Soul Symphony or WHEATON!

Great to see all the work that the CW guys like Loki, Spoony, Berzerk, Ali, Chris Ho and Andrew put into the CW Fighters Festival event result in something great like this.

For you guys that don’t know, we ran a CW ranbat which had a SCV qualifier, and the two winners got to play on stage with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra at a event hosted by Will Wheaton.

Congratulations to Woody and Ben, and although I couldn’t be there at the actual event (no discount for CW staff :() , I still think it’s pretty damn cool.

Edit: ABC did a video feature!

Edit Edit: C31’s Maha’s Alternate Reality did a nice long piece on the CW Fighter’s Festival, the SCV qualifier we did in Moonee Ponds for the Soul Symphony event. Check it out:

Around 13:58 in.

And of course, our very own citizen videographer Burnout’s take on it all.

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