My to do list

Time for another short list of things to do in training mode.

1- Learn how to DP crossup Psycho Crushers from Bison.

2- Learn to whiff punish the following moves:

Akuma chk (-9 on block but big pushback) and fhk (2nd hit whiffs on Ryu)

Ken chk (-6 on block but big pushback)

Gen’s smk (cannot block this, he gets free hands) and chk

Guile’s backfist (whiffs on crouching)

Juri’s cmk

Bison shk

Boxer chk

Dee Jay cmk

Rose cmp

This is a large hole in my game. Whiff punishing. I realise I am very lousy at making my opponent whiff pokes. I tend to crouch block a lot, and do not dance at the right ranges. I tend to have a “block it” mentality but a lot of these moves are quite safe unless you make them whiff. I realise this footsie skill is very hard to learn however, and is what separates top player footsies from the scrubs like me.

3- Learn how to avoid Gen’s vertical wall dive where he comes down on top of your head.

4- Practice FA dash through, plink chp srk on all shotos cmk fireball. I never do this.

5- Practice using smk if I want to use fireball fadc combos midscreen.

6- Repractice dash/walk towards meaties with clk+clp, clp+chk option select sweep after successful DP or tatsu ender. Keep getting stuffed by mashed shorts because of bad timing.

7- Practice FA dash towards punish instead of holding the FA to try and get a crumble for moves like Hazanshu, Blanka’s chp, Balrog’s shk.

8- Practice delayed safe jump option select sweep on the appropriate characters like Guile.

9- Practice recognising the different Fei rekkas and punishes.

10- Practice SRK FADC off a single counterhit cmp.

That should do it for now, time for some grinding.


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2 Responses to My to do list

  1. spoony says:

    See, this is why you’re going to fly past me the moment you’re comfortable playing under pressure, and playing different play styles against different people/matchups. Because you go home and grind out footsie practice.

    That’s just scary Buttons, keep it up. (although I still recommend putting some anti-air practice in there t0o.)

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