Finally…a Hakan tutorial!

I’ve been waiting for the Hakan tutorial for quite a while now. While not strictly an Option-select production (hit up their site for an clarification), this tutorial by Low Tier Entertainment is still a pretty comprehensive guide to all the basics of Hakan play.

To be honest, I’ve been neglecting my Hakan for quite a while now to focus on my Ryu for tournament play. Now that BAM is over, maybe it’s time to oil up a little once again. This video has definitely recharged my Hakan batteries. For example, I still have trouble nailing Hakan’s crossups consistently. But with this tutorial here, I can watch the video of the crossup over and over and try to match it to what I’m doing in the training room to help me get the timing down.

Bonus entertainment video!

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4 Responses to Finally…a Hakan tutorial!

  1. Kyle says:

    Honestly, I didn’t learn that match from this tutorial. I know most of this stuff about Hakan anyway.

    The trouble with the oil man is the ability to DO most of his stuff. Watching Ultradavids option select videos, where he talks about buffering a slide with a normal while crisco cancelling a heavy punch on wakeup…I can’t do stuff like that.

    • muttonhead says:

      Yo Kyle, my fellow Hakan player. Well I mean it’s true that most Hakan enthusiasts would know most of the stuff in the tutorial, wouldn’t you say that this vid would’ve been immensely helpful maybe a month or two after the release of Super? And most of the useful info is buried in multiple threads within the SRK Hakan forums, so that video is a useful one stop destination for anybody wanting to pick him up.
      With the option selects, I actually find them pretty doable, but only because I already extensively use option selects for Ryu. But I agree that using Backdash crisco or advanced crisco use in general is still pretty much beyond me. I’m still stuck on the “Memorising meaty DDT setups/character specific crossups/meaty slide setups” stage 😦
      We can go through some Hakan stuff at Deakin uni on saturday, I’m personally really excited to have another Hakan enthusiast to talk to!
      Problem is everytime I play Hakan, I feel I have to bring multiple pages of printouts with all the character specific stuff, and look up stuff everytime I play.

  2. Carbonis says:

    I’m going to agree with Kyle. Yeah, Hakan has a lot of tools, but using those tools, for me at least, is nigh impossible in training mode, let alone a real match.

    I will say that the coward crouch is something that I feel people neglect when using Hakan other than to get under fireballs. It’s like Dhalsim’s yoga tower. It’s difficult to use and can mess you up if you’re too late, but the mindgames you can play are really interesting.

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