BAM 2010 Match Videos

I updated my BAM 2010 recap with the link, but I felt that this warranted it’s own post. Shadowloo has done a nice collage of the BAM 2010 SSF4 top 8 match videos here:

Much thanks to them and also a huge thank you to Bugs who not only ran the stream, recorded everything, AND is in the process of uploading everything as well. He is truly a champion.

He will be uploading more stuff on his channel at and I will be updating this post as more footage comes out.

And to kick things off, here’s my favourite match of the weekend.

Update: From Bugsimus. Complete playlists.

BAM2010 Super Street Fighter IV : Sydney vs Melbourne : 5 on 5

BAM2010 SSFIV Singles Top 8 Including BAM2010 Combo Video

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2 Responses to BAM 2010 Match Videos

  1. Carbonis says:

    Wow, clutch play from Humanbomb.

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