BAM is in 12 days!

So the last major for the year is almost upon us. It’s been one helluva year for fighting games in Australia, and I’m actually glad that it’s almost over and we get to take a bit of a break until 2012.

BAM is going to be a lot of fun. I’ve really enjoyed the organisational process leading up to BAM. Loki being the god of organisation with his regular meetings and tidy bullet points all just make it seem so…organised. I just sit there in the corner happily eating my fish and chips and letting the wave of intelligent organisation emanating from Berzerk and Loki wash over me. I feel so calm and reassured afterwards, with this feeling of things are going well, thanks to the CW staff. I’m like a happy sheep blissfully following Loki the shepherd.

It’s going to be a lot less hectic than Shadowloo Showdown, mainly because of the absence of 27 frickin’ internationals, so I’m looking forward to chilling more, talking to people, and generally enjoying the moment.

I’m excited for a lot of things… playable versions of Ultimate MVC3 and SFxTekken. I’m going to play all my characters in UMVC3 to see how badly they were nerfed, and maybe I will construct a new Doom-centred team if things feel too different.

The Pie-face sponsorship. More incentive to be lazy and walk less far for lunch! Alright, alright. I take back some of my Pieface hate. It’s alright. It’s pretty tasty and… I lower my overrated rating from high to just slightly overrated.

The BAM media booklet. A lot of work has gone into it, and I can’t wait to laugh at the fake-ads that Dave are gonna put into it. The Rossco “It’s okay” hug poster, tons of inside jokes, things like that. I’m having a blast writing the player profiles as well, so I hope the fun I feel comes out through the writing. Hopefully we get them ready in time for the stream.

Me and Spoony are running Marvel this year. I love to hate on Marvel, and my favourite line is “I volunteered to run Marvel so I won’t have to enter it” has a lot of truth in it, but I’m enjoying the game a lot more these days, and I hope we have a good tournament. I’m relying a lot on Spoony to be the wise, experienced tournament head, so let’s hope things go well!

Also thanks to Gab, Bernard, Shadowfox and Syntax for volunteering to be Marvel judges for us. You guys rock. I will buy all of you some Pie-face, and some of that gravy stuff for you, Gab.

I hope everybody comes to BAM. If you see me, feel free to grab me for a chat. I’m going to make an effort to not overextend myself and be well-fed and content and to be much less of a grouchy asshole in general. I wanna spend a lot more time talking to more people and having fun this major.

I want to have a ball the whole weekend,  and experience exciting romance. This October, I want to be a teenager in love.

Edit: check out Dave/Bosslogic’s beautiful cover for the BAM magazine!

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3 Responses to BAM is in 12 days!

  1. V.I.T.R.I.O.L says:

    It’ll definitely be good to go into a major thats more organized, and sf x t and scv are going to be hype.

    Butter time: congratulations Mootens on your 2nd consecutive CW RANBAT top 8. Blog name needs changing now.

    • muttonhead says:

      Definitely, I almost forgot about Soul Calibur V.

      Thanks man, but I would say your performance of qualifying for top 8 in WINNERS and your great matches in top 8 was way more impressive! I was really happy for you man, good shit.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That’s too cool to be Ryu. That should be Ken. If it has to be Ryu, go white…..

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