And this is why you don’t go to Wednesday Night Fights when I’m there dude…

First saw this on Iplaywinner.

Both these guys are so freakin’ funny.

Combofriend just keeps laughing and cracking me up.

But seriously, Combofiend’s She-Hulk is so creative and such a joy to watch. So much technology that I could incorporate into my own game.

Such as:

Omitting the M from the initial air series and doing H, S as slow as possible to make the otg torpedo run cancel relaunch easier. That way I can cease relying on TACC for my relaunch which is not guaranteed on some characters. Should make this my new BnB.

Actually using assists in She-Hulk combos for more damage and for dirty, dirty resets. That Spencer assist after two launches to set up the grab after the hitstun decay is really sick. Not sure I can set up anything like that on my team though.

Using assists to trigger post-KO character fly-in blockstun to set up the command grab rather than doing it with She-Hulk, with a jump L for example. (When a character comes in, he’s immune to grabs unless he touches a button or blocks.)

Doing combos after a connected air H. (I never practice it.)

Raw tag after command grab to reset combo scaling. (Started practicing it.)

I think I like Combofiend’s team a lot more than my own team. My team gets decidedly worse as my members die off, culminating in the wonderful glory that is Tron on anchor.

Combofiend’s team seems to get stronger as you kill his team members, and he can swap around his team order willy-nilly, and still get assist-based combos, DHCs, and multiple assist-based setups such as Spencer/Task high-She-Hulk assist low no matter who is on point.

Now that is a TEAM. I’m still not entirely convinced the old MVC2 formula of battery, meter user and assist works that well in MVC3.

I guess that’s where this game can be really fun; building a team, creating strategy and just being creative with it. I really enjoy this part of the game, thinking about team-building and strategies even though this game really does drive me kind of crazy.

P.S. Sorry about not putting up any new original content in the past week. Igor and I are currently working hard on something.

Update!: Part 2 is up.

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3 Responses to And this is why you don’t go to Wednesday Night Fights when I’m there dude…

  1. Somniac says:

    Dear Muttons,

    I must say that I have trouble against Shehulk, especially after she OTGs with slide, it seems I’m at her mercy for free.
    What’s some common mixups and ways to avoid them?

  2. muttonhead says:

    After she OTGs with slide and pops you up she will commonly go for two basic mixups:

    A: Jump forward air grab,

    B: And QCF+M command grab, both covered by assists.

    The best way to avoid them is if your character has any kind of air mobility options like air-dashes or double jumps, and I think your Doom and Dorm have eight way air dashes right?

    You can just do a double jump or air-dash to avoid both mixups.

    If you don’t have air mobility options you can tech forward to avoid option A.

    However, the She-Hulk player can anticipate this, jump backwards and air grab you and then you get snagged.

    I guess out of your three characters maybe only Wesker is susceptible to her post torpedo mixups. Can’t you simply teleport out of them?

    There are more advanced mixups available like baiting your attempting tech attempt and beating it with jump H, doing jump jab and landing with QCF+M command grab but I think those first two mixups will be pretty much what most basic She-Hulks like me will run.

    • Somniac says:

      Yeah I read up that air dashers can get out, which I’m going to start using, but can they be air hypered? (the grab hyper)
      I’m not sure that Weskers teleport will work, it is slow to startup and has no INV frames, also the Shehulk player could simply jump and grab Wesker at his teleport end most likely.
      I need more Shehulk experience.

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