Grindin’ Sets: Daichi, Flexi, Gab, Shadowfox, Albert

Getting back in the groove of things after being quite busy last few weeks. Trying to incorporate a lot of specific things into my game, such as using Veil of Mist to land the instant jL into dfH qcfS with Amaterasu. I figure if I get a hit on a full life character, I can do a disc combo which gets me about 400k, S them down, weapon switch to glaive and do Veil of Mist and go for the instant overhead which I can reach 600k with one meter, and that will kill a million-health character. Obviously I would like to kill the character without having to reset, but them’s the breaks with non X-factor solo Amaterasu.

Recorded a bunch of sets (Click the jump to see them all):

Albert wanted to get in a set with me after labbing it up and receiving some great advice from Baxter. I think we both still have a lot to work on, my lack of practice the last week or so really shows.

Managed to record a set against the world famous Japanese execution master Daichi Akahoshi!

In all seriousness Daichi has helped me so much in UMVC3, and he usually bodies the crap out of me, even if he hasn’t been playing much Marvel at all these last few months. You can see the level of disrespect being shown on his incoming mixups as he fakes crossup, then goes to the other side, then actually allows me to completely land before ground grabbing me. And I sit there like an idiot and take it.

Best believe I looked over with a death glare whenever he snagged me like that, and he would just snigger gleefully under his cap. Lol, GGs Daichi.

Flexi beat me at the last SBR and I was pretty unhappy with how I played because I would say I am very familiar with the Dee Jay matchup thanks to Igor, Mike the TV and Yohammed.

I got to play this set with Flexi who persisted in using Oni against for me for a quite a while, but I think he was playing the matchup a bit wrong in attempting to play footsies against Ryu, instead of the usual more shenanigans-based Oni style.

In the end he switched to Dee Jay, and I still struggled a lot against his Dee Jay; I find his style quite unorthodox. Usually I’m looking to space and whiff punish sobats, slides that sort of thing, but Flexi seems to disregard his charge quite a bit and does a lot of normals. He also did the jump knee at close range which I struggled to react to quite a bit despite having spent some time in training mode practicing how to use low forward to blow up the jump knee.

I guess this is a another sign of my un-adaptability, not very happy with my play. But GGs Flexi.

Some more casuals with Daichi on a beautiful Saturday afternoon at Shadowlogic in Melbourne. We had a conversation before on the train on what I had to work on- using command grabs more, fighting in the air with Spencer+ hidden missiles, punishing people chicken blocking my assist in the air with low air grabs and making them land into meaty normals- sadly it doesn’t look like I implemented it at all. Did quite badly this set, but did better in part 2, after I played Shadowfox and Gab.

Played this set after playing Daichi. Gab decided to teach me a lesson by using the exact same team Daichi did and bodying me even though he doesn’t practice Marvel anymore. He also blistered my ears with some verbal beatdown, criticising my cookie cutter movement and lack of patience. He also exposed my Doom by beating it me over and over in the Doom mirror with some basic Doom offense, getting higher and shielding himself with Photon Shots. My standard more grounded Doom+ Cold Star offense was really lacking. I need to apply more shielding and vertical movement with my Doom. Gab says I simply play too “Street Fighter”. Also lots of dropped combos and bad decisions, mistimed meaties leading to Helm Breaker happy birthdays- Gab gave it to me verbally after each one. I can’t say I blame him.

Set with Shadowfox at HQ. I did okay against him until he whipped out Haggar. I suck ass against Haggar, and repeatedly got bopped by lariat. I seem to do badly against Haggar lariat, Hulk Stand H, these sorts of moves. I think I play too honest and get bopped. Need to bait the moves out and punish more.

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