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Dave gets interviewed! And Shadowloo Showdown raises the hype bar even higher!

Sorry I’m late in posting this article, but I’ve been very busy. Working on a new DBAS interview as we speak. But this can wait no longer. Bosslogic gets interviewed by DMG! (Damn, DMG scooped us! Nah just kidding, awesome … Continue reading

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GET HYPE!! Shadowloo Showdown 2k11 guest list revealed!

Wow. I figured that it would be maybe four people this time. Not Gamerbee, Tokido, Mago the original three…PLUS Kindevu, Momochi and Choco Blanka! And probably even more guests to be announced. I want Mike “My Honda is a ten” … Continue reading

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SBO 2010 GF Rematch: RF, Kindevu and Momochi vs. TKD, Bonchan and Umehara

From Air’s blog: I really enjoyed watching this. I always wondered what the outcome of a rematch would be in Super. It’s nice to watch the Japanese go at each other with smiles, laughter and trash talk. I just wish … Continue reading

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Daigo Umehara interviews from EVO Apac, Australia

First up is the interview done by my good buddies from shadowloo.com http://www.shadowloo.com/?p=1604 good shit, they got Daigo to say shadowloo.com! or the direct video And the one done by the boys from Perth: http://tourdeshadaloo.blogspot.com/2010/06/smile-daigo.html Love the absurd questions. What … Continue reading

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