Battle Medley Singapore: Momochi and Choco Blanka interview

The great guys over at Shadowloo have done a great job of turning my all-over-the-place interview/report into a beautiful, actually coherent article. Big props to them. Dave, you make godlike header graphics.

Me: Choco FEVER!!!! Momochi: ......

Much thanks to everybody back in Singapore, Yagami, Tetra, Farpenoodle, Elton, Aheda who helped me cut out questions that would overlap with the questions already asked (I had twenty one questions ready, so that was extremely helpful), the dude who was nice enough to take my camera and snap some pictures during my interview, and too many people to count who were very nice to this random dude who kept coming over to bug you guys. You guys put on a hell of a show!

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8 Responses to Battle Medley Singapore: Momochi and Choco Blanka interview

  1. EXC355UM says:

    Thank you muttons! Also, next time, just upload the pics to Photobucket or something, I had to cut and paste them in paint, then crop them, then upload them myself. XD

    It’s the main reason why I didn’t use all (most) of the pics. =P

    But seriously, thanks muttons, you’re a gun. šŸ˜€

  2. muttonhead says:

    My bad Ali, I should’ve done exactly that. Would you like me to upload them to photobucket anyway? And it was my pleasure to help out.

  3. Governor says:

    Someone jizzed in his pants. šŸ˜›

  4. EXC355UM says:

    What is with that pic anyway muttons?.. Was it meant to look like you were jacking off?.. =P

  5. muttonhead says:

    Well actually, it was meant to be a “I can’t believe it” look of ecstasy. But yeah, in retrospect it sure does look like it!

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