Updated with Burnout’s new video:

I had to work unexpectedly on Friday…so I had to run home really quick after and haul some major ass to get there in time to grab the key for CCH.

Thanks to Melbourne’s wonderful train system, I had to wait nearly forty plus minutes for a train. A lot of  the trains that were delayed that day then chose to skip West Richmond in order to get back on schedule. So a twenty minute journey became a fifty minute journey. And I was really sweating it as the clock ticked closer and closer to 5:50. (The library closes at six.)

The train came at 5:50, I ran back from the street where I was trying to hail a cab and  squeezed onto the train. I got out at Collingwood and sprinted down from the platform with my Xbox and stick banging around on my back, really busting a lung to get there…only to spy Burnout already calmly waiting there with his video setup.

Doh. I should have just got his number and called him to pick up the key instead of stressing myself out. Oh well, in any case I got there at  around 5:59, panting and sweating much to the amusement of the library staff.

But it was worth it.

Because the Shadowloo guys premiered another Shadowloo Showdown trailer and boy, was it buttery.

Everyone watching got so excited, and there was a special hidden secret Melbourne-exclusive video at the end of it that was incredibly hilarious too! MAJOR props to Shadowloo for liasing with with the players, and Bosslogic for making maybe his best video yet.

The funny thing is Dave has been teaching me video skills for work. So I sit there and look the video that I made and I might feel myself a little bit. I think to myself; hey maybe I actually know how to make videos now.

Then I watch the trailer Dave made and I’m reminded; now That is some Video Editing. Holy shit.

But probably the best thing about the night was Nick’s reaction to the Third Strike reveals. Poor Nick loves Third Strike so much and must probably detest how SF4 has pretty much killed the scene for the game.

But his mind was completely blown watching the trailer and he seemed almost on the verge of tears! It was awesome.

Check it out here: (Nick is the blonde dude second from the right)

It was a great night, thanks to everyone for coming. Thanks to Ali and Chris and anyone else who helped run the tournaments.

I went 0-2 in SF4 again (I lost to Nick and Eddie) and I didn’t do much better in Marvel. But sitting there watching the matches, I was able to think about some things and come up with some potential counters and things to try in training mode that might be able to stop some of the strategies that are currently frustrating me. So that at least might be worth all the losing.

Sorry Ali and co. for putting the trailers up late, I was at the German Film Festival last night. I really enjoyed the shows I watched, maybe you guys might want to give it a look!

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  1. baldiebasher says:

    See you online soon…

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