Immediate AE notes


F+HP is down from 120 damage to 90 damage.

F+ HP, dHP, SRK is 300 damage.

Close standing HK links to SRK midscreen. Must link late. csHK is 110 damage, so jHP, csHK, SRK is 330 damage. Compare this to jHP, cMP, cHP, SRK which is 337 damage.

F+HP, cMP, cMP, cMK, tatsu no longer works on Chun. Or at least I couldn’t get it after a couple of tries. Looks like cMK range nerf may affect some combos. Still works on Blanka.

sMK is 80 damage.

Nerfie nerf nerf.

edit: JHP, csHK cHP EX Tatsu works on Gouken.

Tried csHK on Viper wakeup in the arcades and it works great. Beat a lot of her options outright and traded with whatever it didn’t beat. Got free linked DP afterwards to boot!

MP srk has one more frame of invincibility. About the only change I like in AE Ryu.


New BnB: sLP, sLP, fLK, slide is 217 damage!

Easy BnB: sLP, sLP, cLP, slide is 195 damage.

Must hold down the DDT button to cancel into coward crouch.

Oil can be buffered up to 50 seconds!

Yay now can I finally start doing training room for my AE Hakan.

Will update with more notes as I find more things.

edit: LK Dive/DDT builds the same meter as HK in case you want to do Dive cancel coward crouch for meter.

sHP hurtbox got reduced. Better anti-air.

Sweet-spot Dive as compiled by Mordie-Kai for SRK no longer works on Ryu as MP DP has an additional frame of invincibility.

Sweet Spot Dive Compendium


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3 Responses to Immediate AE notes

  1. Paladinight says:

    Mutton that Ryu combo still works on Chun, I can’t get it consistently, I’ve done it 4 out of 17 times, probably has to hit earliest frames possible but not sure also seems spacing specific too.

  2. muttonhead says:

    Then it’s not worth doing anymore if it’s that inconsistent.

  3. Paladinight says:

    Haha, yeah just wanted to see if it was possible 🙂

    You gonna be at CW tomorrow? I don’t know when I’ll get there cuz it’s my grampa’s bday and my mum hasnt told me when we’re going out to eat.

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