Necroing…the Age? Meet Berzerk!

With all this talk about Toxy getting sponsored, it’s time to get into the time machine and go all the way back to…2008?

Most of the scene probably know Berzerk, he of Madman Entertainment and the enthusiastic Virtua Fighter promotion.

He also has a mean Honda in SSF4 and was my teammate along with Spoony on team Legs, Lamb and Ham. (We got OCVed….twice. By Hyphen and Shaa.)

But did you know Berzerk once competed on a professional gaming circuit on behalf of Australia? Competing at the World Finals of the Championship Gaming Series in Los Angeles on team Sydney Underground.

He wrote an article for the Age, which you should read here:

Meet Berzerk! He’s gaming for Australia

Is it just me or does he look like Shane War...From The Age article.

I read anything about competitive gaming, and his article is both interesting and informative. Check it out!

Here’s an healthy excerpt:

Pro gamer Daniel Chlebowczyk goes for the guts and the glory on the championship gaming circuit.

EVERY athlete faces the same challenge. The ultimate test is not just beating your opponent. It’s not just dealing with the roaring crowd or the clamouring hyperbole of the announcers. To face down defeat, the key is setting things right in your own mind. Focusing on the task you have practiced for – ignoring the glaring lights, the booming noise and the hyped-up crowd stomping, clapping and cheering.

The chaotic scene in which I find myself could be any major sports stage in the world. The difference is that the players are not on a court or a pitch but a stage with glowing monitor screens, consoles and computers. My fellow competitors and I are playing video games, battling for a million dollars in prizes.”

Update: Berzerk has been kind enough to send me more of his written work on e-sports, and various articles profiling him. You can find the links below.

Paid to Play– by Laura Parker Gamespot AU. August 5, 2008.

DOA4 Around the World: Destination Sydney– by Michael Antebi. January 06, 2008.

Dead or Alive Aust Champ– Podcast by Tektime. November 26, 2007

Australian DOA Champ– Podcast by Tektime. June 09, 2007.

Your Turn: Competitive play– by Berzerk (Daniel Chlebowczyk). July 11, 2008.

Update: Be sure to browse Berzerk’s favourites on his Youtube channel for some great DOA action.

And here is one of his favourite matches!

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3 Responses to Necroing…the Age? Meet Berzerk!

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  2. Berzerk says:

    Hey Muttons, thanks for the mention.. I had no idea you’d posted these up 🙂 It’s been quite a while since I got signed in ’07, but we’re still pushing to have the fighting scene recognised. Keep it up

  3. muttonhead says:

    It was my pleasure sir!

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