The return of the Iplaywinner Podcast… and Ali

I loved the old Iplaywinner podcasts.

They had dope soundtracks in their intros and outros, talked a ton of shit, always spoke their mind, and were unafraid to delve into touchy subjects.  And in general I just love the particular brand of humour that permeates the Iplaywinner streams and site. Uncouth, NSFW and raw.

Spidercarnage sent me the link this morning, and I’m really excited to see the return of the Iplaywinner podcast.

Check it out here:

And of course Ali has just released the newest episode of the X Report.

There was some sort of coup going on this week that resulted in GC Chris replacing Pyro as the co-host. If you wanna show support to Pyro there’s  only one option…


I’m just kidding. Chris did a great job. And I’m sure Pyro will be back soon.


Breaking news. Toxy is going to Revelations!

Big congratulations to Mike. This is what Igor and I were talking about in our interview with Toxy when we were hoping that he would get to travel more with his new sponsorship.

It’s really exciting to see that it is actually happening now, and Toxy will only level up as a result. And hopefully bring back a ton of new strats for us 😛 I’m also very interested to see how he fares against other Marvel players overseas.

I’m sure he will do great, and it will be a pretty cool experience to finally get to watch an Australian player live on an international stream!

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