Don’t be a Scrub Podcast Episode 13: Akira

Hi everyone! Spider Muttons Productions © 2010 are back with our latest show.

Our guest this time is one of Australia’s top players, and “hidden dragon” (He doesn’t go to console tournaments.) He went to Japan to learn disgusting Vanilla Sagat, and came back to tear us all a new one. He has a very unique mindset to learning fighting games, is very candid with his opinions, has a lot to say about the game and our community, and is even  the rare Asian capable of growing an afro!

All your $$ are belong to me

Of course we’re talking about Akira!

This interview was conducted at Deakin University on the 12th of June. (AKA the Deakin meetup where we all brought sleeping bags to stay up to watch Toxy on the Revelations stream.)

Akira has the rare position of being within both the Japanese and the Australian fighting game community, and he has a lot to share about his experience with both scenes. An old-school 3rd Strike player, he’s come full circle by playing disgusting Yun in SSFIV: Arcade Edition.

He was also our translator for our Mago interview, and he did a great job, for which Igor and I are very grateful.

Now, this episode will be audio-only, I will not be doing a transcript for this interview.

Igor and I have decided to move away from the podcast-transcript format. Especially for the Shadowloo Showdown interviews, with so many guests, doing transcripts for every one would simply take too long, and we would probably still be releasing SS2k11 interviews by the time SS2k12 comes around.

We also wanted to get this episode out before Shadowloo Showdown this weekend. So our next interview will probably be our last transcript for a while. (We did the interview for our next guest before Akira.)

Regardless, I hope you guys enjoy this interview. I think we covered a lot of interesting topics, and once again I apologise for not having the text version this time.

Don’t be a Scrub Podcast Episode 13: Akira

(To download, right click and “save as”)

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4 Responses to Don’t be a Scrub Podcast Episode 13: Akira

  1. J S7R31FF says:

    My favourite ep so far. It was good to find out about Akira as I have never really had a conversation with him but I particularly like it when you talk about the technical aspects of sf4. Good job

  2. Anonymous says:

    one of the best interview by far. i just let this play while working in the office 😀

    good shit Australia. Keep up the hard work.

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