GET HYPE!! Shadowloo Showdown 2k11 guest list revealed!

Wow. I figured that it would be maybe four people this time. Not Gamerbee, Tokido, Mago the original three…PLUS Kindevu, Momochi and Choco Blanka! And probably even more guests to be announced. I want Mike “My Honda is a ten” Ross to come down.


But you know what, to be honest I’m not that hype as last year. Lemme explain why.

After I saw what the Shadowloo guys did last year, with the short notice to organise the tournament, but eventually blowing the roof off in terms of scale of the tournament, I no longer doubt or am surprised by anything they do. They work so hard with their media projects and keeping good relationships with not just the international players, but even the international tournament organisers and managers like Gama No Obura.

So that’s why my jaw hasn’t dropped like last year, because I Believe already.

(Fuck the Lakers.)

So I’m just gonna be there, help with setup and move some chairs around, and just enjoy the hell out of myself.

You should be there too. Tell your friends!

Check for more details.

The Shadowloo Showdown Ozhadou thread.

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2 Responses to GET HYPE!! Shadowloo Showdown 2k11 guest list revealed!

  1. EXC355UM says:

    Thank you Mr.Buttons! đŸ˜€

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