Street Fighter Graphs: Player Styles

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Inspired a little bit by Juicebox Abel’s latest podcast about merging player style and character style, and the wonderful graphs I have been reading over the years over at, I have tried to come up with a rudimentary graph of my own regarding player style.

I thought it might be a fun exercise to analyse yourself and place yourself within the graph. For example, I feel that I lack a certain feel or intuition when it comes to playing Street Fighter, such as knowing the right time to do the right move, or feeling what your opponent’s intention might be. Instead, I tend to rely more on frame data, risk/reward math, and matchup knowledge, perhaps becoming methodical to a fault. I also tend to be a bit more reactionary than proactive in my game, and all this sums up where I place myself within the graph. I also guesstimated a little bit and put in a few more players to avoid myself being lonely up there. (You all might completely disagree with where I place you, and I welcome the discussion!) I also am putting up a blank graph below for you guys to place yourselves, and to think about your own game for a little bit!

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6 Responses to Street Fighter Graphs: Player Styles

  1. Carlplight says:

    LOL, I’m not that offensive, oh well maybe I am :S

    But yeah I’m more intuition, which is really bad and I’m trying to change it. Need to be more in the middle for everything :/

    • muttonhead says:

      Well even though you play Sim, I guess it’s not really whether you actually rush your opponent down, but rather what is your mindset? Do you like to wait and react to what your opponent does, or do you like to go ahead and set the tempo of the match? (Something Sim excels at.)

  2. Carlplight says:

    lol wth mutton :S I play Viper XD ROFLMAO, I think you’re thinking of Cactus

  3. Carlplight says:

    no worries, I was like what… I don’t use Sim ever :S XD

  4. muttonhead says:

    Yeah I know! Making myself look dumb heheh.

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