PSN battle log: videos of Baldiebasher’s Ibuki

Vids of me vsing my good buddy Baldiebasher. He’s levelled up his Ibuki big time. I really need to learn the Ibuki match, as I got knocked out by two Ibukis last Couchwarriors. I probably will do detailed analysis in this post later.

Post match training room notes: (mainly worked on option selects)

-You can punish neckbreaker with cmp chp dp.

-I tried crap loads on jump in option selects on Ibuki, but still haven’t found an optimal one. Ibuki gets up one frame faster, but ex dragon kick can be safe jumped. However, when I tried to do os sweep, forward hp, tatsu, and mp dp, they all got hit by ex dragon kick. Additionally os sweep does not work on Ibuki. Her backdash avoids it. On one hand solar plexus strike catches her, but because of airborne frames in the middle of the backdash, I get an air reset instead, and no combo. Tatsu seems the best option to catch her backdash. However I still lose to ex dragon kicks if i put in os tatsu though. Hm. Maybe ex dp os?

-Super seems unpunishable when blocked. Can dash under when you see the flash though.

Match notes:

-I did try to do some walk up low strong/jab frame traps, but I was woefully inconsistent in comboing after. Need more damage! Daigo would do cmp cmp fadc fireball cmp chp lk tatsu srk in the corner off one counterhit cmp!

-Fail punishes is just fail. Doing chp srk against a neckbreaker and missing is fail. In casual #1 at 7:18 I block an ex dragon kick, and punish tamely with an single shoryuken. Which gets blocked. And I had meter and should’ve been fadcing into Ultra regardless.

-Know your ranges. My footsies were very inconsistent. Sometimes, like in round 1 game 1 of casual #1, I walked bravely in and hit some nice low forward fireballs. A lot of other rounds I walked bravely in and got swept. Doh!

-My tick throws patterns are still very predictable.

-I realise the crucial moment where people jump/neckbreaker/ex move/ at me is right after blocked low forward fireball. A lot of times I throw a second fireball right after and get snagged. Doing that sometimes is ok, but I think if I throw a quick feint after a low forward fireball, like a clk/clp, it’ll serve as some tasty bait.

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3 Responses to PSN battle log: videos of Baldiebasher’s Ibuki

  1. baldiebasher says:

    that last point is crucial for me too, my reactions suck big time, i should be ex neckbreaking the first fireball you throw but i never do, relying on a second one to come out is so gay especially when u go up-down.
    predictable or not, i still can’t tech very well, and its all the more scary when you go for ch against crouch tech.
    btw vid 3 and 4 are up aswell, i’m gunna use my camera fone to record from now on cuz quality is heaps better than the camera i used for our matches.

  2. baldiebasher says:

    PS. links

    and the new quality test

    tbh i reckon it even looks better than using the friggin hava recorder from our old vids.

    • muttonhead says:

      Cool, I’ll put them up. Very nice to have videos to review. Being able to see all the mistakes I make when I panic is very useful. One bad habit I noticed from watching the videos is sometimes when I try to do option select sweep when i jump in, I hit the roundhouse 3 times when I should hit it once. The excess mash makes the sweep come out even on block. Time to hit training room to discipline my inputs.

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