Marvel Massacre: MvC3 Tournament

Image by Bosslogic

Couchwarriors and Shadowloo are running the first MvC3 tournament in Melbourne!

It will be on the 27th of February, at the John Curtin hotel on Lygon Street.

Check out the Shadowloo thread for more details.

Personally, I’ve never been to a week 1-2 tournament like this. The game’s brand new, everyone is still trying to learn stuff, and tier lists and top players have yet to be sorted.

I think everyone has an (somewhat) equal chance at this point, and maybe some players looking to make a mark for themselves with Marvel can use this event as a launching board for a long streak of dominance.

I’m still a fledging player, but I’ll be there to support the new Marvel scene.

You should be there too!

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