Match breakdown: Muttons vs. Rocky

I very seldom have tournament match footage to look at because I suck and usually go out way before people start recording matches.

But thanks to Burnout for recording this match from the last Box Hill ranbat I went to. (I went 0-2, as mentioned in Taking Stock.)

In this match I lose to a Yun player named Rocky. Let’s break out the video analysis!

(Note: I wish had Yun frame data, I remember seeing it somewhere before. It would be pretty useful for this exercise.)

1st Round

– I start off being my usual tentative self and let him set the pace of the match. Not good.

0.06- This is a recurring theme. He misses his DP and I fail to punish. I have very little Yun experience, so I am not used to punishing his DP. It looks like the main problem with it is the sheer distance he lands from me, probably meaning that a dash towards punish would be optimal.

0.09- I have no idea whether this dash punch is a good reversal. It counterhit me, so did it beat my low strong?

0.12- Is this a crossup? I’m used to Cammy and Rufus’ dive kicks being much harder to combo from as a crossup, but I’m guessing this does not apply to Yun?

0.14- Got hit again by the crossup dive kick (someone tell me if otherwise.) From that angle it looks like I shouldn’t be able to DP it, much like how Cammy can angle her dive kick into the back of my head. Stun, and round.

0.24- I remember trying to block the crossup because of the first two times and getting hit in front. As Carnage would say; should have uppercutted.

2nd Round

– I shake my head and try to turn up the aggressiveness.

0.34- I learn something new. Even EX Fireball can’t hit that goddamn palm strike! B-b-broken.

0.40- About the only thing I know about Yun is his uppercut ain’t 3 frames. So I can safe jump it. I botch the punish badly though.

0.46- This right here is one major reason why this is a bad match for Ryu. Trying to use cmk in footsies gets me dive kicked, and comboed.

0.50- Shitty punish. I should have gone for a big FADC combo into lk tatsu DP. Or at least gone for crossup cmk which I remember doing a few times on a Yun player at Bluehouse. It seems that cmp cmp chk in the corner sets up a nice deep crossup jmk on Yun.

0.54- I thought this EX move was safe? Oh well I guessed he must have pressed something.

A bit of luck and much more assertiveness wins me the 2nd round.

 3rd Round

1:10- Again, is this move safe? I just tried my luck with my fastest move. I remember John the Yun player telling me something about this move…

1.16- Recurring theme exhibit 2: Again I fail to punish those DPs. Those are my only big, big chances to land major damage on the slightly frail Yun. And I fuck up big time repeatedly. You see me confusedly trying to hit jabs into a combo. Doh.

1:28- Recurring theme exhibit 3: Okay, maybe this time I can be slightly excused. From a crossup or safe jump where I can kind of expect the DP to come and be blocked or made to whiff, this time he whiffed from a combo kind of unexpectedly.

Wow, Yun really flies off really far. And at first glance it seems pretty hard to punish on reaction. I have to play a lot more Yun to burn the punishment into my muscle memory. I think dash up cmp chp tatsu?

1:42- Mediocre punish. But I’ll take the safe jump. I didn’t do the option select sweep/tatsu here because I’m scared if I input it, the DP will beat my option select. I need training mode to test whether it is possible to beat his backdash + reversal with an particular option select, or to test whether I can do a very late option select sweep that allows me to both punish backdash and block DP. He gets away this time, however.

Honestly speaking, I got him to do a DP on a safe jump a few times before. I should have been more mindful of that, anticipated a backdash and gone for the option select even though his DP probably beats it. That is why I suck.

1:55- I’m fishing for cmk buffer super. Probably not the best idea against Yun. I think the probability of me landing it is much lower than the probability of him just dive kicking the shit out of my cmk.

1:57- I always get hit by random moves. What I mean is, I get hit by random Blanka balls, slides, EX scissors kicks, even random tatsus. I need to react faster and get better at blocking random special moves!!!!

2.11- Need to do more of that, and less of cmk.

2.20 and 2.25- What did I just say?!?!

2:44- I can’t believe in addition to Ultra, he gets that off EX dash punch too. Zzz.

2:46- RT Exhibit 4. Those alone should have been an extra 800 plus damage for me in this match. About one Yun life bar.

