OHN9 Top 8 Match Videos!

OHN9 has come and gone, and Humanbomb (Ryu, Sakura) has taken the SSFIV crown. The Queensland guys have proved their game was as good as their talk with Tom taking the MVC3 crown. I’m impressed with the QLD players, and not so hopeful that the shining hope of Melbourne Marvel- Ali, can match up to them 😛

Congratulations to the winners, and good shit to the organisers for making OHN9 happen.

Anyway, Hebretto is in the process of uploading the top 8 videos to the Ozhadou Youtube channel.

I’m really looking forward to checking out Humanbomb’s Ryu in action again (I seem to be starving for top level Ryu videos since AE dropped; I slurped up all of Valle’s matches at UFGT like a delicious meal), but for now check out the MVC3 GFs.

…Maybe I shouldn’t have dropped Wolverine…

Update: SSFIV top 8 is up.

Grand Finals:

Winners Finals:

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1 Response to OHN9 Top 8 Match Videos!

  1. waterfall says:

    Ryu’s 13-hit on Viper. O_o Woah.

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