Tweaking my game

Even though I know the dangers into falling into a set routine during a match, one of the setups I often use is a cmp cmp chk, followed by an easy safe jump into another cmp chk combo if it connects.

One minor tweak to my game is that I notice that often when you safe jump from a cmp cmp chk combo, the spacing makes it so that you can only connect a single cmp off your jump in before you do the sweep. After some training room testing, it seems you can walk slightly forward after the jump in, and still connect a full cmp cmp chk and it combos! The other good side to doing this is if the jump in is blocked, and you do the walk forward cmp cmp chk, it’s a good way to get a counterhit. I see Daigo doing this a lot.

So today I’ve been practicing the timing for the walk forward cmp cmp chk off a far safe jump along with option selects jump ins. So far I seem most consistent with jump option select sweep into walk forward cmp cmp chk, but it’ll take me a few sessions before I get the others down.

Another very welcome tweak to my game is something I read on SRK. The conventional wisdom is that Ryu can only punish a Blanka ball when he has super. But apparently when you’re tucked up close to Blanka, you can reversal Ultra an ex up-ball from Blanka midscreen on block! I tested this today and it works. The timing is quite strict, but at least now there’s a point to safe jumping Blanka! Whereas previously I would just safe jump and watch him ex-up ball away to safety when I didn’t have super. I have to integrate this into my anti Blanka strategy right quick, as I normally find it hard to land Ultra midscreen on Blanka anyway.

And lastly I’ve been trying to integrate these excellent Hakan strats from Zangief4life from SRK:

“another strat from j-wiki.
this one is about wake up cross up which can beat reversal srk or whiff reversal srk by getting srk out on wrong direction.
this happends when you knock opponent with oil slide body press then whiff, then forward j.HK pretty early.
you need to j.HK early enough so that it will hit the last part of it on opponent or whiff srk.

for most characters, j.HK will cross up or whiff by st.lp > walk forward few pixel > early j.HK, but timing is tight.

per characters (after oil dive body pres):

standard characters: > early j.HK
for characters that standard setup whiffs and land behind:
st.lp > walk back few pixels > early j.HK

chun: > early j.HK (no delay will cross up, rest will fake cross. won’t work on ex bird)

sagat: > early

Rufus: > delayed (no delay will whiff, small delay will land back, more delay will land front)

Seth: > early (no delay: front, delayed: back or whiff)

6+lp > early j.HK

Ibuki: > early (no delay: front, small delay: back, more delay: front)

Makoto: > (cross up) > delay j.HK (front)

6+lp > early j.HK > forward walk few pixel > early

Cody: > (no delay: cross up, rest will land front)

setups for Non-body press knock down:

HP Rocket: forward dash > early (not exact timing)

air throw: > > early (need some delay)

Oil Dive:
f.dash > back dash > early j.HK (non-oiled condition only) > shortest guard position > early (for standard characters) > > early (for standard characters)”

The timing to land the crossup is super tight, I have to put in a lot more practice!

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2 Responses to Tweaking my game

  1. ByeBi says:

    ggs tonight! Hakan aside, I always love your combos, but what about c.lp with a crouch tech at the start? Could be very viable? Hope I don’t sound presumptious or anything…

  2. muttonhead says:

    GGs tonight ByeBi. clk clp cmp chk is a very viable combo and definitely works, but if you’re referring to the same situation off a cmp cmp chk safe jump, the spacing also becomes an issue.
    Otherwise there’s no issue with the combo, and it would probably be more hit confirmable for people with slow reaction times like me.

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