My hit list

I played some AE at Box Hill recently, and I spent $30-$40…and I got one win.

So obviously it’s time to set some goals to work on, and to not get stale in my development.

I’m gonna make a small hit list of the Melbourne players and their specific characters who I have never beaten before or have a lot of trouble against. My objective is to hopefully try to work towards beating them just a single time in AE.

Baby steps.

I’m also gonna keep updating my notes here about their playstyles and things to look out for my own use.

Heavy Weapons – Sagat

­Don’t let him jump in so much. He knows my AA sucks and is not hesitant to make me pay for it.

Don’t be afraid to focus meaty fireballs, every chip damage and distance to the corner counts.

Get the safe jump for Sagat down.

Punish missed DPs with fhp cmp chp tatsu. Forgot to do that today.

Carnage – Adon

EX DP Jaguar kicks.

Autocorrect DP his crossups.

Try to focus through the last hit of his standing roundhouse.

Standing roundhouse against wall dives.

He sometimes backdashes my meaties. Must work option select sweep iny my meaty lights against him.

Just block when he does FADC anything.


Just-S – Bison

Learn to punish his scissors kicks that he does when my blockstrings push him to a certain distance.

Punish, not tech after he whiffs a headstomp right in front of me.

No crossups for him.

Try to tech/jump up/DP/Ex fireball when he focuses through a fireball midscreen.

Counterhit him more. Try more Ex tatsu during blockstrings to catch mid-screen EX Psycho crushers.

Learn new normals to throw out for the new distance of Bison’s blocked lk scissors kick.

Practice being more consistent with option selects when performing ambiguous crossup lks.

Somniac – Bison

Will update. But a lot of similar things to playing Just-S.

Tech his dash forward throws or even better, DP them.

Sol – Bison, Sakura

DP him when he’s wiggling at footsie range trying to get me throw a fireball. Feint, feint and feint. Don’t fall for the Sol hypnosis and throw a dumb fireball.

DP his crossup Psycho Crushers.

Mainly the DP thing, because that’s how Sol crushes me easily with all his characters.

Alex C- Cammy

Punish his DP properly everytime. A lot of times I get surprised that he DPed and let him get off without a forward fierce.

Get the safe jump on Cammy more consistently.

CHP her EX flying grab.

Experiment to see if I can DP the new Cammy’s non-EX Cannon Strike when done on my wakeup.

Bait more. Cammy’s DP has bad horizontal range against low pokes. Try to use that against her.

Cammy has bad throw range, do not tech unnecessarily.

Exis- Zangief

Don’t let him push me into corner. Keep getting forced back/outfootsied/outpoked by Exis. Must push him into corner.

EX DP can beat Ultra 2 attempts.

More standing roundhouse.

Exis- Blanka

Punish new crappy AE HP blanka ball.

Try to get the EX up ball to whiff with ambiguous crossups.

Get the safe jump down.

Always get outfootsied, have to try different things against Exis. Maybe Focus his chp?

Toxy- Akuma

EX DP his EX air fireball.

Don’t whiff cmk. Always get counter swept.

Hoppa- Guile

Be patient. Don’t let him outfireball me.

Don’t make desperate and dumb jumps. And the same time, don’t be afraid to jump over close range sonic booms. Even though I don’t get the hit, I still get in.

Hoppa sometimes backdashes, so have option select sweep ready.

His forward fierce whiffs on crouching, don’t get hit by it and sweep it.

Push him back into corner. Sometimes it’s okay to give up a small lead in order to win the corner war.

Hoppa seems good at teching my throws, must counterhit him more.

Pyro – Boxer (though he seems to play a lot of Yang in AE)

Beware of standing strong buffered into stuff.

Need to play his Boxer more.

Gotta focus his sweep.

Wei- Boxer

Dp his TAPs.

Throw more on knockdown, he EX dash punches on wakeup a lot.

Don’t eat overheads. Please don’t eat overheads.

I am too timid against Wei, need to be more aggressive. Very weak zoning and footsies against him.

Zerokill- Boxer

Beware the dash Ultra/Super.

Buffers seem to work well against Zero, do not buffer dp off cmk when expecting lp dash straight however.

Don’t focus in situations where I always eat a reversal dash straight.

Anti-air him, he knows I can’t AA too.

He is not afraid to meaty low forward me on my wakeup. Need more DP FADC. Have been too conditioned to expect Boxers baiting DPs.

Will update as more and more people body me regularly.

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6 Responses to My hit list

  1. Somniac says:

    Omg! everyone got a huge list, mines “tech his dash” 😀

  2. Kyle says:


    Now I have to beat you to get on this list…

    • muttonhead says:

      Yo Kyle. Not trying to salt you here, but the list is more meant to be for the people I’ve NEVER beat. I only put in the “gives me a lot of trouble” clause so I could squeeze people like Just-S and Sol in there. (Who pretty much still qualify because they beat me like 40-1.)

  3. Dr. Shoe says:

    You forgot to add “Sweep more as finishers for the lolz” XD

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