PSN match vids: Garylok and I

Garylok was nice enough to record videos of our most recent set. Preface: he’s relatively new to Cody, and normally he does much better with his Balrog main against me. I still have no means to record video, big thanks to Garylok.

GGs Garylok!

Brief match analysis I did for Garylok (Which will be boring for everyone else to read):

Note: I don’t play Cody, so my match analysis will be somewhat limited in that department in terms of move knowledge, max damage etc.
Round 1

0:36: I missed my cmp+clk+clp os tech, and did a mp plink instead and got thrown. Doh.

0:40: Nice fake crossup. I missed my autocorrect dp as you can see in the inputs. But you can’t miss the link! I got a free sweep, and safe jump for that. Maybe plink the cmp?

0:54: Nice AA! Keep me in that corner.

1:05: Bad decision on my part. Earlier on I had attempted the same cmp walk forward throw, and gotten hit by your crouch tech. I should have realised your habit and gone for perhaps a straight string or an counterhit at that point instead.


1:11: Can ruffian kicks be punished? Frame data time. Edit: They’re all minimum -7 on block at the least, so at the very least I can get a sweep everytime. Good to know.

1:23: I tend to save meter all round, but at the end of the round I have a tendency to burn a lot of EX fireballs to try and take the round. You can probably use that against me next time.

Round 2

1:40: After the forward fierce, we’re at even frames. You hit clp which is a 4 frame move, and generally would lose to everything I would put out like my 3 frame clp, throw, etc. Maybe delayed tech or backdash might be better?

1:43: Missed my chp plink

1:45: caught you hitting crouch tech too early.

1:58: Nice trick! where was my tech.

2:01: Can’t safe jump Ryu. Empty jump might’ve worked though. Jumping from that distance, my puny brain doesn’t have to decide on which way to block, and I would probably dp.

2:06: Missed another autocorrect DP. Nice combo.

2:26: Horrible air tatsu.

2:32: Hm. Can’t say that jumping back in retrospect was a good decision.

Round 3

2:40: Dangerous EX ruffian, but you caught  me doing something stupid, FAing from that distance?

2:48: This time I realised you were gonna mash crouch tech at that juncture, and a normal attack string snagged a counterhit. Bad followup combo for me though.

2:52: What a lousy AA focus.

2:55: Yet another missed autocorrect DP. I guess it’s better to practice that stuff in casuals, than miss it in tourneys. (My excuse.)

2:58: Another one of my bad habits: sticking out cmk in panic. You punished me nicely for it.

3:16: FIMBLE!

3:17: I’m not sure whether clp is a good wakeup option in the corner, but it worked that time!


Round 1

0:38: Good defence.

0:57: Nice catch! I did two bad cmks preceding that, you caught the second one. I need to walk forward and make sure I hit that cmk, not stick it out blindly.

1:00: You need to punish me very hard when i miss a big dp like that. With black leather and whips.

1:15: Nice read on my bad fireball, and nice whiff normal throw trick. Have to recognise that faster.

Round 2:

1:33: Bad hit confirm into sweep for me. Ryu’s sweep is -14 on block, most characters can Ultra back on block. You need to punish me hard everytime I do a dumb sweep.

1:37: I dunno what I was trying to do here. Huge waste.

1:54: When you see Ryu going for a combo into sweep, prepare to punish the sweep if he missed the combo like I did.

Round 3:

2:22: Sometimes the distance of the blocked sweep plus the pushback makesit hard to punish.

2:30: Nice block of my overhead.

3:10: Nice, you kept your cool while I threw the round away.

Round 4:

3:32: Interesting, the forward roundhouse even goes over my low forward.

3:46: Punish me!!!

3:48: You can see me so obviously trying to walk back to a safe distance to throw a fireball. Once I reached that distance, I did throw a fireball. You seem to be reading my intent too, by walking forward with me, but I guess you should have readied an EX ruffian instead of jumping at the unsafe range.

4:00: cmp cmp cmk fireball is actually really unsafe. You can focus through the fireball, ex ruffian through it, almost anything really.

4:06: At least I’m slowly getting better at autocorrect dping Cody’s crossup.

4:20: Bad decision by me. I should have gone for the chp tatsu followup for the kill, rather than the untechable knockdown combo, which I missed. You should’ve killed me there too!

4:26: Nice, punish that fireball spam.


Round 1

0:28: Ryu’s at +2 after a blocked lvl 2 focus. Most Ryu’s would be fishing for that counterhit. Too bad I stuffed up the combo.

0:44: I would go on to miss the chk plink 3 times in a row after this 😦 Thank god for the fallback cmk though.

0:52: You shouldn’t try to jump out of crossups, especially that close to dizzy.

