Essential SF4 viewing

Now that SF4 is done and dead, and SSF4 is here, I thought it would be good to list the many moments that made 2009 such an awesome year for the Street Fighter spectator. (I can’t play SF that well, so I watch tons of videos instead).

Warning: being a Ryu main, there’s a lot of Ryu vids here.

What?!! Lariat got nerfed? At least we have each other Edmund.....

El Fuerte: Cuban Pete

The Rules of the Zangitroll

Troll rule #1: Abuse the silly headbutt over and over and take all the damage you can from the dizzy.
Troll rule #2: Do whatever it takes to make sure you can continue doing rule #1.
Troll rule #3: Since these are *only* ranked battles, DO NOT LOSE!

(Zangief’s neutral jump uf fp does a headbutt move that does an enormous 700 stun. That means if you hit this move twice in quick succession, you probably dizzy the opponent. However, the move is so vertical and has such a lousy hitbox that it’s practically impossible to hit any decent opponent with it. It’s a joke move basically.)

Episode 1

episode 11

episode 12

Daigo option select video

Look at the fireball game of choi!

Daigo Umehara SF4 Exhibition at NSB13

Vs (in order) Pie, Tokido, RF, Kindevu, Mago, Pamyu, Hisyou, Momochi, and Bonchan.

-Hype match: Ricky Ortiz vs Alex Valle

-Blanka: 2-frame link into Ultra

3rd last combo: Jhk, u/b stmp, ultra.
-Ryan Hart beating Daigo at WCG.

-Fuudo beating Daigo at WCG

-Luffy beating Daigo at WCG

-The world warrior Romeo challenges Balrog king Gootecks for the battle of his lifetime:
Not to be deterred by his heartbreaking loss he challenges Daigo!

-MONEY MATCH RACE between Justin Wong and Marn:

-Valle vs Yeb First to 10

-Valle vs Combofiend First to 10. Amazing comeback.

-Girl Blanka player beating Mago

interview with Choco from iPlaywinner

-Quickest possible SF4 match?

-Amazing SF4 stunts/instances

Kuroken (Ry) vs Duke (Gu)

Daigo (Ry) vs Shiro (Ab)

Poongo (Ry) vs Infiltration (Ak)

All these clips are time stamped to the exact moment of the jaw-dropping moment, but some of the matches I recommend you watch from the start ESPECIALLY Poongko vs Infiltration to fully appreciate the comeback.

-Dhalsim combo video with godlike ending

-Down and dirty Super Street Fighter II Turbo Shenanigans:

-Eduardo Perez = vVv_scrub a.k.a  “PR Balrog” youtube channel match of the year picks.
SF4 picks include:

Alex Valle vs Sabre. Reset City.

Shiro’s amazing match from SBO. Mindgames and mixup after mixup. The Viper made the Shiro guess wrong seven times in a row! Working on a perfect. Then all Abel does is make him guess wrong twice, and he comes back all the way. What a round. SF4 mindgames.

-Japanese Nationals Finals: Iyo vs RF

-Street Fighter Tournament Comedy:

Kensou vs Liston.

Moral of the story: Make damn sure you’ve won before you stand up to celebrate. Also, nice reactions Kensou!

Ironfist’s legendary match.
Commentator: “Jr shows…playing like an idiot…while not very efficient…can still get you wins”
-Maeda Taison’s sick pink Boxer.

Lots of standing lp counterhit traps, and dash ultras galore.

-The godlike commentator: Chris Hu.

“”Daigo said: You can’t miss the link…. I will punish you…so hard!” “Andre said….PLEASE…learn english now! so you will know my name…. A.N.D.R.E” Money matches with Daigo from Season’s Beatings 4
Sanford vs Daigo
Vegita X
Eduardo Perez the Puerto Rican Boxer
Henry Cen

vs Floe (possibly no.3 in the US)

Chris Hu Show: Ep.1 Bowling

-Good Morning, Mister Masters

-Godlike Ryu mirrormatch set: Daigo vs Momochi
-Yeb makes a splash:

-Justin Wong wins a tournament with Fei Long:

-Gamestop National Tourney. Daigo vs Iyo. Otherwise known as psychic dp number #3456

-Mike Ross! I BELIEVE!

-Combofiend’s Viper beasting in the SBO qualifiers, 09.

-East Coast Throwdown. Marn vs LI Joe

Who says fatties can’t hang? Marn here uses Rufus to apply tremendous horizontal and corner to Ultra pressure to beat the best Sagat in the EC.

-East Coast Throwdown. Gootecks vs Arturo

Fuck Yeah!

-Daigo vs Justin Wong: The rematch! First to ten at SB4

– Igotnext feature length trailer

I bodied God!

-Kai (El Fuerte) vs Combofiend (Abel) at LA Riots II

– Shizza (Chun Li) takes out John Choi

-Flash Metroid vs Marn, First to 5, Loser buys dinner!

Part 1

-Bar Fights II; Team Empire Arcadia crushes Team Socal.

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