Being a Street Fighter couch potato!

I just want to highlight three SF video series that I’m pretty fond of.

Everyone that knows me probably knows my great love for the Dogface Show. The show done at Socal Regionals was probably every SF fanboy’s ultimate dream, featuring John Choi, Mike Watson and Alex Valle!! I don’t think you can get any more O.G. than that unless Tomo Ohira shows up again.

This is part one of the show, you can catch the whole thing at

The second show I want to highlight is the excellent series done by Zaid Tabani aka Redrapper.

It’s a great look into the inner workings of the Socal scene, and I personally like anything with James Chen in it. Even if he does praise Kobe.

There’s even footage of Oz’s own Humanbomb sparring against Daigo in it!

And the third video I want to highlight is the newest in-game video by none other than Sol-T, who was featured in the first episode of the Don’t be a Scrub Podcast. There’s nothing like some nasty actual in-game beatdown. And you know what? My matches with Sol all go exactly like that, with me on the receiving end.

Check out his insane execution here:

Time for some not so happy words.

When I was writing this post, I was feeling enthusiastic about sharing these videos that I really enjoyed. Then I started thinking about the recent content debate in the community. I’m very new to this web content business, and I want to have a clear sense of ethics with whatever I do here.

Sure, I don’t make any money from my site, but other people do. And they depend on the view numbers for their revenue. Have I gone ahead and linked to every source that I’ve embedded a video from? Yes I have, but if people view content on my site, what’s the incentive for them to actually click back to the source? Am I contributing to the problem here?

I like SRK’s model of putting up excerpts from articles and piqueing your interest. If you want to read the whole thing, you probably will click on the link to the source site. But what about videos?

What’s the clearcut solution here? Should I screencap videos and make the image link to the source site? Doing that will take much more time than just typing the youtube address in my blog post. But maybe it’s time that I should be taking.

I’m confused about the right thing to do here. Sure everybody else simply embeds videos and puts a link back. But I don’t think “everybody else does it” is a valid reason in itself.

Anybody has any thoughts?

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5 Responses to Being a Street Fighter couch potato!

  1. tamiran says:

    I love Street Fighter. My favourite character is Ryu.

  2. Maj says:

    There is no clearcut solution, sir. This situation sucks for everyone involved, except for the three or four people profiting from everyone else’s work. There’s no way to fight it without sacrificing the “community first, me second” stance that we’ve all upheld forever. And if that’s what it takes, then it’s not worth it for me.

    Anyway i could either step away quietly without explaining anything, or i could at least make sure that anyone who tries to follow in my footsteps understands what’s in store for them. I mean this isn’t the end of original content. It’s just the end of dedicated content producers releasing new material on a regular basis without having to restrict access to it. (Figuring out how to do that won’t be easy either.)

    • muttonhead says:

      I appreciate you taking the time Maj to say a few words. I’m still confused about the right thing to do a lot of the time. It looks like it’s just one of those unwinnable situations right now, and I feel really bad for you guys that put so much into it.
      Personally I’m really sad that other dedicated content producers might also burn out because I love all your content, but I really appreciate you opening my eyes sir Maybe it’s just one of things that raising awareness will help combat people’s sense of entitlement, but I feel pretty pessimistic looking at all the precedents out there on the internet.
      In any case I will still follow closely any discussion on the topic, maybe in the future there will be a better answer.

    • Maj says:

      At this point i’m just trying to avoid causing any more drama, which is why i’ve stayed away from the debates on SRK and other websites. Unfortunately the audience for these “news” sites has a 30-second attention span and this happens to be a 90-minute issue.

      Plus the whole situation is very top-heavy. The top two or three news sites control probably 80-90% of the daily SF community traffic. So it really comes down to how those four or five people conduct themselves.

      Anyway i don’t really want to get into this all over again, but just wanted to say thanks for showing genuine concern.

      • muttonhead says:

        Yes I agree that this issue is not going to go away anytime soon. You’re welcome Maj, and you don’t have to explain yourself any further to any irate people. Enjoy actually having spare time! Play some games and get away from it all. I’ll always be a big fan.

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