SBO 2010 GF Rematch: RF, Kindevu and Momochi vs. TKD, Bonchan and Umehara

From Air’s blog:

I really enjoyed watching this. I always wondered what the outcome of a rematch would be in Super. It’s nice to watch the Japanese go at each other with smiles, laughter and trash talk. I just wish I could understand what they were saying though.

It reminds me of when Mago was in Australia. When Tokido would play casuals, he would talk to us during matches because he spoke English. But when I saw Mago play against us, he was quite reserved- pretty much just like the typical stereotype of a quiet Japanese player.

But I noticed when watching his 45-minute set against Gamerbee at Jeff’s house that he was talking quite a lot to Gamerbee in Japanese the whole time. Making loud exclamations, asking questions and pointing out things just like we would when we vs. our buddies.

I guess the stereotype of the robotic Japanese SF player is pretty much just that- a stereotype. Which is probably a unavoidable byproduct of the language barrier.

You can watch the Mago vs Gamerbee match below, courtesy of Shadowloo:

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