It’s a sad day for the community…

Maj from sonichurricane and is quitting.

You can read his post here at

“I’m sorry. I tried everything i could think of, overextending myself to ridiculous extremes in the process; and i’m no closer to my goal of making any of this sustainable.”

I have always been a huge fan of Maj, and he has always been very good to me. When I emailed him about using the “rekka beats paper” as a site header he immediately gave me the go ahead. He was one of the first sites to put up a link to one of my articles as well.

He puts up a ton of hugely insightful material and content, like the Footsies Bible and the amazing SF4 TACV Series. I’ve always been reading his stuff diligently and I even preordered a copy of his Combo DVD. He’s been an inspiration for me as a budding SF writer, and his technical strategy articles have always been the benchmark of what I want to achieve one day.

It’s a fucking sad day for the community.

So please, if you’ve been a fan of Maj, please go to his site one last time and leave some words of appreciation. Let the man know that you’ve enjoyed his work. We’re all Street Fighter consumers and fanboys, but have we ever considered the time that people put into producing content?

Even if Maj is leaving us, he’s left me with one last great insight. A look into the inner workings between the “view wars” of the community sites out there like eventhubs and

I feel guilty now for having viewed so many embedded videos and articles and not clicked back to the original site. I feel guilty of helping damage the community I love so much.

Not to toot my own horn, but I’ve always had the intent of keeping the content on my site mainly of my own authorship. There wasn’t any concrete reason, just a whim. But I’ve also fallen guilty to the simple embed function.

From now on, I will approach things with a much firmer sense of ethics in my head.

Thank you Maj.

Update!: have done a podcast interviewing Catalyst_nc from Eventhubs.

Check it out here: if you want to hear the other side of the argument.

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2 Responses to It’s a sad day for the community…

  1. Carbonis says:

    Damn dude, when I read Maj’s article I wanted to throw something in rage. Maj was one of those guys who helped me understand street fighter. The footsies guide? That shit is invaluable to me and there are a lot of matches I would not have won had I not studied the guide. SH was definitely a force when it came to insight about strategy and breaking into the tournament scene and so much more.

    So yeah, tonight everyone better pour one out for Maj and Sonic Hurricane, he fucking deserves it.

  2. muttonhead says:

    Hey Carbonis, have a listen to the Iplaywinner podcast I link above. I think it’s always good to hear both sides of the argument. And I have to say promoting more awareness for the average SF consumer is always a good thing.

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