Wakeup SRK with Viscant

come hither...

I think most people that know me also know that I am a fanatic devourer of fighting game podcasts. And I listen regularly to Wakeup SRK.

But this episode has to be one of my favourite ones in a long time.

Mainly because I could listen to Viscant talk about fighting games all day, every day.

I love how he approaches fighting games and intelligently breaks them down. He’s a thinking man’s player, and that’s how I want to develop my game and brain as well.

So I highly recommend anyone that is interested in UMVC3 to have a listen to this one. In this episode they go through all the changes for the old characters and the new characters, and their thoughts on the new game mechanics, tiers, new trends etc.

A lot of what Viscant talked about really hit home for me. Especially when he talked about She-Hulk and her changes (spoiler: overrated and overnerfed.)

I found the conversation mirroring a lot of discussions I’ve had with other people about UMVC3. Air X-factor and Dark Phoenix. Wolverine. And I discovered more delightful nuggets of information from the podcast such as Phoenix Wright’s dog assist alternate colours being Amaterasu’s colours and markings. So you can air-dash high with Ammie and call Phoenix’s assist low. Double Dog attack!


Edit: Also check out Goodpart’s excellent Fei Long option select video. It’s really good to see such great content being produced in Australia.


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