!!

S: Interesting. That’s gonna be a very good team.

M: But Akira plays Yun in AE?

S: Yeah but he also plays Sagat.

H: Yeah, Sagat.

M: Wow that’s gonna be an interesting team. What are you gonna call that team?

H: Uh, I dunno. (Laughs.)

S: Team Top Tier.

M: Very nice.

Any other people you wanna give shoutouts to?

H:….That’s it. (Laughs.)

M: Okay cool, I think that’s gonna do it right?

S: Yeah, thank you very much for your time!

M: Thank you very much Johnny, we really appreciate it.

H: No worries.

M: All the best at Shadowloo Showdown and in Hong Kong.

H: So I’ll see you guys at Shadowloo?

S: Oh yeah definitely, we’ll be there.

M: We’ll see you there.

S: Very sleep deprived, and probably very tired, but yeah.

M: Are you coming down early?

H: I’ll be there on Friday.

M: Ohh. It almost seems like…

S: The majority of the Sydney…Australians are coming down on Friday.

M: The international players are gonna be there early right?

S: Monday or Tuesday, I believe.

M: But I guess not everyone can get leave like that.

S: I got the entire week off.

H: Oh! So good.

M: Yeah, we got shit to do! We have like fucking… (Laughs.)

S: Yeah like thirty people to interview man!

H: Oh.

S: And twenty of them are all Japanese and I speak zero Japanese. So.

H: Just interview Choco Blanka! (Laughs.)

S: Oh definitely!

M: Why do you say that?

H: Because she’s a girl! Female.

M: Yeah she’s really friendly.

S: Oh yeah? Does she like tall people?

M: She’s got Momochi man.

H: Heheh.

S: That’s alright. I make money than Momochi.

H: (Laughs.) You need to beat Momochi!

M: If you want Choco, you have to beat Momochi in a moneymatch.

H: Yeah. First to five.

S: Yeah, I can first to five in Quake 3 no probs.

H: (Laughs.)

H: I heard he’s using some new character.

M: Yeah, Cody right.

S: Yeah he said Cody.

H: Interesting.

I lost to Cody at EVO.

S: Oh really?

M: Oh. Whose Cody? Chris Hu?

H: No. Sabre.

M: Ohhh!

S: Oh really. Ooh interesting.

H: I don’t know the match. (Laughs.)

S: Yeah we don’t really have…we have one Cody player? One serious Cody player?

M: Who’s that?

S: KG? No..who plays Cody?

M: Bksama?

H: Yeah BK. But he’s not good. He’s not good. (Laughs.)

S: (Laughs.)

M: But he says he’s the best Cody in Australia!

H: That’s because no one else uses Cody…

S: I’m the best Dee Jay in Australia. I’m the only who plays Dee Jay!

H: (Laughs). Yeah.

M: So who put you in losers then if Sabre knocked you out.

H: G.I. Joe.

M: G.I. Joe, who did he play?

H: Sagat.

M: Oh Sagat. Okay

S: Interesting.

28-   M: Oh yeah I guess we forgot to ask you about EVO. But who did you moneymatch other than Ryan Hart.

H: Ryan Hart thrice. And Chris Hu. Chris Hu’s real good!

M: He’s really good. He’s not just a commentator right.

H: Yeah.

I played his Abel and one more.

S: Chris Hu strikes me as a Japanese-esque type of player. He really studies the game a lot.

He’s got his fundamentals down sound and really studies the match.

I think that’s one of the reasons which makes him a really good commentator as well.

M: Mm, mm. Do you like the American scene? Do they talk too much for you, or do you like the hype of the scene?

H: They’re okay. I just want better players. Even the U.S., it’s good to go.

M: Were there any players that surprised you? Like I remember the guys went over there to EVO from Melbourne, they didn’t realize Valle was so good, but after he beat them they realized that he was godlike at spacing…

H: Yeah his basics are really good. But he always drop combos!

M: Yeah yeah! That’s why they didn’t rate him but after they played him they realized he’s damn good.

H: Yeah. But I didn’t play him yet.

M: But were there any players that you reconsidered your opinion of them after you actually played them.

H: Um.

I want to try to play Filipino Champ.