2.52- That one looked a little late. Perhaps I would’ve been able to DP that off my cmk? Anyway, have to learn to play differently against Yun. Gee, I can’t use my main footsie tool against him. What fun.

2:54- Ladies and gentlemen, Recurring theme exhibit 5, and most probably the round as well.

I think I only ever blocked one of his countless EX flying thingies. Blegurhh.

In conclusion:

-A lot of fimbling from me, especially cmp cmp chk and punishes on whiffed DPs. The missed chks really hurt, because I seldom got a chance to apply okizeme in this match. Having a few more untechable knockdowns would’ve really helped. Especially since I held Super for a large portion of the match. One crossup tatsu= 40% on Yun.

I need to find the frame date for Yun, but I suspect I won’t like what I see.

GG Rocky! Hope to play you again sometime.

Update: More from Burnout

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3 Responses to Match breakdown: Muttons vs. Rocky

  1. PyroZeroX says:

    General notes

    Stand block those dive kicks, crouching makes it easier for them to hit as low as possible
    Dive kicks can cross up.
    Fimbles are letting you down early but your build up pace towards the end and sharpen up
    Might be a little too heavy on the low pokes early, Yun thrives off that for obvious reasons.
    I like your safe jumps, very important in this fight because dem upkicks
    Gotta punish those wiff DP kicks, you punished 3 of 11 DP’s – Some might not have been punishable, but thats the numbers I guess
    Gotta find an answer for them dive kicks, all his early damage is off the dive kick (explain more soon)

    Specific breakdown

    Dive Kick
    Round 1: Hit by 4, He wiffed 1. (He took you to town, 3 dive kicks hit and you were stunned.)
    Round 2: Hit by 1. (This round you did really well to shut down his style)
    Round 3: Hit by 2, blocked 1 (Yeah!) and he wiffed one (Lost round by 45%)
    Round 4: Hit by 2, blocked 1, Wiffed 3, Stuffed 2 (!!) (Let this round slip, should have been a V)

    Command Throw
    Round 1: 1 hit
    Round 2: 0 hit
    Round 3: 2 hit
    Round 4: 2 hit

    If you look at the trend, in the beginning you were getting dominated by the dive kicks, but once you wised up and that stopped working for him, the command grabs started to really come into it.
    I see you only got hit by 2 which is a small number, but when it leads to 20% – 30% damage, each thats no small amount of life.
    I dont have any solid answers for you (because they may not be one) but those are some numbers you can definately take back to the lab soon.

  2. muttonhead says:

    Thanks for the breakdown Pyro.

    Good tip on the dive kick stand block. I remember Genxa said that you can clp him after you block a dive kick because he’s at negative. I assume stand block really helps in that regard?

    A lot of fimbles 😦

    Yep need less low pokes. But I can’t really fireball in this match either. So if no low pokes and no fireballs, what does Ryu do in this match? Whiff stmp buffer fireball? Walk forward and cmp?

    3 of 11…and of those 3 one was a botched combo and two were sweeps…That’s real shit.

    Great numbers man.

    It’s interesting to note in round 1 I got hit a lot of dive kicks on knockdown but in rd 3 and rd 4 I got hit by 2 dive kicks per round off whiffed low pokes…

    And yeah 20-30% is still pretty good. Equivalent to a mid-sized Ryu punish each time. And resulting in great okizeme for him after each combo.

    Pyro do you know the frame data on EX command grab? What’s the startup and is it invincible. I.e. If I am trying to crouch tech with low strong can I knock him out of it or will I get scooped?

    It seems that low strong does good against his dive kick, so it seems similar to the cammy match in that regard on defense. But the command grab throws the equation out of whack.

  3. Somniac says:

    From what I’ve experienced, command grab normal beats crouch tech, and ex also beats crouch tech.
    So currently, I don’t feel there is any good reason to crouch tech vs Yun at all, his dive kicks beat it, his command grabs beat it and he can counter hit if he really wants to.

    With Yun knowing he has these options, he will generally pick one every time, this is where you assert yourself and show him no respect until he calms down. Random DP’s do work on Yun more so than any other character.
    Once you get Yun scared to attack, you’ve won half the game.

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