My goals in tournament

Xavier (Somniac) says I lack the ability to adapt my strategy on the fly versus different opponents and seem to always try the same goals against every opponent.

This is true.

My goals in-match would go something like this.

Goal number 1: Be John Fucking Choi.

Goal number 2: Be John Fucking Choi.

Goal number 3: Be John Fu… ohshithejumped

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15 Responses to My goals in tournament

  1. waterfall says:

    Sometimes you have a HDR Ryu (1:32), sometimes you have to be SF4 Ryu (2:42)

  2. waterfall says:

    Goal number 4: Be Daigo “DP” Umehara

    • muttonhead says:

      That match was awesome. That plus the Gandhi Ryu made Dreamhack so entertaining to watch for me. I think Daigo just weighed up the odds, and rather than slogging thru the uphill battle which is trying to footsie and fireball Adon, he just went all in with the “gamble style” Ryu. I think if I was Gamerbee I would like punching him in the mouth LOL

  3. whatcudgowrong says:

    Where’s Gandhi Ryu vs Daigo Ryu? I wants it!

  4. muttonhead says:

    It’s everywhere now- best match ever.

  5. waterfall says:

    30 ways for Sf4 Ryu to combo into Ultra

    Just do it!

  6. waterling says:

    You wanna be like Laugh in the very 1st round?

  7. waterling says:

    Ryu mirror match by sf3 players

  8. waterling says:

    Ryu: the Infiltration

    That’s one aggro ryu.

  9. waterling says:

    China chaps don’t believe in saving up for super

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