Important SSF4 safe jump and wakeup information+ To Do list

By noodalls from SRK at
Post Ryu d+HK
Normal speed – Ryu, Honda, Sakura, Dhalsim, Claw, Boxer, Fuerte, Juri, Hakan, Guy, Cody, Deejay,THawk, Dudley, Makoto
1 Frame faster – Ibuki
7 Frames faster – Adon***
1 Frame slower – Sagat, Cammy
2 Frames Slower – Blanka

Post Ryu L2 FA
Normal Speed – Juri, Guy, Cody, Deejay, THawk, Dudley, Ibuki, Makoto, Honda, Sakura, Boxer, Fuerte, Ryu, Cammy
1 Frame slower – Sagat, Claw, Blanka, Dhalsim
2 Frames slower – Adon
5 Frames slower – Hakan

****Checked this multiple times. Seems adon just gets up really fast.

Took the chance to look at Ibuki’s glitched wakeup. Ryu does d+HK on F1, then check to see how long until he can do another d+HK which will hit their wakeup at the earliest opportunity.

Dhalsim (standard wakeup) is F81
Sagat (1F slower) is F82
Ibuki (1F faster, so should be F80) is F85
Adon (7F faster) is F74

So Ibuki has an additional 5F of invincibility.

One thing that I haven’t seen commented on (and it may just be my google-fu is weak) is the change that quickstand has on wakeup timing.

I looked into it with Ryu on 1P and on 2P.

1P Ryu does LP SRK on F3 (r on F1, d on F2, df+LP on F3).
If 2P Ryu does not quickstand, the first frame he can press up to jump on is F157.

2P Ryu can press two buttons on F63-73 to quick stand (reversal message displayed). It does not appear you can negative edge it
If Ryu quickstands on F63 he can jump on F98.
If Ryu quickstands on F37 he can jump on F103.

This was tested on SF4 PC and SSF4 PS3 with the same setup. No changes noted.


Really interesting stuff. I have to make a note of that on Adon and Ibuki’s wakeup speed as the only two new characters in SSF4 with nonstandard timing.

I always have problems timing safe jumps on Sagat as well, often I do it too early so that the tiger uppercut is blocked, but if they didn’t uppercut my jump in whiffs as well. That single frame makes a whole lot of difference. Training room is good for testing but I find it so hard to practice things like option selects and safe jumps. If only Capcom had put in a “CPU reversal on wake up” option that would be fantastic.

The other interesting thing to note is that you can quickstand on two different timings, you can probably do this to screw up some of your opponent’s meaty timing. I remember reading on SRK Ranix talking about this on the Ryu boards.

To Do List-Ryu:

-Make sure I never backdash out of any srk fadc ultra again like I did against Daigo. To be fair I have identified this problem quite some time ago, and have been practicising the troublesome combos. For instance it happens most often when I’m holding down back and rush the chp srk fadc ultra combo, the back down plus probably a mashed back motion in my sloppy Ultra motion produces a backdash.

-Practice specific punishes. E.G. standing jab to sweep on Abel’s ex wheel kick.

-Practice autocorrect dps against the new character’s crossups, and the new jumps in SSF4 like Gen and Gief.

-Practice option select timing. I haven’t been practicising these for a while, and I notice I have been executing my Jump DP os a little late recently, resulting in an unwanted dp on a blocked jump in.

-Practice whiff punishing in footsies wars. I know I am a scrub, and one thing I have never done, shockingly, is punish another shoto low forward whiff with a sweep intentionally. I am not sure how to practice this, maybe footsies is something you can only work on in matches.

-I need to up my corner game. Specifically hit confirm into low forward fireball fadc combos. I have been practicising some of the new SSF4 ryu combos like cmp chp lk tatsu into srk a lot. I also need to repractice EX fireball into Ultra in the corner, because ex fireball has additional recovery time now, making it a little tighter to hit the ultra.

-My eternal tormentor. Forward hp, chp, srk. Ah you elusive bastard. I have practicised this combo over and over and over, even switching my plink from hp~mp to hp~lp (and considering hp~mplp), but I still cannot execute this consistently in matches. So many times I would walk past somebody playing Ryu in casuals in a tourney, and when I see them execute fp chp srk I get so envious. I once spent an afternoon practicising nothing but this combo while watching the entire season 4 of The Office, but to no avail. Sigh. I need to get this down. People will really fear whiffing an srk on me once I can do this consistently.

-Matchups, matchups, matchups. So many matchups and so little time. Right now I’m punishing a lot of the new characters’ moves with sweep. And somehow I think that won’t cut it. Time to whip out the frame data charts and training room.

-Practice walk forward cmp frame traps. Again, really hard to practice in training mode. Hopefully someone out there can figure out a way to practice this without another human being helping me mash crouch tech on block. I realise Ryu’s rushdown simply isn’t that great. I can’t get momentum without a knockdown, and good players don’t concede knockdown to me that easily via cheap tick throws. I need to counterhit my way into a knockdown.

-I’ve managed to add low forward vs Bison headstomp followup and Viper flame kick to my game, but I have yet to do it successfully against Sagat’s tiger knee. As in, delay the low forward to make the tiger knee whiff, and combo into srk. To be honest I haven’t played a Sagat in SSF4 in weeks! All the Sagats have dissappeared!

To Do List: Hakan

-Need more execution practice. To be honest I haven’t been practicising Hakan’s execution in training mode recently. Partly it feels that I don’t have to work on his combos/links that much because he barely has any, but it still is very important. Specifically I need to get his links down, like standing lp standing lp standing mp. Or his combos into flp. They’re still important as pressure strings, even if I can’t cancel into specials or get the knockdown after.

-Practice character specific DDT setups.

-Practice slide frame advantage setups.

-Practice “uncombos” like forward mp on hit into mk ddt.

-Practice the new deep jumping rh mixup developed by Jarekov. Basically, jump in really deep and get the opponent to block jumping roundhouse. If timed properly, he will be unable to crouch in time to avoid lk ddt. If jumping rh hits, do a combo e.g. cmk slide. Obviously, invincible reversals and backdashes still apply.

-Practice DNC backdash clk as anti-air or GTFO me move. I haven’t really started using DNC as a defensive tool.

-Figure out more uses for super. I managed to land a lk super on Sorto83’s Bison today, after a blocked headstomp, I supered his followup. The startup takes forever, but there should be a few more creative things I can use super to punish with.

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4 Responses to Important SSF4 safe jump and wakeup information+ To Do list

  1. Jacob says:

    Wow, thanks Maj!CPS2: First combo video kinda. There’s aehnotr combo vid on my channel which took about 2 seconds to make and was basically a joke and tribute to one of the stupidest combos in ST.(Which is totally possible in a match btw.)But yeah, after working on animated commercials for a year, having done an animation course at an art academy and being on my third animated feature, I’ve got some experience making videos. 😛 I’m usually not at the end of the production though, so doing a full vid is pretty rare for me.Battousai: Strangely enough, those kinda wrote themselves. With the zero damage and the combos I usually started with an untested theory of what I wanted to do, or a solid idea that I wanted to show but had to add something too.Before I started working on this I was keeping a log with strange things that would happen during my matches. Then it was a matter of trying to recreate those moments. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t, but when it didn’t I would usually run into something I hadn’t thought of before that I could use.Gief’s Running Bear Grab leaning through Ryu’s Super for instance, was total random luck. The original idea was a lot more subtle, to have Ryu reverse DP out of Kick 360 fullscreen glitch.Thanks for the kind words guys. 🙂

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