Double tapping with Vesper Arcade

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to learn double tapping specifically for Hakan’s new BnB: slp slp tlk hp slide.

SF4 is my first serious fighting game, and I have the funny syndrome that is somewhat common to my generation of SF players. We plink everything, but we don’t double tap. Whereas when you go to the arcade you see all the old-school players double tapping the crap out of everything.

However for Hakan’s bnb, I cannot plink any of the inputs. Because you can’t plink jab (unless you do it with the select button) and you can’t plink a standing short.

Also I believe the links in the combo are two frame links. So double tapping would be more beneficial for the combo than plinking anyway.

And once I learn double tapping I will have the delightful dilemma of doing combos like cmp cmp chk like this: cmp (double tap) cmp (double tap) chk (plink) which should be the most optimal input or cmp (plink) cmp (plink) chk (plink) which is my current method.

There are a ton of double tapping videos out there, but I thought I’d put up a video from Vesper Arcade’s excellent tutorial series.

I did some practice today with Sagat and his fake standing HK, but I’m having problems doing double tapping on the top three buttons, or at least having a hard time confirming that I’m doing it correctly on the top buttons.

Oh well, time to practice more.

Update: I have thought of a noob way to practice double tapping! Basically map all your buttons to hard kick and practice doing the fake kick with Sagat lol.

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4 Responses to Double tapping with Vesper Arcade

  1. slorp says:

    you can totally plink a jab, get into training mode and try it with lp + mp.

  2. muttonhead says:

    Nope you can’t. You can still technically get the plink input, but because mp has more priority than lp you won’t get that magic extra frame of input from the plink.

  3. slorp says:

    you insult my honour. we are now mortal enemies!

    i didn’t realise that though. does it happen for everything? what if the jab is part of a chain, like dudley’s? does it take priority then?
    i know you wouldn’t need to be plinking something like that, just wondering.

    • muttonhead says:

      Lol Julian. Feed me some more of that Balrog, I really need to get better at the matchup. Or some Guy would be nice too.

      Mmm there are rules and exceptions. For example, short has higher priority than jab. So you can plink crouching short with jab. However once you stand up throw takes priority and then you can’t plink short with jab anymore. Test it, throw will come out.

      Buttons that cause Focus attack and Taunt can mess up your input as well. (Unless you intentionally want Taunt.)

      Easiest way to test is to hit the two buttons you want to use for plinkage together, let’s say you want to plink roundhouse with strong. If the button you want comes out, (in this case strong) then you’re fine priority wise.

      I think normal cancels take priority over plinks…I do clk+clp cancel into clp+crh for the OS sweep a lot. Sometimes I hit clp+crh wrong and I accidentally plink it. Jab still comes on out hit/block. Not too sure if I’ve answered your question correctly because clp cannot be plinked by crh anyway.

      But yeah you’re right you wouldn’t need plinking in the case of jab chains anyway!

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