My five minutes with AE 2012

So I got home today and discovered that the patch is out.

So I played around a bit in training mode and here is what I found before I had to go to dinner.

Midscreen counter hit EX fireball with no FADC into Ultra 1 makes all the hits from the Ultra hit. Not sure if this was there before, but that does 408 damage.

Counter hit EX fireball into Ultra 2 does 516 damage.

With the +10 damage to HP DP and Solar Plexus Strike, the old classic f+HP, cHP, DP now does 318 damage, 460 stun.

Yes! I am so happy about this following thing.

My favourite combo in Super SFIV can now be done on Chun Li again. f+HP, cMP, cMP, cMK, tatsu. I used to love doing this to Chun Li in Super, and I’m really glad to see it back!

It does 322 damage, 470 stun.

Here comes a part I don’t understand. In AE I thought the cmk had less range, and so did a variety of top players. But when the hitbox data came out, a lot of people told me the range was exactly the same, but only the hurtbox changed. A lot of people on the SRK Ryu forums voiced as much.

So if the range didn’t change, and only the active frames got reduced, why did the f+HP, cMP, cMP, cMK tatsu combo not work in AE? Does it have something to do with the active frames? Hmm….

I played around with the air tatsu. Offensive air tatsu is back, and seems to be the same range with Super. Combos into Super midscreen, Ultra in the corner as per normal. The obvious downside is the short window you have to time it correctly. Do it too early or late and you get the hovercopter and eat big punish to face.

But that’s a great change. The offensive air tatsu and the +10 damage to fireballs meaning I don’t lose the fireball/Dhalsim stand fierce trade anymore really helps a lot in the Sim vs. Ryu matchup.

I screwed around with counterhit close stand roundhouse. I tried it on Chun and Ryu, and for the life of me I couldn’t connect sweep after the CH csHK. CH csHK cMP sweep worked on Chun though.

Interestingly enough, when I made the dummy crouch, CH csHK comboed into sweep really easily! Which might be useful since your counterhits generally catch people crouch teching anyway.

Anyway I gather that CH csHK followups will be highly character specific, and crouch/stand specific and will require much more testing from me.

HP DP. Feels good, can’t FADC or Super cancel or juggle in the corner after lk tatsu though.

clk clp MP/LP DP FADC works but clk clp clp LP DP FADC is a no go. cMP cHP MDP FADC seems to work on everybody but I don’t think cMP cHP LDP FADC is universal.

Again this means more character specific combos to really optimise your damage,and I definitely need some training room time to rework my muscle memory so I can do cLK cLP HP/MP DP depending on the situation automatically and naturally.

There was a rumour that the fireball speeds have changed. I cannot confirm this just with the naked eye, hopefully someone will have concrete evidence soon. If it’s true then I am very pleased with this change! (Assuming it’s a slower LP fireball and a faster HP fireball.)

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11 Responses to My five minutes with AE 2012

  1. says:

    Starts at the 11 sec mark
    All I can say is.. GREAT BALLS of FIRE!

  2. Baldiebasher says:

    Hey man, it’s been a really long time, seems like I find renewed interest in SF every once in awhile and this site is the first one I come to. I miss the days when your Ryu would walk n stomp his fat foot in the face of my Abel while other times I would just go, fireball? ULTRA MASH NOWSS!
    For this reason alone I might be picking up an Xbox360 which is on sale(YES, FINALLY CHEAP) so we can duke it out again. Only thing left to do is find someone/some place to mod my stick.

  3. Baldiebasher says:

    Hectic, just got a 360 today and ae, so happy Harvey Norman is having sale on them.
    now all that’s left is to wait for a reply from mr caesar.

    • Baldiebasher says:

      Picked up a qanba q4 from ctn. Stick is amazing n now I’m really g’d to play, though its christmas so no time for that yet. See you after the holidays, I sent you a friend request, I think its under turretboom or it might be under baldiebasher, i just changed the gamertag

      • muttonhead says:

        Awesome, I don’t really play much online anymore, but will definitely add you. BTW hit up the offline meetups in Sydney while you’re at it! I hear the York Street meetups are really good.

  4. Kikuichimonji says: -> sweep combos on everyone without counterhit now. It worked on many characters in AE when crouching, but now it should work on every single one.

    You can also do -> xx EX fireball/tatsu.

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