TEC weekly show: Pilot

Ali has put together a video done at the Deakin Uni meetup. Focussing on fighting games for now, he hopes to expand the scope to encompass all of Oz’s competitive gaming scene. It’s just a pilot for now, but the real episode 1 will have better editing, titles, storyboards…you get the idea.

For now it’s nice to see some of our local guys get some facetime, and my buddy and co-host Igor finally gets exposed as the “Don of Deakin”.

Check it out, and be sure to suggest names at the Ozhadou thread.

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5 Responses to TEC weekly show: Pilot

  1. EXC355UM says:

    Haha, thanks Buttons. Got to get you in one of these soon. =P

  2. Kyle says:

    I’m so glad I decided to stand on that step, otherwise Ali would have further dwarfed me 😀

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