What really made my day


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7 Responses to What really made my day

  1. Jpage says:

    Hate fuels Kobe
    Damn have you been catching the OKC Lakers series?
    So hype

    • muttonhead says:

      Yo where have you been man? Haven’t seen you around Bluehouse recently. Back in singapore?

      I have and it pleases me greatly to see Kobe forcing shots and airballs and turnovers in the fourth quarter (game 3 didn’t happen I refuse to acknowledge it nonononono), but yeah it’s been really hype!

      • Jpage says:

        Hey man, nah I’m in Melbourne but lately my placements + school work combo has been killing me lol in addition to tales of graces f haha
        I did go to BH yesterday though

        Hahahha game 3 was vintage Kobe man 18-18 FT but I admit that was only for one game
        I’m looking forward to spurs okc and hopefully spurs heat
        Spurs is so legit. That said, lebron is a cheat code. If he doesn’t choke, lol

        • muttonhead says:

          Ah I see…yeah I understand, but I need my Yang practice!!! Haha at least you’re not off playing Diablo 3 like 99% of the Melbourne fighting game community…

          What a beautiful day yesterday. The sun was shining, the air was so sweet, and the Lakers have gone fishing.

          Sweet contentment, I have finally found my repose…

          Yeah Video Game James…Looking forward to Thunder OKC as well. Do you think the Spurs are really that good, or that they just haven’t played a truly complete team or legitimate contender yet?

  2. Jpage says:

    Haha I can’t do Yang’s clk links anymore man
    I think I miss most of my fadc>mk links now too lol

    Oh, regarding Spurs I admit I am being influenced and biased by all the glowing reports on bleacherreport.com
    And their 4-0 sweeps so far
    And I think Duncan is unguardable
    The Spurs just seem like a pure team-basketball playing team to me
    But you’re right, they have yet to face any legit contenders

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