M: Oh, Dhalsim. With Yang or Ryu?

H: Yang now. But before I want to use Ryu against him.

S: Are you actually planning to go to EVO this year or?

H: I dunno yet. Maybe.

At the moment maybe 20% chance. I heard Melbourne’s got a team to go.

S: Yeah. Well Bugs and I are going.

M: Like six of them.

S: Well us definitely because I booked our tickets last week so.

M: I wanna go but I’m too poor.

H: I’m [going to] try to save money.

S: Hey I saved all of last year so I could go this year.

M: Don’t you guys feel like last time you only had to save for OHN and EVO. And now you have to save for Shadowloo Showdown and all these kind of tournaments.

S: Not really. Shadowloo Showdown’s in Melbourne. And a flight to Melbourne is like what, sixty bucks?

M: Yeah but you go out and you eat…

S: But a hotel is also quite cheap. You can stay at the Queen Vic  hotel for 60-70 dollars a night. Three nights and…you go out every night as well.

M: And moneymatches cost money as well.

S: Yeah I know. Well he’s good enough to win moneymatches so!

M: That is very true.

H: I’ll be moneymatching Somniac!

S: Ahh yeah yeah. The Somniac…

Is it going to Yang and Sakura?

H: Yeah. But everyone wants my Sakura! I don’t know why.

S: Because Sol plays Sakura. We want to see the Sakura mirror.

M: Yeah!

H: Yeah. I never lost [the mirror.] (Laughs.)

M & S: Ohhh!!

S: Unbeatable.

H: Because there’s an Adelaide guy who came. Called Peter.

Plays Sakura.

And Skitzr.

M: I think he OCVed my team at Shadowloo Showdown. He’s Yakult in PSN right?

S: We got OCVed by Ace.

H: No, Yakult is someone else. Yakult is Shaaa. You know, ShaaaAU.

S: By the way did you play ST at OHN this year?

H: Uh yeah.

S: So who’s the best ST player in Sydney?

H: Maybe Kyokugen. He came second I think

S: So who won?

H: Uh Blood(unsure) He’s from Canberra.

S: Right. Oh yes, yes. I played him before. He’s damn good.

H: He won OHN before.

29-   M: So which games at Shadowloo Showdown do you Australia has a chance of winning?

S: Marvel, I reckon.

M: You think so? What do you think Bomb?

H: Uh…

Not Street Fighter. (Laughs.)

S: (Laughs.)

H: What else is there? Third Strike we can’t win.

S: Hell no! Although Genxa did say that he aiming to win Third Strike at Shadowloo Showdown.

H: That’s what he always say.

BFFs forever

S & M: (Laughs.)

H: But he levels up a bit because there’s a Japanese guy here. His name is Genki. He’s the top Alex player in Japan.

S: Oh wow.

H: So they’re playing a lot.

S: Even better than KSK?

H: KSK’s famous for Second Impact.

S: Yeah.

H: Third Strike I think he’s not good.

S: I heard about that.

H: He retired from Third Strike, yep.

M: What is with all these Japanese players that come to Australia and they come and frickin’ beast and they go back after a while?

H: (Laughs.)

So what else in on at Shadowloo?

M: There’s Marvel, there’s Tekken, Virtua Fighter and Blazblue?

S: Virtua Fighter, Blazblue…

M: That’s it, I think.

S: I think Marvel has the best chance.

M: Is there gonna be ST?

S: No.

H: Yeah Marvel has the best chance.

S: The reason is Marvel is fairly young. The Japanese don’t play it much. And Toxy has shown that he, we can beat the Americans. And Tom and the others are the same level.

M: You think so?

S: Yeah, definitely.

M: Okay cool.

S: Marvel’s our best chance.

M: Alright that’s gonna do it for real this time. Thanks very much Bomb.

H: Thanks!

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  1. cobiwenlock says:

    Where about in Geelong is Igor’s house? I live nearby.

  2. Jack says:

    Good read. Well done guys

    • muttonhead says:

      Sorry Jack, I’ve been too busy the last week or so to reply to comments. Thanks very much for the kind words, we really appreciate it! And nice to meet you at SS as well.

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