The most HYPE match ever.

I watched the EVO grand finals at Dave/Bosslogic’s house with Dave and Exis.

I will never forget how I felt during that match. We just kind of looked at each other afterward with that Ohmyfuckinggod face, stunned for an eternity.

THE MACHINE!!! In a way we felt so proud because Poongko kind of made his big international splash by winning Shadowloo Showdown in Australia and going Stone Cold Steve Austin afterwards (though he was already a very famous player). It’s also kind of awesome to see a nickname that Australia (correct me if I’m wrong but I think Igor came up with it) stick to a player and become almost synonymous worldwide with him.

And to think he almost ended up not going to EVO!

I am so happy he went.



My friend Dan:

Connecting with multiple fierce Seth uppercuts

against one of the top players in the world



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2 Responses to The most HYPE match ever.

  1. skullatornz says:

    Haha yeah man I jumped out of my chair when I saw that match it was too awesome. Very glad a twin didn’t win Evolution 2011, and with balance patches incoming I don’t see them being as much of a problem next time.

    • muttonhead says:

      I am so glad that a twin didn’t win EVO, but wait, but I’m not sure whether I should be happy or sad that it took 13 Fei Longs in top 32 for a Fei to win EVO?

      In any case, this year was still awesome, upsets and hype galore. Latif blew my mind as well.

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