Ibuki Shoryu FADC punishes

I was having this discussion with my good friend Baldiebasher about Ibuki’s Ultra punishing Ryu DP FADC on block, questioning whether DP FADC was now -1 or -2 in Super SF4, and wishing we could find the video evidence. (Ibuki’s Ultra is 1+1 frames startup.)

But now he has actually gone to the trouble of recording the vids! So thanks very much man! (My msn is down, so lemme thank you from this post first.)

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2 Responses to Ibuki Shoryu FADC punishes

  1. baldiebasher says:

    np man, this was the product of me side-tracking from my usual training mode routines though it really should be part of it.
    And i wanted to use the satio camera again lols.

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