Footsie Gods

My two favourite Ryu players, John Choi and Daigo going at it. This was from EVO pools, and it wasn’t streamed on the EVO stream. It might not be the most exciting match, but the FOOTSIES!!!!! Pure nirvana for Ryu students. I have waited for this match in SF4 for years. Time to whip out the notebook!

Taken from the godlike blog

edit: More juicy Choi vs Daigo action. Yum yum. This is the loser’s semis in HD Remix, Evo 2010

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3 Responses to Footsie Gods

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  3. waterfall says:

    Another view of the Umehara vs Choi match

    HDR & SSF2T should be played more but Akuma is banned. 😛

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