Round 2

1:16: Remember the +2. Unless you’re going for an risky invincible reversal, better to just delay your tech.

1:18: Just block the safe jump. Back strong is too slow here.

Round 3

1:57: A ton of Ryus go for low forward hado after a successful overhead. The overhead is +2 on hit on crouching opponents, so that’s why the 5 frame cmk counterhits a lot.


0:20: No DP 😦

0:41: Should’ve OS swept the backdash.

0:56: Interesting, your jump in beat the DP. Perhaps it was late enough that the invincibility frames ran out?

1:18: I was just trying to bait your ultra out. But I also screwed out my DP so bad that I blew an entire super to kill you. Ultra fail.

Round 2

2:00: You threw me out of a few attempted meaties, which means my timing is really bad. But just be aware that a perfectly timed meaty will always beat out a throw attempt.

Round 3

2:26: Nice, you recognised that I would want to push forward out of the corner, and snagged my dash with the ex ruffian.

2:30: That string can’t be safe can it. I should just FA through the bad stone.

2:50: You started to mash crouch tech profusely. Which is why you got caught by the meaty. Blocking more is always good.

2:56: Ultra my ass! Okay from now on I assume you can see the blocked sweeps you can punish, so I’ll won’t list the ones in the future.


Round 1

0:54: Nice reaction Ruffian.

0:56: Gotta tech that DP FADC throw.

1:00: Missed my plink. If you were crouching the tatsu would’ve whiffed.

1:03: Meaty > crouch tech.

1:07: Horrible FADC. I think I held it out of frustration lol. Free Ultra for you!

Round 2

1:36: Too much consecutive FA. Even a noob like me will realise it’s time to mash forward fierce lol.

1:48: Nice reaction! Blame Capcom for what happened next though. EDIT: Actually the Ultra didn’t fully connect because I FADCed the fireball. Watch the meter.

Round 3

2:24: Mashing throw on wakeup. You caught me that time, but if I’d timed it better you would’ve gotten hit. Bad habit on wakeup.

2:26: That’s the problem with empty jumps. Nice try, though.

2:30: Mega waste. Be aware that I’m safe after Super though.

2:52: You did pretty well in the corner for a while there!


Round 1

0:27: Since I completely missed the fireball, you should have gone for a punish combo right away rather than a hit confirm one. Still damage is damage, I guess.

0:46: I finally get smarter and use safer cmk hado instead of leaving gaping holes with bad sweeps. Finally start use the better forward fierce combo as well.

Round 2

1:40: Horrible fimbles by me. Don’t mash throw after the overhead!

Round 3

1:52: Block.

1:58: I must’ve been dreaming.

2:07: Shoryukening empty air. Excellent.

2:16: Bad decision: I got a crumple, and still did a hit confirm combo. AND missed it to boot.

2:26: Nice read. I should be throwing hados on reaction to your stones, but I guess I got carried away.

2:40: You forgot to block! The FADC sweep uncomboed. EDIT: It probably only read as two hits because you absorbed the first one with FA.

2:45: forward throw?


Round 1

0:26: Actually I don’t know, does Tatsu go through bad stone? Probably not feasible I guess.

0:50: Nice AA!

0:53: Should have DPED!!!!

1:08: Second consecutive whiffed FA in the round that I didn’t punish.

1:20: Good corner pressure.

Round 2

1:34: You’re hitting me a lot with Ruffian kicks after a fireball, and I am stupidly not adapting. I should bait a few more out.

1:47: Missed the combo. Where was the plink?? Good punish.

1:58: That was a hella dangerous fireball.

Round 3

2:19: Good air control to start the round.

3:03: Too many ex ruffians that I should be blocking.

Round 4: Round of the fimble

3:14: First big fimble.

3:20: Nice! Can’t FA too much against Cody.

3:34: Too early, too early. Wonder why I am even bothering to time my

jumps so deep against bad reversals Cody.

3:46: Fimble number two.

3:52: Fimble NUMBER THREE! Kill me now.

3:55: Mercifully, you kill me. Ending my shame.

You throw too much on wakeup, get hit by too many meaties. You have much better reactions than me, better intuition etc. Need more plinking from you! Punish sweeps. My offense is predictable, just block and tech, you’ll be fine. Can’t safe jump Ryu.

Bad, bad execution in the clutch. Get hit by too many ruffian kicks trying to advance forward after cmk hado. Need to tech whiff forward roundhouse throw. Punish clp clp cmp bad stone strings. AA was surprisingly decent this set. Which shocks me.

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10 Responses to PSN match vids: Garylok and I

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mutton, why on earth– match 4 end of round one– did you punish his whiffed ultra with a super? Surely any normal or special would have done the job and you still would have had a full duper for the next round. Looke dcool, though! Good fights, enjoyed watching them.

