Creativenauts at it again

It’s interesting how the game looks from a different perspective. I think the top down view makes it feel, to me at least, more impressive and a lot more 3D.

On a side note I’m having a lot of fun with Marvel these days…dropping Tron and picking up Spencer has really brought back the X-factor comeback factor that I felt lacking with Tron and missed having with my week 1 Sentinel back in the day. It feels like I am finally fully utilising what is a big part of MVC3- ridiculous, gay X-factor level 3 comebacks.

I am liking the new top to down synergy of my team with DHCs and assists, and I am also liking the damage very much. I still can’t do the advanced Spencer combos yet…but that doesn’t matter too much when he’s X-factored.

…That also means I can X-copy Combofiend’s strats 😛

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1 Response to Creativenauts at it again

  1. Waterfall says:

    I wonder if you can do that the the PC version of Sf4
    Imagine replaying the fight but from 3rd person view (like the Nintendo DS), top down or First Person Shooter.


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