Random matchup notes

-Bison’s ex scissors kick is -8 on block. I should be able to punish it better than just hp srk.

-Gen’s ex rolling thingie is -3 on block. I need to test whether I can consistently reversal dp it, or maybe it could be range dependent such as Balrog’s lp dash straight, which is also -3, but unpunishable with dp from certain far ranges.

-Gen’s wall dive kick is very punishable, but he can try and hit lower on your body, which reduces punish opportunity.

-Ryu’s cmk can be used to go under and punish Bison’s followup after head stomp. Instead of focusing or a risky dp, I can always cmk dp it.

-Bison’s far standing mk and hk both have 6 frames of startup. His headstomp can cross up in the corner.

-Gen’s air kicks is very punishable, however crazyandy was screwing up my punish timing quite a bit by either hanging in the air for longer or dropping straight down unexpectedly. Causing me to miss a lot of chp, srk punishes. However, straight lp srk followed by Ultra seems quite reliable, and I don’t have to worry about him dropping too fast or too slow, and I getting an air reset hit off my chp.

-Empty jump throw shenanigans work pretty well on parry heavy goukens.

– All of Zangief’s green hands save for ex, is punishable on HIT.

-Gief’s clk has been nerfed a bit; it’s now a one frame link into itself with a four frame startup. Also, it’s only +1 on block, so clk clk strings are very easy to srk out of. (Very risky to overuse srking it though).

-Cody’s fadc to ultra whiffs on crouching.

-Ken’s forward mk leaves him at -2 on block. However his cmk has 4 frames of startup, one frame faster than Ryu. This is why if you try to stick out cmk it either loses or trades. Cmp which has 4 frame startup will always beat it though.

Chuck > cmp though

-Hakan’s forward rh is not safe on block.

-Akuma’s forward rh can be ducked by Ryu on second hit, which can be an easy punish. Akuma can cancel the forward rh into Raging Demon however, and catch your limb.

-Blanka’s electricity all leave him +frames on block. For instance, his lp electricity is +5 on block. Sticking out a normal will probably get you counterhit.

-I experienced this more in SSF4 than in vanilla, when trying to counterpoke Blanka balls with Ryu cmp, instead of a air reset, oftentimes I got a grounded cmp hit which I could combo into cmp chk. Not sure why that is, but maybe it’s because of the change in ball distance. Most often occurred on lp ball to throw shenanigans.

-Balrog’s Ultra can be dped in between the hits on block.

-Hakan’s slide beats Abel’s U2.

-Balrog’s ex uppercut is -1 on block, not punishable. His ex dash straight is -2, not punishable. All the dash lows are punishable, but ex dash low is only -3, very tight punish. Ryu’s Super should always punish it though. All his armour breaking dash low uppers are punishable except ex, which is -1.

-Cammy’s and Akuma’s divekicks and Rufus’s divekicks can be blocked low. Gouken’s must be blocked high however.

-cmk hado is actually almost never safe. Rog can ex headbutt through, Cody can zonk through it. Must mix it up a bit after cmk, hadoing every single time will get me headbutted.

-Fuerte’s slide after run leaves him at negative frame advantage, but slides off a neutral stance actually leave him at positive.

-DeeJay’s ex up kicks can be safe jumped, but it’s very very very tight. 4 frame startup!

-Dan’s Ultra 1 can be focused.

-You can use a shoto to do a meaty crouching short on Rufus, and if he does ex Messiah Kick on wakeup, you will get hit initially, but the rest of the Messiah Kick will whiff, and you can then dash up and punish.

-Ex tatsu only gets two hits on Balrog on a juggle, so it’s better to use ex fireball.

-ex tatsu beats Bison’s psycho crusher on wakeup!

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