  2. HeartProfessor says:

    Oops, didn’t read your post, did I? Sorry!

  3. muttonhead says:

    I know, I know. Horrible, wasteful mistake by me 😦

  4. garylok says:

    thanks for the write ups. I now understand why frame data is so important, ive never looked at it till i realised i cant safe jump you (which i learnt after about 5 games lol).

    EX ruffian is kinda weird. The start up doesnt go through projectiles, its only when he starts sliding with both feet on the ground so its really hard to ready a EX ruff when your close.

    I havent clicked in with plinking (still =[) because i havent fully grasped it yet even after reading and watching vids on it. I understand it but dont know how to apply it in practice i.e timing etc.

    I also got to work on my EX tatsu crossup blocking. Sometimes i see it coming but i still cant block it and other times, it doesnt even cross my mind.

    I jump too much especially when pressured.

    1 thing you should be careful of is when you poke xx hado OS, i can counter poke with cr.lp xx MK ruffian OS. You really dont want to get hit with MK ruff because it pushes you far back which either gets me out of the corner, or puts you in one.

    My corner pressure is really bad because i dont know how to frame trap or do good block strings with cody, but if you were to play a better player, youll need to be careful.

    Daigo does a jump in OS to a DP so if i backdash or FA, ill eat a DP. perhaps you should be doing that so you dont eat my FA?

    • muttonhead says:

      No problem Gary. Ahh, that’s good to know about EX ruffian. I guess that makes corner fireball traps more viable on Cody at the very least.

      Yeah my cmk hado is still pretty scrubbish at the moment 😦

      Hm your Balrog corner pressure is pretty good though. I guess if you can consistently chp me out of my escape air tatsu, then I’ll really be screwed.

      Regarding the jump-in OS DP, it won’t come out if you do an FA. Jump in option selects work because of the hit stun frames or lack of them allowing the input retention to come out. And since you’re actually taking the hit with the FA, the DP won’t come out. I have to do it manually, which admittedly I need to improve on. I always have the bad habit of doing fierce DP which often trades when I need to do strong DP.

      Plinking takes time man, I guess you have to go into training room and actually perform the plinks themselves a few hundred times before you feel comfortable enough to insert them into combos. Just send me a message if you need any plinking help anytime.

  5. Carbonis says:

    Wow, really sick matches Mutton. Your Ryu has really improved since those heartprofessor videos you posted a while back.

    Loved the counterhit HP at the beginning of 6/7.

  6. muttonhead says:

    Thanks Carbonis. I actually don’t think I’ve improved that much, I still get smashed at local meetups 😦 Maybe I got better at some things I’ve been specifically working on, but I also got a little bit worse at some other things as well, which makes me want to pull my hair out.

  7. mR_CaESaR says:

    Mutton/Chee, you should change your title of your blog to “being a pro” now 🙂

    Mate far from scrubbish in these matches, you have fundamentals down pat, don’t jump and no random DP’s, I honestly wish I could stop the urge to do those things myself, but I’m sooo scrubbish its not funny.

    From one Ryu player to another Ryu player, I have a couple of advice that I’ve learned from (I know its a lot easier said then done, but as long as you try and mentally put it in your head, I’m sure it’ll eventually come – it still hasn’t happened for me :D)

    – You could implement kara throwing into your game, I know Ryu’s kara throw range is nothing special, hell some will even say pathetic, but any extra range is better then nothing 🙂 Since using Ryu’s kara throw into my game, I’m finding I’m now able to throw people a bit more now then I used to, well worth it imo.

    – The cr.mpx2>>fb string you like to do, my biggest advice with that is, stop the fb if you can when being used as a block string, only reason being is that’s the “danger” zone for us Ryu players, good players know that most Ryu’s will throw the>fb and as a result, the better players will FADC into you and we will tend to get punished.

    Other then that man, your Ryu is coming along great and I’m so envious that you can stop the urge to do random DP’s and not jump, sooooo jealous 🙂

    • muttonhead says:

      Hey Mr_Caesar, thanks very much for the compliment. While I do think I try to play in a fundamental way, I still have a lack of; speed of thought, good adaptive ability, advanced footsies, and I am only passable at anti-air. So definitely a long way to go!
      -You’re right about the kara throw, I was watching your input in your matches with Slidenafl, and noticing that you do the kara throw everytime. I really need to add that into my game, like you said, it’s a small thing, but every small thing counts 🙂
      -That is another one of my major bad habits, and a TON of good players punish me so hard for it. Ultras, FA through, you name. Somehow it takes a lot of willpower for me to NOT throw that hado, but when I do do it, it’s so rewarding to get a free punish on their Ultra.
      Thanks for the input mrcaesar! I really appreciate the feedback from a fellow Oz Ryu.

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